Success Story: Erica O'Dell

Doubt crept in. Erica was hiding.

It's terrifying to be seen as a business owner

Learn how Erica shifted from cringing to courageous - growing her business in a HUGE way she never expected!


From Hiding To Thriving

It's scary to be seen

😩  What if someone judges you? Questions you? Heckles you?
🙄 Rolls their eyes at you?

She loved her product, customers, & business, but was terrified to BE SEEN.

Two big strategies Erica learned:

1. How to overcome doubt & the negative BS in her head!

2. How to make her business HERS - so she could stop feeling like she was pretending.

That's how Erica found the courage to put herself out there. 

NOW? On camera, she's confident in her own skin! She's exploded her business & is recognized in her industry as an influencer!

Some of the most relatable things in life aren't always positive things. 

So, Erica learned how to turn negative habits into constructive thoughts that lead to solutions

That helps her show up even more for her business. She can recognize a client's negative outlook & offer a new perspective. 

Using fashion as a tool, Erica helps clients create confidence by simply getting dressed & adding a little flair to their outfit. 

Confidence translates to growth!

Erica used to look at her closet & think, "I have nothing to wear" -

So she developed her personal style and is now helping other women do the same.

She's watched clients bloom, expressing themselves beautifully.

Which is what Erica did for HER OWN business when she decided to stop hiding, start talking to her customers - and SHOW UP for them every day!

Helping women brings Erica fulfillment she couldn't find somewhere else!

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Huge developments occurred when she found her voice

✅ We molded her content to fit her style & voice. Once she stopped relying on the materials from her parent company, she made her OWN content...using a personalized strategy & approach.

✅ Client success! Her customized tools allowed her to stop feeling “yucky” when sharing her business. Erica learned she’s helping people - not selling to people.

✅ People engaged & seek her out to connect - in real life & online. She’s attracting clients! 💥

✅ Her company recognized her immense potential & invited her to host an enormous event that created high visibility!

It was the opportunity of a lifetime & she pounced on it - And last year, Erica would’ve hidden from the chance.

Erica is truly thriving in her style & confidence! (PS: I'm so damn proud of her! I wasn't easy, but it sure was worth it!)

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