Truth About How A Biz REALLY Affects Your Relationships!

Dec 18, 2018

Tyler is the face of Nostalgia Chocolates, while his wife Tiffany works a little more behind the scenes. Together they are an amazing “power” couple, but that doesn’t mean they don’t face challenges along the way. During my interview with Tyler, we discuss how what led him to want to start his business, and how he and his wife managed to communicate with each other along the way.

Meet Tyler Cagwin

He was working in his family’s business and found himself getting caught up in the dynamics, and thinking about “Where do I go from here?” Still, there was something missing for him. He started to make changes in his life that caused him to realize that working with his family wasn’t healthy for his future. He didn’t want to give up the flexibility of his job working for his family but wasn’t sure how to do that.

In the beginning, he started a podcast in order to share with others the people that he found inspirational. He also started brainstorming a number of different business ideas, but nothing seemed to fit. Then one day he heard on another podcast “If an idea doesn’t stick in your mind for a week or a month, you really aren’t that passionate about that.” Using that as a benchmark, he realized the ideas he was thinking of weren’t his calling.

He and Tiffany went to a yoga retreat in Costa Rica where they got to make chocolate from scratch with their hosts. After this experience, Tyler began researching it like crazy. He signed up for a course on “Ecol Chocolat” and the father he got along, the more passionate he became for chocolate. The history, practices, and the complexity of flavors inspired him immensely. With the support of his wife, they bought the equipment, bought three bags of beans, and began the process of creating his line of chocolate.

Nostalgia Chocolates is an amazing business run by an amazing couple. It’s the dream of an entrepreneur come to life with a mission that’s incredible.

“Our love of the world around us has led us to create a bar that is ethically and sustainably sourced to support the farmers in the origins where our beans are grown. Our packaging is recyclable in an attempt to leave as small of a footprint on our world as we can.”

Getting Your Spouse On Board

When you’re in a relationship, your spouse is your partner. You need to be on the same page to reach success in your business and in your life. It can be a struggle to open up about finances in a relationship. Tyler’s main advice is to be conscious of the importance of your partner’s opinion even if you might not like the answer that you hear.

Having your partner be a part of the decision process can be both an anxious, and bonding experience. While you don’t need your partner to be your cheerleader, having them be a part of the future you’re trying to create only build upon you relationship.

Learn how Tyler created a successful chocolate business while balancing his relationship with his wife. You’re sure to glean something that you can take into your life, to help you business and your relationship.

Be sure to check out Nostalgia Chocolates on their website, Facebook and Instagram. It’s sure to delight your taste buds! And don’t forget to check out Tiffany's yoga studio “O Yoga”  in Syracuse, New York.


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