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What I'm Afraid Of In My Content

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Here’s something you don’t know about me? 

That's a prompt that I gave to my membership today. I like to give them little prompts each week to help them dislodge the stuck places in their brain so that they can talk in their content easily. And the question was, here's something you don't know about me. That's the prompt.

And one of my members said, and I'm so glad she did...

She said, “Who gives a shit what you don't know about me? Who gives a shit about me at all? Isn't content always supposed to be about them?”


And when you let somebody connect with you, when you tell them something about who you are and it doesn't, again, have to be a deep, dark secret. You don't ever have to bleed all over the Internet or share anything that doesn't feel comfortable with you. 

But when you share something with people that they don't know and then connect it to what you do and how you can help them, that's why people will want to work with you. 

So when I say, what's something that you don't know about me? And your first response is, “Why would anybody give a shit?”

Yes, they're thinking, what's in it for me? But what's in it for them is the connection, the trust, the know, like, and trust factor that they're going to build with you. 

So here's something you don't know about me. I'm actually and I've never really said this out loud before. I'm afraid of cardio. I hate to be out of breath. I panic when I get out of breath. And cardio is the thing I avoid in my life. 

But ever since having COVID, I can really feel that my lung capacity is diminished. And I know this is something I need in my life, but I am afraid of it.

And if I tell you I'm afraid of it, I want to ask you, is there a place in your content and your marketing and your business that you are afraid of, that you've kind of pushed off to the side that you know that you need to work on? 

Now, this is just an easy prompt for you. 

What's something you don't know about me? 

I just shared that. And then I connected it to something that I can talk about in my business, which is content marketing.

What's something your audience doesn't know about you, right? 

What's something that they would love to know about you that would help them connect to the very thing you do? 

I promise you, you don't only have to give value by always teaching, by always solving, by always showing the how-tos.

In fact, if you're only giving how-tos and you're only teaching and you're only always giving the step-by-step, you're really missing a big piece of successful content marketing, which is to connect and let them see you as a human. 

So remember, there are many ways to create value in your content.

Sometimes it's inspiring somebody, sometimes it's like fanning the flames to give them the courage to do the thing that you know that they need to do. 

Sometimes it's information, but very often the transformation that your people are looking for does not happen in the information. 

And so I ask you, what's something that your audience would love to know about you? 

What's something your audience doesn't know about you? 

Share that with them and see how they connect with you.

See how it starts to dislodge your fear of creating content and your fear of sharing yourself? 

Because the question of who gives a shit? I give a shit. Your audience gives a shit. And I know that you watch other people and you give a shit about them.

So what makes you think people don't give a shit about you? 

I promise you getting started by asking yourself how can I show up more as me in my content in a way that feels safe is a great place to begin connecting with your audience. 

I hope this has been helpful. 

Let me know what is something that I don't know about you that you could put in the comments below? What's something your audience doesn't know about you that you think you could connect to your expertise?

Either of those two things I'd love to hear in the comments. Bye.

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