Success Story: Tara Slater,

Whaddya do when you’re INCREDIBLY creative…

Willing to take risks & write about stuff no one else will?

You're also hilarious and FILLED with ideas.

But you can’t DO anything with them...

because everything else gets in the way?

Meet Tara Slater, writer. She got organized & found tools that worked FOR HER - and now writes for an audience that desperately NEEDS her brilliance!

How'd she do it? Find out here!


Meet Tara Slater. A writer who was stuck in her assumptions:

-I can’t be a writer.

-I’m always gonna live paycheck to paycheck.

-No one wants to hear my story.

Tara had SO MANY IDEAS swirling around her head but had trouble activating on them.

The problem? She didn't know HOW to make strides forward.

She’s a creative woman with lots to say, but she couldn't reach her goals.

She felt disorganized & unproductive.

Then she got out of her own way. Hired help to move her forward.

And impressed the SHIT out of herself.

Listen to how Tara went from someone struggling to activate to a woman making her dream come true:

She shares the 4 things ACTUALLY helped her take action!

1. Small Shifts: she stopped trying to completely overhaul her life everyday. Every time she tried a life overhaul, she would disappoint herself. PS: NO ONE can overhaul their life every single day! Instead, she made teeny changes & watched them accumulate.

2. Reverse Engineering: Why the hell couldn't she move forward? She coudl state a goal, but realized she had no idea HOW to take action on it. We taught her to start at the end & back herself into her goal in order for it to happen.

3. Assumptions Suck: Tara stayed stuck by assuming she’d be living paycheck to paycheck for the rest of her life. She assumed she couldn’t be a writer. She assumed no one would want to hear her voice.

You know what they say about ASSuming, right? ;)

She stopped doing that sh*t and watched things start to happen FOR her!

3. Find your bracket: Sometimes, Tara got defeated & discouraged because she's not like anyone else. She doesn't fit into a mould.

HELL YEAH she's different! That's what makes her voice interesting, compelling, and special!

She learned it was ok to have an audience that didn’t look like everyone else’s audience. She found her people & loves them hard!

What results did Tara create?

  •  Tara stopped wasting time & is now on her way to writing her book.
  • She found her audience & knows exactly what they need to hear from her.

    Her best piece of advice?

    Cut out the “I don’t knows”.

    YOU KNOW. You just need to do it.

    Aren’t you sick of circling your idea? Let’s go!

    Stop the assumptions.

    Start the next phase of YOUR LIFE.

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