Your Personalized Marketing Toolbox

Instead of a hodge-podge of  “best practices”, tactics, & strategic-ish plans that have never quite worked for you -


let's customize a vault of marketing materials...specifically designed for YOU

Your Personalized Marketing Toolbox is an 12-week done-with-you online live experience 


Next Cohort: 9/22 - 12/8/22

Thursdays - 

9am PST • 12pm EST • 18:00 CET


Be ready for 2023 with your marketing strategy, plan, & content ready to roll!

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This is for you - out there doing all the 'right' things in your marketing - but getting nowhere


You show UP with what you’re “supposed to do” everywhere (and are exhausted!)


You’ve followed all the advice, strategies, & best practices that worked for someone else - but they just aren’t working for YOU. 


That sneaky, "Am I even speaking to the RIGHT people?" thought pops into your brain too much...


Ugh - you hate to admit this, but you notice you sound like everyone else - when you JUST want to stand out!


You WILL admit you're 1000% sick of churning endless, valuable CONTENT into the void, with zippo 🚫 traction or response


Ending this maddening frustration is why we created the

Personalized Marketing Toolbox program!

This is not DIY or virtual coursework

So what is Your Personalized Marketing Toolbox?


A done-with-you experience to create a customized vault of marketing assets that do the heavy lifting in your business, so you can breathe again.

You walk away with...


  • A collection of marketing, messaging, & content assets to access any time you need to update a landing page, create content, polish your bio for a pitch - etc.
  • A marketing strategy & personalized plan designed around your strengths & preferences, so you never have to ask, “Ummmmm. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NEXT?”
  • A customized content & messaging library to help you stop creating 'into the void', hoping your words land on the right ears. Know exactly what to say so your exact-right audience can hear you!

Marketing assets specifically designed for your strengths, your brand, your audience, & your style!


No more cookie-cutter marketing.


No more re-inventing the marketing wheel every blasted day.

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Here's what we create with you:

1. Your Perfect Buyer Profile - your brand personality hub!  This is how you access what your audience is thinking, wanting, & needed at a deep level - so you can connect with them easily.


2. Your STAND-OUT Message - your clarified brand statement sets you apart from all the other YOUs in your industry. This is the key to cutting through the online noise!


3. Your Personalized Marketing Plan - a tailored strategy to effectively market according to your strengths & preferences - so you always know where you're going and it feels right for you.

This includes your...

Goals (why you’re doing marketing at all)

Pillars (what sets you apart in a noisy online space)

Plan of Action (how people can find & see you)

Platforms (where you should be doing it)


4. Your Content Vault - making what to say & how to say it clear, simple, realistic, & repeatable. 

This includes your

Infinite Content Library (never run out of ideas again)

Word Wall (the exact-right words your audience needs to hear)

PREP Framework - (create content without giving away all the HOWs)

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What you'll receive:

The investment is $3600 USD, and includes:


  1. Weekly support via LIVE group coaching & training calls
  2. Perfect Buyer Overview Visual Hub
  3. The StandOut Messaging Worksheet
  4. Your Strategic Marketing Blueprint
  5. Customized Content Creation Framework:
  6. Between-call support in a private online community space
  7. BONUS: 1:1 Call - “Next Steps Plan” with Claudia
  8. BONUS 1:1 Call - “Work Your Content Plan” with Jen
  9. BONUS: one month of follow-up group accountability & support - 
  10. All recordings to keep
  11. *Payment plans available upon request

You're no longer doing this alone or using someone else's strategy! Here's how it works:

Register for one of only 10 available spots

Show up for the weekly Live Thursday calls, 12 - 1:30 EST where you'll learn, get feedback, + workshop your ideas

Work on your Action Items & reach out for support between calls!

Who's leading this shindig?

Meet Claudia Schalkx


Claudia sees what's not visible to the naked eye and specializes in clarity, nuance, & personalization!

As a marketing expert, she diagnoses the most subtle marketing troubles with her perception & experience!

Her laser-focus gets to the root of your problems - so you can stop wasting time trying solutions that are not a good fit.

She’s helped hundreds of industry experts, service providers, thought leaders, & digital marketers unravel their marketing.

Meet Jen Liddy


Jen’s got a sharp eye & unrivaled ability to find the right words to help you - like magic - leverage your content in a way that doesn’t suck the life out of you!

Her specialty is showing you how to create a content strategy that performs - so you can step off the marketing hamster wheel…

With warmth & care, she helps you walk away with a plan for creating content - that makes SENSE to you (FINALLY!)

Jen is here to help you get off the content roller coaster with her own signature system she'll take you through!

Consider this:

The reason marketing feels so confusing, overwhelming, & hard (and isn’t really working) is that 


1. You’ve gathered a bunch of tactics, but they haven’t been curated into a cohesive plan designed specifically FOR YOU


2. You haven’t perfected your messaging yet - so you’re not yet attracting the Exact-Right dream clients.


You’re being ignored due to a lack of clarity!

It doesn't have to feel so difficult or impossible for your marketing to WORK the way it’s supposed to! 

What clients say about their experience:


Frequently Asked Questions

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The Investment...

Your Personalized Marketing Toolbox

$3600 USD

Payment plans available upon request

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Is the Personalized Marketing Toolbox right for you?

Yes, but only if...

  • If you’ve been in business for 2 - 3 years, doing ALL the things, but seeing very few results.
  • You're willing to put in the work to create a PERSONALIZED toolbox of marketing assets - with 2 experts guiding you along the way.
  • You're not totally happy with the clients you have & want more ease in attracting your Exact-Right people.
  • You want out of content hell & to step off the DREADMILL of creating and creating - with nothing converting.


Why now's the time to join us:

  • The market only gets more competitive & noisy. But you already know that.
  • Have you ever cringed at someone doing something similar to you? It’s time to stand apart.
  • You don’t want to keep working around the clock. We know you’re exhausted. We’ve been there, too.
  • Your audience is smart & savvy - learn how to meet them right where they are!
  • This program is at a Beta price. If you're motivated by making a lower cost purchase with a higher touch experience, now is the time!

What Clients Tell us They Are Now Able To Acheive: