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What to do when you don’t know what to do

You know that place in your life when you’ve realized SOMETHING has to change?

Or you’ve got a gut instinct that something is about to SHIFT…and you have no idea what it’s gonna look like?

Maybe you don’t even know HOW you WANT it to look in the future!

You sit there, thinking about it - the heaviness of it weighing you down.

It can make you feel afraid, out of control, or sometimes even paralyzed.

You’re unsure what action to take right now.

Probably - maybe - there IS no action to take…yet.

Which is good - because you’re likely a little overwhelmed by what’s going on in your brain.

You know there’s some work to do, but you’re unsure exactly what it is. Or how to move forward with it.

Have you been there?

Feeling confusion, overwhelm, pain, or discomfort? And you’re ready to take action -

But…where the hell do you start?

Where do you begin when you know big things need to happen - but you’re swimming around in a sea of murkiness?

If you’ve ever been stuck here, at Where do I begin, then this month’s free workshop is perfect for you.

It’s called Anti-Goals: a different way to get what you want!

I developed this because I’ve been in that stuck place before.

I needed a strategy to get through the times where I felt paralyzed & frustrated - and wanted to take action, but felt shitty for not being able to!

So I developed a little tool to help me in those moments, and I’ve use it to help me numerous times throughout my life.

This training is for you - to thank you for reading my blogs & the ideas I share each week!

I’m delivering it live on Thursday, January 23rd at noon EST - but if you can’t be there, that’s OK.

If you register, you’ll have access to a re-play afterward!

This week, no matter where you are in your creation cycle, in your relationships, your life, your job, your business - give yourself some love & space.

It’s ok if you haven’t figured everything out yet. Trust yourself - you’ve done hard things before, and you can do them again.

And if you want a tool to help get there with a little more ease, register for the January workshop!


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