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The Confidence Mistake


The UPSIDE DOWN way I created confidence wasn’t working anymore.

Here’s what I figured out about it & HOW TO CHANGE THIS PROBLEM!

Waiting For Confidence

This week, in my group coaching group, we’ve been talking about what confidence really is and what it looks like. The great thing about my coaching group is the group calls that I host, so when a woman talks about a subject the others can chime in and relate. In this one call, I had a particular member talk the two different paths she could go down in her business. The first, she’s an expert in. When she was describing it there was no passion behind what she said, but you could tell she had the knowledge to back it up. When I asked her “Well what’s your other option”, her energy completely changed. She had solutions to problems, and was visibly excited!

Then when asking why she hadn’t done this thing yet, she acknowledged that she’d never done this thing before.

  • That other people were doing it.
  • That other people offering this service were more qualified.
  • She’s just “Waiting for confidence!”

Until then she’s just going through the motions until she feels that she can do the new thing.

Why Wait to Take Action Now

What I want you to know is the mistake that we all make is we are waiting for the confidence to take action.

Before I get my hands on them, my clients make lists of things that need to happen beforehand.


  • I need to buy another course
  • I need to have a full plan
  • I need to talk to somebody else about it
  • Maybe I need a partner


These are just some of the ways that we keep ourselves from taking action and making ourselves small! These are the things that keep us from moving forward and growing in our businesses.

Don’t Stay Circling The Drain

We aren’t going to be the best in the beginning. We are going to make mistakes and fail a few times. But if you don’t start today, how are you going to get better without going through the stuff? Without going through the shit? Sure, you can read another book, or take another class. These things will give you the knowledge, but without the experience of taking the next step, you’re going to continue circling the drain, never making the leap in your business.

I think that you are amazing at what you do, but you might not know how to take the next step in your business. That’s okay. That’s not your fault. What is your fault is staying where you are and not taking action? This is for you to take the opportunity to grow and learn.

What action are you going to take today?

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