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The Technology No One WANTS - a story of email BS & lies

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2020

I’m sitting among 80+ college freshmen in a giant lecture hall at SUNY Fredonia, my undergrad alma mater.

It’s 1988. Dr. Chilberg’s my favorite professor - from up in the nosebleed section, I see he’s rocking big dark glasses & a salt-n-pepper closely-cropped afro.

But even from far away, I feel his energy - he loves teaching Communication 101.

Today, he’s sharing a new technology to REVOLUTIONIZE how we communicate.

He calls it “Electronic Mail.” 

E-Mail, he says, is the wave of the future.

We’ll never have to walk down a dorm hall again to talk to each other - just simply send a message via computer & pick up the phone nevermore!

Ever the extrovert, I am HORRIFIED by this.
ALSO! How do we DO this “E-Mail”?

It’s 1988. There are no smart phones. Or laptops.

Only the geekiest (& richest) kids have computers in their dorm!

To get ONTO a computer you have to slog across the freezingest, windiest, snowiest tundra in Upstate NY to access a computer lab-

Where you’ll find amber-vision monitors, dot-matrix printers, & a confusing procedure to LOG ON>

No Thanks, Dr. Chilberg. Ima keep walking down the hall to talk to my people.

This E-Mail idea is total bullshit. NO ONE IS GOING TO DO THIS!!>


Hahahahaha - well. No one ever said I was a visionary.

32 years have passed, and we’re still using email.

You may love it - you may loathe it. But email is not going away.

I mean - here you are. Reading this blog - which I will pare down to use as an loving email to my audience.

And why does my audience OPEN my email -

Well, probably the same reason you’re reading this blog!

Maybe you like that I offer education. Tools, strategies, etc.

Inspiration or motivation.

Maybe you’re even entertained - especially remembering the amber vision teach of yore or the 1988 fashion sense of an Upstate professor in dark glasses…

But I write those email with my audience in mind each week because to connect & help.

  • To be of service.
  •  To nurture our relationship & create trust.

 An email list is an asset in your business - one you can NEITHER abuse nor ignore.

Even right now when people don’t know what’s happening next.

I’d argue - ESPECIALLY right now. Because people need connections with people they TRUST.

An email list develops your relationship with those you’ve worked with before & may work with in the future.

If you’re not growing relationships, then you’re not growing your small business.

The cool thing is - unlike 1988 - we have SO many ways to build relationships with people we want to help!

  • Social media…
  • IRL networking & connections…
  • Speaking & teaching opportunities…
  • Public relations…

But email is one venue that most people ignore - or do wrong.

What do YOUR people need from you - right now?

Give it to ‘em - a simple, short, to-the-point email to let your audience know you’re thinking of them…

  • Tell a story.
  • Share a tool.
  • Provide a solution.
  • Give a discount.
  • Offer an incentive.
  • Provide hope for what’s coming.

Emails don’t have to be long. Or fancy. (In fact, talk, like you’re speaking to a friend & your open rates, will be much higher.)

And since right now we CAN NOT walk down the dorm hall & say hi to our suite-mates in real life…

Or co-workers…clients…

Or our audience….

It’s time to send an email. With love. And service.

Reach out - don’t worry that you’re “bothering people.” Or “don’t know what to say.”

Those stories keep you out of connection! 

Instead, try, “My email will help someone feel ________”

Or “This email is a love note to help someone with __________”.

Get out of your lizard brain - the one that’s trying to keep you safe.

Like mine, from 32 years ago, that mentally yelled at Dr. Chilberg, “THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK!! NO ONE WANTS THIS.”

I was wrong. Is it possible you are too?

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Write a loving email to your audience - even if there are only 3 people on the list & one of them is your best friend, and the other two are former colleagues!

Craft it. Keep it short & loving. Press send.

Change your mindset on this topic & you can truly grow your business!

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