Who’s Setting The Pace In Your Business?

Uncategorized May 02, 2021

What does it take to get a 14-year-old to wake up on his own at 7am, EXCITED?

(Hell - when was the last time YOU woke up at 7am, on your own, EXCITED?)

Well - he turned 14 last month & swiftly got a job at the local farmer’s market selling specialized spices & hand-made dog treats. 

  • Oh yeah - we are gonna talk ABOUT THAT WEIRD business model COMBO at a later time…

He was so excited for his first day of work that he jumped out of bed, ready to go!

When I picked him up, he was HAPPY. Still excited - Chatty, even…

He gave me the farmer’s market inside scoop - the lady who buys & eats the dog snacks for herself, the BEST chocolate milk ever, the friendly service dog who comes by at 11:30 like clockwork.

His new bosses bought his lunch, let him take home anything from their store, and paid him CASH MONEY.

Sounds like the best gig - he’s in love with it- and his 72-year-old boss seems smitten with Jack, who apparently did a great job!

It got me thinking about being THAT EXCITED - 

Do you remember that feeling? Your first job - in the long, long ago?

Or when you started PLANNING your business? Or the first time you SOLD something in your business?

 Being around his excited energy got me thinking about what makes ME excited in my business - 

It’s easy to lose that feeling because there’s ALWAYS SO MUCH TO DO…

Especially if you’re a soloprenenuer - even if you have a small team behind you - there’s ALWAYS something to take care of.

The workload & mental weight can be crushing.

What about external noises - 

People ahead of us doing it “better”

Or someone selling a program promising a silver bullet solution.

These things dampen our excitement - overtake us & bring on the overwhelm, exhaustion…and DOUBT>

So - in this mindset of excitement vs. exhaustion, I started thinking…

Are we happy?
Are we fulfilled? 
Are we EXCITED? 

When was the last time you felt like my 14-year-old kid, excited and focused and knowing exactly what to do

Are we working at a pace that fills us up, or one we’re “supposed” to be working at? 

Who’s setting YOUR pace? 

I ask because I’ve noticed in the online marketing world, 6 figures doesn’t seem to be ENOUGH anymore! 

There’s a pace to race to 7 figures (or the two comma club - if you’ve ever heard that one before)

Some are all about 8 figures.

Getting to these numbers can become an obsession - keeping us looking externally at our race rather than examining whether it’s even filling us up anymore!

And all this noise might move us into strategies that just DO NOT FEEL GOOD TO US…

Have you recently thought about what strategies you’re using that are WORKING for you?

For example - you’ve know people in your industry hosting free Facebook groups to attract & develop relationships with potential clients.

This is a widely-used marketing strategy - people in the group find value from you & then become clients more easily.

That’s a strategy I don’t have energy for. Many strategists have suggested it to me, and I am NEVER gonna do it.

What strategies are sucking the life out of you? 

What would feel BETTER? 

How can you put your energy toward THAT thing, rather than trying ALL the things?

Like, if the idea of doing a 5-day challenge to engage your audience excites you, why not put all your energy behind it

Instead of halfway doing 3 or 4 or 5 things that deplete you

& never quite work, but make you think there’s something wrong with you?

On top of that, you’re listening to MANY experts in the field tell you to try THEIR particular way.

It’s noisy. It’s confusing.

But most of all it’s distracting.

What’s in ALIGNMENT with who YOU want to be?

Do you need to give yourself permission to be sick of the online marketing, silver-bullet bullshit?

Do you need to notice you’re tired of falling prey to scarcity-based marketing techniques?

Are you TIRED OF WINGING IT and trying ALL THE THINGS inside your business?

What should you be spending your efforts in time on? 

What do you WANT to be spending your efforts on?

Carve out time this week & look at your business model.

Think about what you really WANT - in your life and your business

with CONSCIOUS decisions & design.

This month, we’ll talk about ways to help us LOVE OUR BUSINESSES MORE - 

What in your business right now is weighing you down? 

What would you LOVE to let go of?

What would you love to FOCUS ON that makes you feel as excited as my kiddo on his first day ever of getting a job and knocking it out of the park?

Spend a few minutes thinking about this - or maybe writing about it - or talking with someone on it. 

If you’ve fallen into the crack that SO many of us fall into - overdoing, overworking, overthinking -

This self-assessment is vital. 

Because you started your business for freedom - creative freedom, time freedom, energetic freedom, financial freedom.

And you deserve to have it.

Xo, Jen

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