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Are You Taking Your Audience Too Far?

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The other day, a client was telling me that she had to explain herself a lot for people to get what she actually does.

Then when she explains it, it takes a little while.

But people are finally like, "Oh, I get it!"

And I was like, "Tell me what you say to them."

It turns out the way that she describes what she does is kind of really far along the path of what her audience would be saying.

What I mean by that is where her audience is and how they describe her problem.

That isn't the words that she uses to describe what's wrong,

what the problem is, what she helps with.

She actually goes into a much more like coaching language, much more like down the journey of where her clients are or where her audience is after working with her for a while.

But when they meet her, the things that they say they want are really, really different and kind of basic.

And the difference between these two, I can't make you clearly enough understand how important it is to meet your audience where they are.

They're at the beginning of their journey.

They haven't worked with you yet.

They don't understand your jargon or the coach language that you speak.

They're probably not speaking transformation.

They're probably not searching for empowerment.

They're probably looking for some pretty basic stuff.

For example, I could say in my content like I help people cultivate their voice and find their language that they can use to speak to their audience.

But really, what people want is how can content creation be

That's the language I use in my marketing language.

In my content.

I don't talk about transformation.

I don't talk about becoming a writer.

I don't talk about, like, these more lofty things that people get by working with me.

I just meet them where they are.

And when you have an audience that you know is going to be transformed from working with you.

And the thing is, you also know they need transformation.

They need to do a lot of work before they get what they want.

But if you're using that language too early in your content, it just goes over their head.

So here's a really easy shift.

What is your audience Googling when you ask them what's wrong?

What do they say is wrong?

Like, how do they describe the problem?

And if you're not using those words in your content, then you're completely missing out on connecting with them.

So rather than using your words or the words of your industry, the jargon of your industry go back to what your audience is saying.

This is such a foundational shift that is so easy.

And we have to remind ourselves over and over again because, frankly, we know what it takes for our clients to get from step zero to step three to step six.

We know all the transformations that they're going to go through we know everything that they have to learn, but they're really not interested in learning about that journey.

They really just want to know.

Do you get me?

Do you get my content?

Do you get my problem?

Do you get what I want?

Do you have a solution for me?

So just meet them where they are at the early stages.

And don't make it harder on yourself.

Because I promise, if you are constantly having to explain what you do in a thousand different ways, then you're not using the right words.

So go back to those client interviews and listen to what your clients say when they have those discovery calls with you.

Listen to how people around you talk about their problems.

It's just you're making it harder than it has to be, I promise you.

And it can be so much easier.

And if you are really struggling with content and you just feel like it's your kryptonite, I wanted to invite you to join my Content Creator Studio Membership, because every single week we talk about this stuff, we actually get your content done together, and it just doesn't have to be so hard.

I'm all about making it easy.

It's content creation made easy. 

That's my whole thing.

I'm going to teach you exactly all the hows I'll put the link below, but I just really wanted to remind you.

Stop making it hard for people to understand how you help them.


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