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Use Your Passion For Fashion To Change Your Life w/ Jackie Terribile


You have a big job. Then you have kids. You decide to stay home with ‘em. Then what? What if you want a little more than that? For Jackie Terribile, it was taking a leap fueled by her love of fashion to start a business!Learn how this stay-at-home-mom balances running a family & a business - with strong boundaries so she can stay in alignment with her core values!


Meet Jackie Terribbile

She began her career in New York City working in marketing and advertising but ended up transitioning into fashion. Living the NYC stylist lifestyle was incredible, but it was incredibly demanding. She ended up moving to Syracuse and worked in advertising for around 10 years. She loved where she worked, but was frustrated by not being in control in the way she would have liked to have been. After becoming a mom, and returning to advertising part-time her boss actually approached her inquiring whether she should get back into fashion. She established a blog that offered advice and eventually it evolved into The Small Town Stylist.

The Small Town Stylist is a wardrobe consulting business doing both private and commercial styling. She’s done wardrobe for commercials and shows, but the most rewarding side for her is personal styling. Jackie’s business has helped our community in such a wonderful way. She helps women to find their style and own their confidence in a way that makes them understand who they are. I’ve even experienced this myself! She’s helped me find my style while not causing me feel ashamed for my body and often upgrades my style without requiring me to go out and buy anything.


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What Comes Naturally To You?

In Jackie’s case, fashion was something that she had a passion for. Even while working in a conventional job, she’d have friends asking her for advice, and she felt a desire to help people gain more confidence through fashion. Even though she wasn’t working in the fashion industry per se, it was something she had knowledge in that she wanted to share with others. What is something that comes to you naturally? Is there anything your friends and family ask your advice on? This could be the starting point for your next great idea.

It might seem like Jackie’s transition into her business was easy but in reality, it wasn’t. Leaving her job, balancing a business, and being a mom was a challenge that she had to concur. In Jackie's case, she definitely did. I’d love for you to watch our interview to learn from her story and gain some knowledge from her experience.

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