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In my group coaching program, one of my clients wants to develop an entire workshop. She knows that when she gets this set up that she can use this for content. It can be a blog, social media posts, etc. But she wants this workshop to attract her more clients. While we were going over it, we discovered a few lessons that I wanted to share with you!  I know that there is something you want to do. That you want to get done so that your business can thrive and you start attracting the clients that you want. Let’s go over how to get the clients you want and how to keep your own sanity in the process.

Learn Who Your Audience Is

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in our ideas and forget to consider our audience. In the case of my client, she knew exactly who she wanted to attract but in her talk, she was using terminology that no one could understand who didn’t have a science background. The catch here is that the services she offering and the clients that she wants aren’t scientists. In this case, she needs to make the information accessible and change up some of her terminologies.

You Can’t Help Everyone

Not everyone is your audience. The truth is that we are inundated with information all the time and there are hundreds of emails that even you receive that go unopened. Why? Because that individual doesn’t speak to you and your current situation. And that’s okay! You’re part of a certain demographic, just like your potential clients. Zoning in on what demographic you want to reach is so important for your branding, messaging, and your own sanity!

What Does Your Audience Need To Know?

Once you know who is sitting in front of you, you know what they need to know. Now, how do you need to present it so that they understand what you are saying? Words are powerful. Using verbiage that your audience can understand is imperative for them understanding what you offer them! So who is your audience and what do you need to convey to them for them to want to come to you for your services.

Talk to your audience so that they know that you understand their problem. Once you have this in place it is so much easier to do...well everything in your business! Your branding will be on point. You’ll be able to discern your website design! The layout of your Instagram! Everything! You’ll be able to appeal to the clients that you want and be able to start helping the people you want to.

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