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The #1 Mistake You’re Making When Trying To Reach Your Goals and How To STOP


The number one problem that I find my clients experience when trying to bring their goal to life is confusion about where their time goes. They don't understand why they get to the end of a week and haven't been able to get anything done.

This leads them to an insane amount of confusion in other places of their life.

They wonder:

Why do I have zero energy?

Where do I want my energy to go?

What next steps should I even take?

Here's why we have no energy: We spend a ton of time in other people's business.

When you analyze where your time is going, you'll likely find you're giving attention to other people's lives rather than your own.

This doesn't make you a flawed human being! This isn't your fault. 

In fact, it’s just actually easier sometimes to take care of other people rather than to put ourselves - and our goals - first.

Saving Other People Isn’t Always The Best Route

If you’re somebody who's always picking up the slack for your family, coworkers, or kids, etc....THAT's what's stealing your time!

You’re taking  attention away from yourself to give yourself to other people....because you love them and it fills you up!


When you constantly swoop in to save other people, you’ll find that your to-do list remains undone and you are exhausted!

Also! When we save others all the time, we don't give them the opportunity to show their strengths!

Instead of giving them the room to grow, problem solve, or start “adulting”, we often swoop in and save.

Ultimately, why would they help themselves when they know we can’t say no - and will likely do it FOR them?

Saying No

Your world will continue on in this way if you continue to not say “No”.

Your goals will continue to elude you.

The business you want to start - or the change you want to make - it will remain solely in your head - and you in frustration. 

I promise, when you start saying "No", those who are used to you saying “yes” will be able to figure it out!

Sure, they may not like it, but that's OK. They will survive.

You have the right to take time to get what you need. Whether that's getting through your to-do list or practicing self-care!

If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you'll never move toward your goals, because the goals of everyone else will ALWAYS take precedence.

That, I can promise.

Where can you make a little shift to change where you put your time and energy to benefit yourself?

Take one step this weekend to get closer to accomplishing your goals! I encourage you to take time for yourself.

Do you struggle saying no? Do you struggle to know where your time goes?

You are not alone. You can become a time-master. You can take focused action.

You can create results! For real.

How? By joining The Idea Space, a group coaching environment deliberately designed for women who need more time, energy, and nonjudgmental support!


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