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The 7 Emails You Want in Your Sales/Pitch Sequence!

EP 234 7 Emails you want in your sales/pitch sequence

Sending emails to your list is about soooooo much more than simply sending emails.

It requires strategy & craft. Is it taking you WAY too long & providing WAY too little ROI?

Then today's episode is for you.

Remember: the ultimate point of crafting & sending your emails is to SELL YOUR STUFF…

Is that happening for you?

When you're tired of writing & sending emails that don't help you meet your business goals and keep you in the 'friend zone' with your list…

Then listen to Allison Hardy, email marketing strategist, teach about selling more effectively through email. 

*Yessss without the YUCK factor. Pinky promise.


In today's episode, Allison LIT TER ALLY gives pure platinum-level value here, telling you how to 

  • understand the difference between what should be in your nurture emails and what should be in your pitch/sales ones.
  • avoid common mistakes & misconceptions so you don't waste your time
  • know what to say EGGGGZACTLY in each email of a sales/pitch sequence.


I mean, Allison unravels the mystery of, "What exactly do I say in Email #1?" ETCETERA.

**WHEW! See what I mean by 'pure platinum-level value'?**

We also chat about weaving Audience-Centric Marketing™ into your sales emails so they consider the varied types of thinkers in the audience…

Tailor your emails to meet their needs – AND your sales goals!

Finally, what would a convo around sales BE without a discussion on dealing with limiting beliefs? We cover that, too - all in 30 mins.

Get your ears on this week's episode & download Allison's templates for the seven emails she unpacks for us today:


Find Allison at: &

Allison helps coaches and experts enroll more clients into their courses or memberships, on autopilot. 

She's the creator of the 6-Figure Secrets Podcast, a Huffington Post Contributor, has been featured in YFS Magazine, and was named one of Washington, D.C.'s most influential professionals under 40 by Washington Life Magazine.


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