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Why webinars felt sleazy to me

I need to be honest with you...

For 2 years, I’ve put off doing The Webinar.

If you’re in the online space at all, you know webinars are a routine & important part of business.

But I didn’t want to do one. It somehow felt sleazy to me - EVEN THOUGH I TAKE WEBINARS ALL THE TIME! 🤦

Free training?! Yes, please!

I came to rely on them (especially in my first business - when we had NO MONEY for support!)

IRONIC TRUTH #1: I didn’t want to put one out there.

Why? Because every webinar I’ve ever taken has SOLD to me.

An expert gives you free information in exchange for the time & space to sell something to you.

I mean - that’s the deal. 🤙 I get it. I’m ok with it - for other people.

But it didn’t like it FOR ME.

It’s always felt SUPER yucky for me to do that to my audience.

IRONIC TRUTH #2: It took me 2 years to figure out that I can run my business my OWN way…which is exactly what I teach my clients.

Hence, I can give you a useful webinar - and NOT have to SELL on it!

(PS: I love a sentence where I can sneak the word “hence” in!)

(PPS: I realized this thanks to my own incredible (& patient) coach, Patty. 💛)

I just want to teach. So, I created a webinar that teaches.

What am I teaching?

1. How to run/grow/build a business that doesn’t take over your life.

2. How to wake up every day knowing exactly what to work on.

3. How to FOCUS and TAKE ACTION so you can actually MAKE MONEY in your business.

Let’s stop bullshitting ourselves, ladies. We started a business so we can

  Have more freedom
  Do what we love

It’s not an ugly thing to say you want to make money. It’s REALISTIC.

And if you’re not making money. And you have no time. And you’re energetically drained…

I can guarantee that you’re not happy - or that you feel like you don’t have a real business…


Let me teach you 3 do-able steps so you can start making money in your business.

And do it YOUR WAY.

In alignment with your life.

There is no one size fits all business model - but the 3 steps I’m teaching in this training will help you move in a direction that’s CLEAR & FOCUSED.

Get yourself signed up - there are 3 dates & times when I’ll be teaching live, and YES, you’ll get access to the replay!

Register here: 

Bring your Qs because I’ll have As for you!

Xo, Jen

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