The Truth About Publishing A Memoir

Oct 17, 2021

All month I’ve been talking ‘bout getting you to talk about RESULTS…

Now, the ultimate result of your hard work is that you put something out in the world…

(Anything from a simple Instagram story to a complicated digital course, summit, conference, or book!)

Your efforts result in receiving satisfaction, money, enjoyment, impact - whatever you value…

Receiving is the payoff, but the PROCESS of getting it out into the world is…erm..tricky, innit?

(I’ve been watching LOTs of Ted Lasso with captions on, and “innit” is one of Roy’s favorite words, so I STOLE IT. 


Lots is usually in the way of our progress: lack of time, limited energy, the “I don’t know hows” - 

AND…of course - the “What if I put this thing out there and it’s pure s.h.i.t.?”

This takes courage, y’all! (Code for “I’m doing this this even though it’s scary as hell)

How do we make it happen, for real?

I interviewed author & intuitive coach Patty Lennon about her recent foray into the world of publishing her memoir - 

Not a business book. Not a how-to book.

A memoir. That’s personal business! 

As Patty says, “This book was like, here are my insides, let me put them on my outsides, and you can all buy it for whatever book costs!”

Oy vey. How does one actually DO this?!

Patty & I had an honest conversation about the un-romantic way a book comes to be…even for people like her who are great writers, incredibly intuitive, and experienced at book publishing!

We spoke about:

  • How to deal with the irritation of the creation process, including the risk/reward of putting so much effort in!
  • Why creation is not a linear process but a muddled zig-zaggy one that requires us to lean in & TRUST
  • What it takes to GENERATE the courage needed to put your insides out there…without shriveling up & hiding
  • What to do when pieces fall apart & it’s total GARBAGE & it all needs to be revamped - even though you DO NOT WANT TO waaaahhhhhhhh!

If you’re a creator of any sort, LISTEN, WATCH, or READ our conversation - you’ll find great inspiration & warmth from Patty…

NOW! Let’s talk about the actual MEAT & POTATOES (or tofu & beans for you Veggie types!)

Patty’s book, Make Space for Magic, is for those of us who’ve lost track of what makes us happy.

If you feel exhausted by life, overwhelmed with responsibilities, and wonder where the energy & sense of possibility you used to have has gone…

This book is for you -  

In Make Space for Magic, Patty walks you through the steps to feel alive again.

Patty’s book explores: 

  • How to receive love from humans & spirit guides. 
  • Why your brain is programmed to block success & how to release those blocks. 
  • Myths and mistruths taught in the spiritual and personal development worlds. 
  • Simple ways to connect to Spirit Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones. 
  • How to create a deeper connection with yourself.

A few years ago, I was brand new to spiritual & personal development. 

I can vouch that Patty’s writings will help you see new ways to manifest the life of your dreams, even if it seems absurd, too far off, & impossible for you.

(Hello. 👋 That was me in 2013. And 2016. And 2021.)

Order your copy here - you’ll get fun bonuses available during the launch period, through 10/24!

Xo, Jen

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