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The Art of Pitching: Personalized, Relevant Podcast Pitching Approaches

EP. 235 The Art of Pitching

Guest podcasting, teaching, & speaking are excellent approaches to your visibility strategy…


And to be effective, you've gotta pitch yourself.


Personally, I've received hundreds of terrible, horrible, no good, very bad pitches - and so has every other podcast host I've ever spoken with!


And most pitch approaches are about sending BIG volumes for big results, but today's guest has an approach that's about sending FEWER pitches for more interviews!


Let's ensure YOUR pitch is a great one with today's episode!


Meet Mai-kee Tsang, who essentially gives us a master class in effective pitching today!


Mai-kee is a sustainable visibility mentor, podcast guest strategist, and ICF certified trauma-conscious leadership coach.


In our conversation, we explore podcast guesting on a deep level.

Mai-kee shares her wisdom on what personalized outreach looks like, how to craft a personal pitch, and shares her game-changing "PR method."


Her insights come from her experience and her expertise in coaching, so we were also able to discuss the mindset needed for pitching and her personal success story.


One of my favorite moments was Mai-kee's story of a challenge she gave herself to write 101 personalized pitches in 30 days – spoiler alert: it’s a cautionary tale with incredible lessons!


Oh! One thing I almost forgot: we discussed how to manage rejection sensitivity:**


It's real and it MIIIIIIGHT be holding you back, so listen in to get practical advice from a well-established expert on how to handle rejection, set boundaries, & maintain your well-being…


Let's ease-ify this world of pitching and guest appearances!


**You can find the resource Mai-kee refers to right here:

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