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Uncategorized Apr 18, 2021

I was shocked she was getting a divorce - because I had NOT seen the signs.

Okaaaay. Yes, I’d noticed her hubs wasn’t in her Facebook photos anymore…

I figured he was taking pics of her & the kiddos. Or maybe I’d missed the posts of the entire family together - you know, the algorithm. 🙄

She looked busy & happy, and I liked & commented & was glad to keep up best I could. 

When it comes to “keeping up with people” via social media, frankly, I’ve come to not assign too much attachment to what I see. 

Because some of us are posting every bowl of oatmeal & bananas we eat, while others give only the beautiful highlight reel. 

And then we’ve got the VagueBookers who keep it sporadic or cryptic - and I just don’t have time to do the spywork to figure out their shit. 

<ANYWAY> When I learned that this friend had actually gone through a painful divorce in 2020…

I can’t say I was shocked, but I definitely HAD NOT put 2+2 together.

She gave me all the details when we finally made time for voice-on-voice action!

If I was a bit savvier, maybe I’d have surmised something was going on - 

But I’m not always terribly observant. Or savvy. And I try not to be nosey.

In our conversation, she spelled it out for me: she got separated & divorced in 2020…

Is this the type of information people want to be sharing publicly? Or information we EXPECT people to publicly share?

It DEPENDS. I have friends who’ve shared terrible or sad news via socials. Some keep it to themselves. Others leave breadcrumbs for us to figure out what’s going on with them.

Again - you do you. I don’t have a judgment about how you use the socials personally.

But when it comes to your business, that’s a different story completely. 

Last week, I had a conversation with a member in my Content Creator’s Studio who’s struggling to ramp her business back up after a small hiatus.

She said, “I’ve been posting a lot - but getting nothing.”

I asked, “Are you telling people you’re available? Letting them know you have an offer?”

And - I’m chuckling as I write this - her face was adorable & priceless. Completely open, wide-eyed shock at herself. 

She stared at me through ZOOM and said, “Um. NOPE! Omg. How have I not told people that I’m back & available?”

Why haven’t you? Here’s why:

We become so immersed in our own lives, our businesses, our daily dramas, that we think what we’re doing MUST be obvious to people!

I’ve done it myself! 

Put my content out consistently, talk about entrepreneurship, content creation, business growth…

And someone will say to me, “Oh! What are you up to now? Do you still own that fitness studio?” or “Are you still teaching at the college?”


Or… “Oh, I see your Instagram posts - your photos are so gorgeous. What are you up to now?”





No. No it isn’t obvious, my friend. 

When you understand that everyone outside of your head has NO idea about the intricacies of your life, business, offers, services, and products…

It makes it much easier to make your offers OBVIOUS>

Because your people NEED you to be overt. 

They NEED you to show them the path to get the solutions you provide.

Just like I DID NOT NOTICE all the subtext, hints, & nuances of my friend’s family situation…

She had to bang me over the head with it. That’s when I knew.

So, what did I tell my client - the one coming off her hiatus? 

MAKE OFFERS. Let people know you’re available. 

Say it over & over & over.

Because - with what should have been VERY OBVIOUS signs that my friend’s husband was no longer in the picture

People will miss it, sliding their finger down their phone screen. 

Or half listening to your LIVE video. 

Glossing over your call to action.

TELL THEM. Tell ‘em again.

Remember that telling people & making offers is THE only way to ensure sales can happen.

If you hide your offers, no one will care enough to read through the lines or search out your offer. 


Promise yourself: No more breadcrumbs. No more hinting. No more waiting for people to ask.

Invite them in. Ask them if they want tea. Or coffee. Or whatever deliciousness you’re serving!

The only way people can take you up on your offers is if you make them.

Xo,  Jen

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