What I'm Doing Imperfectly

Mar 22, 2021

Today I really want to talk about what to do if things aren't going perfectly for you.

If things aren't lining up the way you thought they would if we're already in the middle of 2021 and you're like,

"I don't really have my act together."

Especially if 2021 is your big year to make things happen.

But you still don't feel like you have your footing underneath you.

If that sounds like you, I want you to know that there is hope and you don't have to be beating yourself up over this, so I just want to start by talking about my January, which was really pretty horrible.

I had big plans for myself.

I'm launching a membership program.

My mastermind is going really well.

My private coaching is everything seemed to be converging, and then I wound up literally hobbled by back pain that I could not figure it out.

And I was doing all the things to figure it out.

And then I broke my toe.

I couldn't walk in addition to my back.

But then I got COVID and COVID just freaking took me out.

I really had to figure out what was the message here for me because I am such a perfectionist.

And I'm always like, "Meet the goal. Next goal. Meet the goal next goal."

And if that sounds like you and you just never stop this month, I am talking a lot about ease and how we can create more ease in our lives because I think that's the message I was supposed to get in January, like, slow the hell down, Jen.

Just take it a little bit easy.

Breathe, rest.

And I wasn't doing any of those things.

I was really on a mission to get this thing launched that I wanted to launch, so I get to the end of January and I've had COVID.

Then my husband got COVID and my son has been in quarantine since then and he's going to be in quarantine until the Eve of February.

And so things here are not, like, pretty or fun or adventurous.

There's nothing fun really going on for us right now.

We're on the other side of COVID.

We're waiting to see if my son is going to get it.

We're, of course, hoping that he doesn't.

But I decided to just go ahead and do the things I had planned scaled back, which means I'm doing them completely imperfectly.

And so part of me wonders, wherein your business are you having exceeding expectations as your basis, like your foundation?

I can't do this unless I'm going to get three gold stars or an A-plus.

Where are you doing that to yourself?

Because I know what that's like.

And frankly, I always get tapped on the shoulder and then boom, the

piano falls and the piano fell in January, so I wanted to encourage you.

I know there's something that you want to do.

Maybe it's as simple as I really want to get my Instagram following up, or I really want to launch a program.

And I need a sales page for it.

Or I really want to start sending emails to my I want to grow my email us and send emails, whatever it is for you.

I know there's something big that's weighing on you.

And you're probably like, doing all the things to make sure it's done perfectly.

And I just wanted to encourage you to just take a little bit of action, even imperfect action.

And the more that I've been playing around with this idea of just doing it like, I don't have a fancy sales page for my new program yet.

And I'm saying yet because I will get there, but I just wanted to launch it and get it out into the world.

And you know what I did?

I gave a workshop last week, and it was a really great workshop.

And there were like, 35 people on the call.

And then I launched my membership program to them.

And right then, three people signed up, and I've doubled that already.

Now I have six people in the membership.

I don't have hundreds of people in there, but I didn't do a hugely planned launch.

I don't have a ton of launch emails.

I'm really just doing it imperfectly, but I'm taking a little bit of active every day, and I just wanted to come it's Friday afternoon.

Have you beaten yourself up for all that you didn't get done?

Is there a ton still left on your to-do list?

Because it's Friday afternoon and you didn't get everything done.

I want you to know you're super normal.

It's okay.

And so I wanted to invite you to just be kind to yourself and to remember that you don't have to do everything perfectly the first time.

In fact, it's kind of failing forward to just take the action and see what happens, see what doesn't work.

I actually want to teach you all the best practices.

I want to teach you what to avoid.

I want to teach you what to do.

I want to teach you all the tweaks.

And that's what I'm doing inside my membership.

But I'm right here with you doing that myself.

So I'm not speaking from the pulpit when I talk about this stuff.


We will never get to the end of our to-do list.

And once you understand that that you'll always have a to-do list, there is really great freedom in that and when you're launching or you're trying to connect with your audience.

Or you're trying to grow your audience it really just isn't an experiment and we never kind of get to the end of our to-do list because I promise you to get your first hundred subscribers then you're like...

"I want 500 and then want 1,000 and then I want 10,000."

We're always grasping and striving so if along this journey you can be kinder to yourself and take that rest because what I have found is that if you don't take the rest it takes you and that's what happened to me in January.

Just take the imperfect action expecting perfection except you from yourself.

I hope this was helpful.


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