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Is your story too boring to pitch to the media?

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***Read all the way down to the end for a link to a great little pitching tracker you can use to keep your pitches organized!

When you’re the female George Clooney of London, flying around the world with an “Up in the Air” job requiring you to fire people everywhere you go…

you could quickly become the most hated person in the company.

But. Weird side-effect?

You also learn how to intuitively build relationships & gain trust – fast.

This is what happened to Adela Hussain, who used that experience to develop deep analytical skills…

that allow her to now help people LAND media opportunities that skyrocket visibility - as a Public Relations & pitching expert!

Hold up hold up hold up! BEFORE YOU THINK, 

“I’m a nobody. I’m boring. No one’s gonna wanna read about me.

And I don’t even wanna be in the media…”

Hold your freakin’ horses.

Using other people’s channels, platforms, audiences, and media is an INCREDIBLY efficient way to:

  • Widen your audience & attract more of the right people into your orbit
  • Deepen your professional relationships - because you KNOW everyone loves a referral and people work with those they like
  • Increase your authority in your arena

Are those things important to you? Yeah - me too.

TWO small things to do right now to start you on the path of getting in front of other people’s audiences:

1.  Make a list of 3 areas of expertise you could talk about, given a moment’s notice.

**I’ll be you’ll have tons more than 3!

2.  Make a list of podcasts you’d love to guest speak on - no matter how BIG or small they might be!

Taking even one of those steps puts you in the frame of mind that, “OOOh. I’m an expert ready to share my insights!”

Another thing is to listen to Episode 166 of Content Creation Made Easy, where Adela teaches us about:

  • using The Trust Equation to intuitively build relationships 
  • how other people’s platforms give you wings to expand & build exponentially & efficiently 
  • why YOUR story helps keep journalists & content creators in jobs
  • YOUR potential stories to pitch 




Of course, we talked about mistakes to avoid & why using someone’s swipe copy for pitching is a terrible idea - 

Adela also shared a few brilliant hacks to get you started landing media opportunities where you are, right now…

even if you think you’re not interesting, feel intimidated, or your ideas for story pitches are exactly ZILCH-a-rino.

While interviewing Adela, I could feel my brain sparking with ideas to pitch to content creators, media outlets, & journalists!

Give yourself a gift and listen, read, or watch our convo. Your brain won’t be able to HELP but start its gears moving!

Xo, Jen

PS: If keeping track of who you pitch is your Kryptonite, here’s a tracker I use. It’s a Google sheet - make a copy for yourself & start pitching!!!

PPS: Next week I’m sharing how to see your “I’m so boring” POV in a new light & unearth YOUR story…

(even without a from-hell-and-back journey to share!)

Be sure to read it!

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