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Zillions of Brilliant Ideas - Scribbled in Notebooks with Tina Stinson, Health Coach & Owner of Healthy Balanced Living


Tina Stinson is a creative thinker - which you would know if you could see the million notebooks where she keeps her zillions of ideas!

As a health coach, Tina knew she wanted to help busy women heal their bodies & thrive with a plant-based, whole-diet.

She teaches them to feel empowered about their health, easily!

To make an impact, she needed to create programs to give women control back over their health without pills.

The problem? She wasn’t organized! She couldn’t create a linear program because everything was everywhere!

Because of this, she was at a standstill. It didn't help that she lacked confidence around what to do NEXT to move forward.

She couldn’t get out of the spin - couldn’t put it all together clearly.

Like most creative women, Tina could see everything laid out in her head, but was frustrated that she couldn’t make it happen. She truly wanted to get from Point A to Point B, and do it with focus.

So, she hired a business coach because she wanted guidance on how to organize a workshop, class, or program - and to pull it off confidently.

When we work alone, the isolation gets in our heads. Working with a coach allowed Tina to have someone to bounce ideas off of while she got organized.

It also allowed her to ACTIVATE!

You helped me quite a bit! Not only did we get my ideas on paper & organized, but it also taught me how to do it so I can do it over & over & over again whenever I need to do it in the future!

Tina encourages entrepreneurs like her to learn what their strengths are and hire someone to help with the weak parts. That way, you’ll get where you’re going more quickly.

But who do you choose? How do you know which person’s right for you?

  1. Find someone who understands what you need:

Tina didn’t have to bend to my way of doing things. She liked that we figured out how to create a path that works for TINA. She was able to be who she is, and decide which tools work.

I took what worked for me - and used it. And what didn’t work, I didn’t use.

  1. Hiring the right coach is all about talking to them. It’s necessary to have a conversation - because you’ll know who you click with.

 Watch out for what you’ll get promised. If someone is telling you that they will make a HUGE shift in your life in a SHORT amount of time, I’d be wary of that.

Huge promises are a red flag: they’re only worth as much as you can do yourself. Taking small steps to get from point A to point B is important.

 Find someone who can work with your schedule, you can open up to, and you can trust.

  1. Is the person trying to sell you too much? Trying to push you into something that doesn’t work for you or that you don’t need?

Talk to the coach & interview several.

Don't just hire the first person you meet.

Treat it like the important choice it IS.

Ultimately, having someone else’s point of view - someone who thinks differently - was so powerful. It helped me create something that would work.

Without a coach, I knew I wouldn’t be able to move forward. Or it would’ve taken me another 5 years or something. People sit on an idea for so long and think I’ll do it, and then before you know it a year has gone by.

The only way to move forward is to just do it - and learn what works - and if people laugh at me or judge me, I don't care anymore.

What results did Tina create?

  • She learned what she really wanted to teach and to sell.
  • She took stuff out of her program that didn’t make her happy.
  • She analyzed what made her afraid & why wasn’t she taking action instead of beating herself up. She paid attention to what lit me up & what felt easy.
  • She created a program she’s excited about & is launching a 30-day beta program to help women transition to a plant-based, whole-food diet.

It’s DONE! And it’s available for purchase - it's out there, it’s not perfect, and people can go through it to get introduced to what they need to help them heal themselves.

Mostly, I learned to stop being a perfectionist. I realized that success doesn’t happen overnight. It looks quick - but the successful people have been doing it for a WHILE.

If you know you need help, it’s time to hire a coach. Always be learning what your specialty is & how to get better.


FYI: Think your life is too busy?

During the time that Tina did all her hard work, she was a single mom with a terrible hamstring injury - she couldn’t really even walk!

She was in the middle of moving in with her father, then relocating to Charlotte, NC.

If anyone had good excuses, it was Tina. But she said, “I got tired of watching myself just sit there and not do anything. I spent so many years not doing anything, watching myself sit still.”

She knew nothing was going to change - and there was NEVER going to be a “good” time - but she needed to take action even though so much was going on.

If she can do it, you can do it. You probably just need a guide to go through it with you!

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