Why I Couldn't Generate The Sales...

Mar 07, 2021

She’d sent me a personalized link to the website & I spent hours poring over it.

It was gorgeous. Sexy visuals. A layout the eye moved easily over.

It was a $2750 sales page to sell a $297 program. ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Was I a total rube?

The Big Dream for new entrepreneurs is making enough money to just hire someone, for crissakes!

The Fantasy is that magical content elves swoop in & take over.

Well - I paid for the fantasy, I guess…

But after publishing that sales page… 

ZERO conversions. 

I tweaked & fussed with it. 

Still, NADA.

It took a looooong time to realize who’s fault this was.


I simply didn’t know my audience deeply enough.

Hadn’t quite nailed their pain points.

What I thought they wanted for results was off base.

Ultimately, I’d created a program that was NOT WHAT THEY WANTED…

100% my fault. Not the copywriter’s. Or the marketer’s. Definitely not the designer’s.

You may DREAD content & marketing & messaging.

The thought of writing a sales page might send you into early retirement. 

Can’t I just farm it out & get back to my personal brilliance?

Someday - YES! Hire the world’s greatest team and live that 4-hour workweek on the beach! 

But before then -even if you have cash money to hire a $5000 copywriter for the day- 

PUH-leeze know exactly WHO you’re speaking to & exactly WHAT they need to hear…


Something will be OFF.

You’ll feel confused about why you dislike it - because it’ll look & sound SO GREAT!!

Then, it’ll bother with more vehemency - 

like that freakin’ chin hair that popped up during your drive between home & the coffee shop - 

…that you can’t do anything about ‘cuz yesterday you cleaned out your purse & took out your damn tweezers…

But you keep futzing with it, until you can’t take it anymore and drive to CVS to grab a new pair of $17 tweezers.

Know that feeling? 

It’ll bother you LIKE THAT.

ALWAYS have your tweezers: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.

More deeply than they know themselves.

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. 

And created a 4-step process I teach my clients called:

The Audience-First Framework - 

Designed to make your content, your offers, your solutions STAND OUT. CONNECT. CONVERT.

The biggest mistake I see people making before they go through this Framework?

They ASSUME they know their audience.

Or think THEY ARE their audience.

…People who’ve been in business for YEARS using the wrong language to connect with their audience.

It’s maddening to know your craft so well but not be able to not connect.

๐Ÿšซ Connection = ๐Ÿšซ Sales

If you change ONE thing in your business, please -make it this:

STOP assuming you know what your audience is thinking. 

STOP assuming you know what they need - or what they want.

Master understanding them - and attracting them with your compelling content…

designing the RIGHT offers….SELLING those offers….

Well, you know how it feels to take a deep, long, slow breath? And then release it?

It feels like that. 

Learn the framework step-by-step inside the Content Creator’s Studio Membership - 

The $37/month Founding Membership ends on 3/21. It will be offered at a higher price when we reopen it this summer.

PLUS - all founders who join before 3/21 get a 1:1 Onboarding Call with me - short calls that create a LOT of clarity

Join now. Would love to see you in there.

Xo, Jen


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