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Why My Brain Thinks This is a Crappy Idea

I don’t care whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert: isolation breeds doubt.

Here’s what I mean: when I’m working alone, day after day, in my own private silo, I don’t have any colleagues to bounce ideas off of.

That’s when I start to doubt myself.

I think, “Is this a crappy idea? Is any of this gonna work?”

And because our brains like to keep us safe & efficient, my beautiful brain tells me,

“Of course it’s crappy! Don’t take that risk! You’re insane for even thinking about this! Go back to what you were doing before. That’s good enough.”

Here’s another true story about how isolation causes doubt:

Every winter, because I choose not to ski, I don’t get to see my best friend as much as usual.

She’s busy getting her kiddos where they need to be during the week after school, and on weekends, she loves to ski.

So - being isolated from her creates doubt in my head:

“Are we still friends? Does she still love me? Would she rather be with a different best friend who shares her love of skiing and adventure?”


I sound like a middle schooler, right? Sigh.

But I know I’m not the only adult who struggles with the doubt that isolation brings!

You might feel isolated at work or in your marriage. You might feel isolated from a teenager in your life who isn’t letting you in right now.

Everyone - whether they are extroverts, introverts, shy, outgoing, great at communication or terrible at it - feels ISOLATION at some point!

So if it’s normal, why’s it a problem?

Well, let’s unpack it all. Isolation causes doubt. Doubt is a killer of self-esteem. Obviously.


Next up? Isolation is also a creativity-killer.

Have you ever worked on something - a project or whatever - alone for a really long time? Maybe you even feel in the flow about it!
And then, you need to know, “Will this fly in the real world? Can I sell it? Do people want it?”

I can work alone for only so long before I need to say it out loud to another human.

I need to share it & get some feedback so I can make it better.

Without feedback - I’m not as creative as I need to be. I can’t see possibilities or consider other’s examples from must my own brain.

I can only take myself so far in the silo!

When we don't believe in ourselves - and we feel stuck in our creativity - we stay stuck.

Inert people do not achieve their goals.
And you have goals, sister!

You’re trying to make the world a better place. Make YOUR world a better place!

If you are nodding along as you read this - and you know all too well about that doubt I’m talking about - then it’s time to get someone on your side...

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