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The EASIEST Strategies to Motivate You to Take Action

I’m a time traveler.

Sometimes when I’m working with a client, she’ll be frustrated with herself or a situation. She’ll be angry that she’s not moving faster or that a conflict is keeping her stuck.

And then I simply ask, “Hey, last year at this time - how would you have responded to this issue?”

Or I say, “You know - 6 months ago you never would’ve been able to say that to him.”

Or, “Do you remember where you were two years ago with this? Can you see how much progress you’ve actually made - and how much easier things actually are?”

And inevitably - literally every single time - my client will say, “Oh yeahhhh. You’re right. Hmph!”

Or she’ll say, “Wow, I hadn’t even noticed how much easier it is. You’re right!”

And then they thank ME - when really she should be thanking herself!

My job is to hold up a mirror - to show patterns, changes, or truthiness.

Sometimes we don’t like what we see in the mirror! But other times, we’re not looking at it enough to see the beauty, the growth, the changes, the improvements.

It’s kind of like that old saying about giving birth: it’s incredibly painful - like maybe the most painful thing a woman will go through - but she FORGETS how bad it is.

I mean, she HAS to forget, or else how would she ever have a 2nd child, right?

It’s like that with our daily pain. We slowly inch away from it - we improve little by little each day…and we forget how bad IT USED TO BE.

We forget how low we USED TO FEEL.

It’s hard to see improvements on an incremental basis.

October is a GREAT month for making changes & starting over again. Everyone thinks it’s September

(and I do think September feels like the January in that way),

buuuuuttttt most women in September are still in THINKING & PLANNING MODE!

October is ACTION mode. So, let’s set you up for success right now:

First Action: Look back at where you were ONE YEAR AGO. What was life like? What was harder for you? What was easier for you?

And a hard question: what is EXACTLY THE SAME?

Of those three areas, where can you pat yourself on the back for making incremental shifts that have ultimately moved you forward?

And of those three areas, what do you STILL WANT TO CHANGE?

I love this barometer - but you cannot beat yourself up if there’s something in your life that isn’t exactly where you want it to be! You must notice, observe yourself, and then make a damn plan!

Ok - NEXT - because October is all about ACTION: where do you want to BE one year from TODAY?

What do you want your life to look like? To feel like? To BE?

You may be thinking, DAMN, Jen. A Year from now? I can’t even think about lunch tomorrow!

BUT I warn you: if you’re not thinking long-term, life will get lifey & everything will get in the way.

Also, there are these false promises out there that you can make HUGE changes in your life in 6 weeks or 90 days.

Yes - you probably can. It will be an upheaval to your life and will likely be unsustainable.

That’s why I endorse SUSTAINABLE changes that STICK - and we do this with baby steps. We do this with shifts. We do this by being KIND to ourselves - and by HAVING A PLAN.

Do you have a plan? A vision?

Let’s wrap this up: what is it you REALLY want? This month, I’ll be sharing strategies to help you get what you WANT.

I’ll be sharing all the mistakes I’ve made in getting what I want. And I’ll be teaching you tools to help you move forward.

So first: look back. How far have you come? What shifts are you noticing? What’s easier? What’s BETTER?

CELEBRATE yourself!!

Next: think about what you want to be celebrating NEXT year at this time.

Create the vision. Write it down. Talk about it. Think about it. PLAY with it in your mind.

I promise - you’ll impress yourself if you let yourself do this work.

I’ve watched my clients create INCREDIBLE outcomes that only lived in their head before!

And if any of this is a struggle for you, you’ll want to join me for my free workshop called Stop Spinning Your Wheels: 3 Do-Able Steps to Grow Your Business.

Sign up for any of three LIVE dates & times!

I’ll be there LIVE to answer your questions, give you examples, and help you see how you can make your life& business different - without overhauling your lie.

Remember - I’m a teacher at heart, so you’ll learn the strategies you need to move forward realistically.

Register for your date & time at

I’d LOVE to meet you in that workshop!

Next week I’ll be diving into a big mistake that kept me from achieving my goals for YEARS. If you can make the switch that I learned how to make, I promise you’re going to move forward so much faster!


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