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Will anyone pay for this?

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2020

Two years ago, I thought I had a superpower.

But was it REALLY a superpower? I mean – this thing was soooo easy for me to do.

This speaks to a long-standing limiting belief deep inside my mind that for something to be VALUABLE –

(i.e. other people will pay for it)

it needs to feel HARD. I need to WORK for it.

One breezy May afternoon, the opportunity to test this theory dropped into my lap.

In this huge Facebook group I’m a member of, a woman name Lindsay posted about a problem I knew I could help her with –

“I have a course spinning around inside my head. I know people need it. I know my exact niche.

But I can’t get it out of my head.

What advice do you have?” – she asked the 13,876 people in this group.

Now – for a few years, I’ve known that one of my magic powers is to pull people's ideas out of their heads and make the confusion into sense.

I’ve done it with friends. Colleagues. Students.

Basically, we turn the soup inside their minds into a roadmap they can follow with EASE.

And I’d been doing it for FREE. Because I didn’t think anyone would pay for it -

Because it’s so easy for me. Because it was FUN!

I sent this woman a message, offering to sit with her & pull it all out of her head.


I’ll be honest – it was a selfish give.

I wanted to see if I REALLY COULD do it totally cold on a topic I had no idea about and with a person I had ZERO personal contact or context.

Fast Forward to the answer… ⏩ “YUP. I sure as hell COULD do that.”

According to this woman – Lindsay – our time together was incredibly helpful.

When I asked her, What would you have paid for a service like this?

She said, “I have to admit: I'm cheap.

I'd never have paid for this.

BUT you were REALLY useful, and I'd never have gotten this out into the world so quickly unless it was for you."


So I asked her, if she had paid for it, what would she have paid?

“$200,” she said.


In that moment, I KNEW. From how PISSED I was - that at that moment - I knew my value.

I knew she had NO clue what she'd just gotten…

That in TWO hours she got her entire course out of her head, down on paper with notes I took for her, creating a roadmap so she could put it out in the world & start charging for it!

In TWO hours.

In that moment, I knew I'd NEVER AGAIN give it away for free.

If you, like me, haven’t trusted yourself…

Have thought, “Everyone can do what I can do!”

Have been terrified to start charging BIG MONEY for what you do –

Please remember this story of me.

On the phone with Lindsay.

Testing out whether I brought value.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve done a lot of personal work to decide that growing business can be easier than I ever dreamed.

And that my MAGICAL ABILITIES actually deserve to be compensated.

And that YOU deserve that too.

Have you learned how to trust yourself yet to value your superpowers?

If you’ve been wondering if the thing you love doing – that thing that feels easy as breathing – is really valuable?


It is.

Xo, Jen

PS: If you’re tired of the ideas spinning around your head, let’s talk. I have limited options for working together, and if you’re ready to invest in yourself, let’s talk about how working together would move you along faster.

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