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Why can’t you just stay put for once?

My brain can get itchy. Like - it loves what it’s doing right now, and it also wonders, What else is out there?

It’s the reason I’ve moved out of every job I’ve ever had - they get too comfortable. Sometimes it’s boring…sometimes I just want a new challenge.

But ultimately, every time I make a leap -

Or a hop. Or even a shift…

A few people in my life roll their eyes. They say, “AGAIN? Seriously? When are you gonna settle down?

When are you stop changing what you do? Just - you know - find a JOB?”

 For a while, I felt ashamed about that. Like, why can’t I just be happy doing what I’m doing?

Then I realized - it’s in the EXPLORING that I find happiness.

I love plunging into a new challenge.

I don’t start something new looking for HAPPINESS. I start something new because I’m curious to see how far I can push myself.

In the experience of seeing how far I can go, I find satisfaction.

But believe me - for far too long, I WISHED I could just be happy in one job forever!

I’ve definitely wondered, Why did I spend all my money on grad school to become a teacher if I’m going to not BE a teacher anymore?

And Why did I invest all my time, money, and sweat into a fitness business if I was just going to LEAVE after 3 ½ years?

At the time, I had no idea I’d be getting into it just to get out of it later on! But now, I can see that change is a pattern of mine.

I’m curious about what else I can accomplish - and I can’t explain it.

Some of my family & friends don’t get it. It makes some of them feel sorry for me.

Someone in my family even went so far as to shake her head sadly at me and say, “I just wish you’d find something that makes you HAPPY.”

It’s kind of funny now, but at the time, I was PISSED! I AM happy in the journey!

Even so, when I had an inkling last fall that I wanted to go deeper into a more specific part of my business…. I wasn’t surprised.

But I was annoyed. It’s like, DAMN! I just figured out THIS part of my business…

I’d figured out how to help women START THEIR businesses - I figured out all the parts, became an expert in the training, really figured out a system!

I’d put together my offers, priced them to create a nice living, and was seeing good traction there.

But something inside of me was pulling - making me - ummmm…. a little itchy again.

I knew I want to go a little deeper inside my body - help women with ONE SPECIFIC area of their businesses.

Not start over again - just go deeper & get more specific.

So I gave myself permission to EXPLORE. To say, what’s UP for me? What’s CALLING ME?

This takes COURAGE - because it’s a scary place to go. I mean, why the HELL do I want to move outside my comfort zone?

Comfort zones are all warm & cozy! WHYYYY can’t I just stay there?

Hear that? Hello, Self-Judgment.

Self-Judgment never gets us anywhere.

So, I sat in my discomfort and started to examine what was making me feel itchy.

I saw a theme crop up again & again - whether I was working with private clients, group clients, or even people who want to pick my brain…

What I hear all the time is that people LOVE LOVE LOVE when I pull their ideas out of their heads -

Sometimes a friend will say, “I have this thing I want to teach, but it’s SO much STUFF> I have no idea how to sort through it.”

And we spend 30 minutes on the phone and BOOM - she’s got her workshop all outlined.

Or a client will say, I need to write an email sequence for a free challenge I’m doing, but I have no idea what to say.”

BOOM - We pull her email sequence out of her head - in HER words & style. 

I realized I was doing it all the time with my clients - the way I do it for myself.

Pulling out social media plans.

Helping them write subject lines for emails & blog posts.

Whatever it is, they’re having trouble getting it from their head & out their fingers to their keyboard…and I’ve found that’s my special sauce.

Doing that work makes me excited & happy -

and when my clients see their jumbly ideas come out of their brain into a linear, clear, and easy-to-execute plan…


They see possibility.  Sometimes for the first time.

I believe ANYTHING is possible. My own life proves it again and again.

 And sometimes, that means I have to get uncomfortable and do something weird, or difficult, or new.

And that takes courage.

How about you? Do you want to pivot, twist, turn, or STOP what you’re doing?

 Of course it takes courage to START too!

 And it’s uncomfortable for us, too.

 Here’s the thing about that: Other people in our life get uncomfortable watching US be uncomfortable, so they might not be able to encourage us to be courageous.

We have to stop relying on other people to be our cheerleaders - and to do it ourselves.

So - let’s get back to the topic at hand. Are you ready for a pivot? A change? A swivel?

Be afraid - and do it anyway.

For me - I’m niching down even further into business development coaching by helping women business owners get all that GREAT, kick-ass, valuable CONTENT out of their head & into the world.

I’m helping them create systems, nail their message, and cultivate the COURAGE it takes to put their brilliance out into the world.

I want to help them become CONTENT QUEENS. I want to help them do it with EASE. I want them to do it IN THEIR OWN STYLE.

I’ll still be here every week bringing you strategies for growth in your business - and your life.

I’ll still help you learn how to make SPACE for your ideas - and make your dreams REALITY.

But my offers will look a little bit different in the future - and my ideal client is shifting too.

I’m focusing on helping women business owners create consistent, high-level content to attract the right clients -

But they don’t have the time, know-how, energy, clarity, or systems to do it alone.

When am I going to stop changing? Well - probably on the Last Day, I think.

If you’re a fan of this podcast, then you too are someone who’s committed to changing & exploring what you want!

And remember - to get there it takes a willingness to get uncomfortable.

And a willingness to look ahead with some vision. With some possibility. With some openness.

That is courage.

You know in your life there’s something you need to do or someone you need to BECOME in order to get what you want. And that means moving outside the comfort zone.

What’s one little step you can take today to make it happen?

Here’s a freebie to help you get started in whatever changes you’re dying to make! It’s called the Business Checklist Roadmap. It’s a linear way to move you through the next steps for your idea…to help you feel less scattered & get some clarity!

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