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Why Your Content Isn't Getting Traction

How to ratchet the relationship with your best friend into DUMPSTER FIRE ZONE: 

Become business partners.

Leslie & I were co-owners of a 9,000 sq ft fitness studio with 32 employees & 200 clients in 2013…

The constantly moving parts lent to endless drama & challenges - both in business and in our real-life friendship…

So we created a shorthand for times we needed to talk through an issue:


  • “Let’s process this.”
  • “Can we have a clearing on that?”
  • “I need you to hold space while I unpack what just happened.”

We’d usually be at her house, processing, clearing, & unpacking…which often included crying, yelling, & hugging.

Until he learned better, her hubs Erik would walk in & ask, “What’re you guys doing?”

“PROCESSING!” we’d say, exasperated.

Or, “We just had a clearing. We’re good now.” 

Or, “Jen needed to unpack something, so I held space for her.”

He’d scratch his head.  Poor Erik. We expected him to get it. 


“Processing”, “Clearing”, “Holding space”, and “Unpacking” were not phrases Erik would ever use. They didn’t mean anything to him! 

Using words our audience doesn’t use & expecting them to “get it” is a problem I see many entrepreneurs making in their digital marketing + content.

It creates confusion for your audience.

Worse, it causes your audience to IGNORE what you’re saying in the online space:

It’s why people land on your website & click off within seconds…

Why they scroll by that Instagram post you spent an hour on - without a second glance.

It’s why your Pinterest account has tumbleweeds blowing through.

You’re not using the words that MAKE SENSE to your audience!

1. The mistake happens for two reasons:

With clients or customers, you have a shorthand because they GET what you’re doing. 

They’re further down the road WITH you, know what you mean, & have been ‘trained’ in your lexicon.

Your audience is often NOT. 

2. You’re an expert, incredibly well versed in your thing…

surrounded by people using the same words, phrases, tools, & approaches. 

When we get so immersed in our world, we forget people on the planet have NO IDEA what any of it means!

Some things a new-to-you audience isn’t ready to hear, can’t connect with, or straight up doesn’t understand. 

All month I’ve been talking about how to stay out of burnout & make choices that make your life EASIER…

One of them is making it easier to connect with your audience…

Knowing what to say (and what NOT to say) is key.

As you plan your content for next week, next month, & next year - make sure you’re using the words, phrases, & topics that resonate with your audience…

in everything from your website to Facebook ads to subject lines to all the nurturing, consistent content in between!

What are your people Googling about their problem? 
How do they describe what they want? 

Use THEIR words - and they’ll think you’re a genius.

Don’t know what those are? ASK them.

Use your Instagram stories, Linked In comments, email replies, & Facebook groups to ASK people


  • How they exactly describe their problem
  • What kind of solution they’re looking for



So let’s wrap up with 3 things to do to make content more sustainable & easier for you so you don’t burn out:

  1. Say LESS. Give them bite-sized nuggets they can chew on & think about. You don’t have to solve or explain everything for them in one email, post, podcast, etc.
  2. Meet them assuming they are already AWARE of the problem and CURIOUS about a solution. What do THOSE people need to hear from you?
  3. Use THEIR words - what are your people googling about their problem? How do they describe what they want. Use THEIR words - and they’ll think you’re a genius.

Content burnout is something I want you to avoid because 

  • You already KNOW how vital it is as part of your nurturing marketing strategy. 
  • You’ve got to develop a relationship with your audience - bring your audience along with you - without fire hosing them or alienating them.

Here’s a Downloadable Guide to take you through exactly how to know which words your audience needs you to start using so they can hear you!

This is the first step I take all my private clients through - and it’s a total game changer on what you say in your content!

Your audience wants to be heard. 

Listen & use what they tell you - and you’ll be shocked at how much more traction your content gets!

Xo, Jen

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