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Blog Tactics That Drive Traffic To You w/ Kelly Clark, The 10 Principles

content creation made easy

Ever feel like you create something absolutely PERFECT to publish…

Then “Whoosh!” It’s gone?

Your Instagram story disappears after 24 hours…

Your TikToks get lost inside the internet…

Your emails never see the light of day once they're opened?

Imagine if your content could stick around longer, be found by people easily, and attract people, no matter what’s happening with the algorithm gods?

Ahhhh, sounds good! That’s why today on Content Creation Made Easy, we’re talking about getting more bang for your content efforts with “sticky content”.

Blogging expert Kelly Clark shares with us today the insights & secrets behind her successful blog.

You’ll learn:

how to get inspired to write

which organic tactics work best to connect with your audience

how her blog attracts her Exact Right Clients from all over the globe

what your audience is looking for in your blog content

how your blog can cross pollinate among your other content platforms

Beyond "How to write effective blogs", think: REPURPOSING, Baby!

Listen in & enjoy how a throw away comment about a ‘Hot Girl Walk’ can help make blogging much, much more fun!

Listen to Episode 183 of the Content Creation Made Easy Podcast and get MORE THAN INSPIRED to help your blog do the HEAVY lifting for you!

Check out Kelly Clark and her blog  or on Instagram @the10principles


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Full Transcript

 Jen Liddy

Welcome to this week's episode of Content Creation Made Easy. I am your host, Jen Liddy, and I have a special guest with me today who is here to talk about something that I am not hearing a lot of people talk about right now: long form content.

I'm bringing on expert Kelly Clark. Now, Kelly will tell you she's not an expert in blogging, but when you go to her blog, you're not going to believe me for saying that because her blogs are so good and they drive traffic to her all the time!

She and I are in a Mastermind together and we've become friends. So I asked her to come on the podcast and talk to you about long form content, specifically blogging.

And it's really hard to kind of maybe wrap your head around this right now because everything is short snackable TikToks and Reels and YouTube Shorts. But long form content is sticky and it has a long shelf life. So we're going to talk today, and Kelly is going to share with us her inspirations for her blog, how she does it, her tactics, and some things that you need to be thinking about to create long form content.

 Jen Liddy

Before I get into questioning Kelly, I want to tell you that Kelly is an expert in healthy eating. 

She helps people find their happy weight without dieting, without restriction, without disordered eating.

I'm telling you, I know how Kelly does her work personally. You can ask me how I know, but she is the biggest cheerleader and she just comes at you with such enthusiasm and science.

So I am so excited to have her onstage because she's an expert in her own field and she's kind of doing a crossover show today because she's talking about blogging.

Kelly, I hope I did an apt description of what you do as an expert, but I just want to say thank you for being here today!

 Kelly Clark

Well, as per usual, Jen, you nail things better than anyone else. Way better than me. Thank you so much for that beautiful introduction. I'm so excited to be here. I've had just such a privilege and honor to be in the same spaces as you this year with the Mastermind and also in your membership. So I love just being in your orbit. Thanks for having me!

 Jen Liddy

You’re already getting some of the Kelly positive, enthusiastic vibe. So, Kelly, break it down for us. Give us a little bit of your bio, how you got into your current business with what you're doing.

Kelly Clark

Perfect. Yeah. I had a really complicated relationship with food growing up. I started collecting diet rules, tips and tricks when I gained a little weight one summer and basically trying to follow those.

Only eat the white of an egg and chew your food 15 times and don't eat after 6:00. I mean, I think it would make anyone’s eating disordered. A

That just really took so much time from my life and I didn't really get the chance to figure out who I was without the disordered eating. So eventually I got healthy and I became a teacher and I love the kids.

I started to grow more confident as I finally could live without the eating disorder. And I just got to this space. I started a kid’s program. It was self-esteem building. And I thought, I'm skirting around the issue. Why is self-esteem important to me to teach?

Then I thought, I'm ready to share my story. By then, I really understood what happened. I realized there's no reason to have shame around eating disorders. So I just started & wrote a book because I was like, we make eating so complicated.

And it was actually three simple things that got me healthy and that evolved into coaching and then of course, blogging.

 Jen Liddy

Where we are today. You've already given us a little clue to what you do, but tell us more about your audience. Who do you help?

Kelly Clark

Oh, great. Yeah. So, just like my career, finding your ICA is such a winding road too.

Now I can probably say years later, I help type A women unlock their happy weight without dieting. And I can even add nuances. Like, so many of my clients have a mother or a relationship in their life with a narcissist.

Many are entrepreneurs.

There's like all these little connect-the-dot things. But yeah, for the most part, these people, they know dieting works short-term. Anyone can raise their hand and say, I did Keto, I did this. I have these amazing results.

But they're now at the point where they're so frustrated and they want something sustainable. So that's where I come in and say, “Okay, I've got this way too. It's a Happy Weight Method. It unlocks your happy weight without dieting. 

 Some of my clients, they just calorie count, but it's on their mind all day. It's interrupting their parenting and being the wife they want to be, or do the art they want to produce in the world, and so on. I know that feeling so closely and it's so raw for people and it's so disruptive of their life.

So basically with these people, with all this effort and energy that they want to put towards getting healthy, unfortunately they have the wrong information.

So I just give them a little bit of good information and they just absolutely fly. It's unbelievable. So it's just sort of like this little cars that hit a wall. You flip the car a little bit to the right. I just need a twist.

 Jen Liddy

I love that. So let's talk about then, you know, your niche, you know your messaging, you know who you're talking to. And one of the things that I always teach my clients is, let's find a home base content platform for you, that feels good, right?

So, if you are somebody who doesn't like writing, maybe blogging is not for you. But if you're somebody who knows that you're willing to put in the time and the effort and you've got everything else nailed down and your homebase content is blogging, this is going to be really helpful for you!

But I also know that you have a lot of things to share that will be helpful for people no matter where they are, where their homebase content is.

I'm just curious, why did you choose blogging for your homebase content?

Kelly Clark

Okay, great. Yeah, and I like to say if you like talking, you like blogging. Because really, that's what SEO is.

Because even SEO search engine optimization likes that conversational tone as well. So I say that too. I don't work for any blog place, so I'm just pushing this because I love it and I really have had results from it that are so exciting.

The reason I picked blogging is because you're really building on your own real estate and you don't have to worry about the algorithm changing. A lot of people have wiped their Instagram now, and they just have the six or the nine blocks and they're not sure if it's the right thing to do or blah, blah, blah. All this stuff is fun and interesting, but I just find with blogging, and I don't even need to really compare it to things.

I'm just saying blogging is a place to you have your own real estate, it won't change over time. Content is king if you're putting good content out. Like, I rank really high for a couple of things, like why does whole milk help you lose weight?

It's because I did a lot of research, it was thorough. And so now when people Google it, it comes up first, depending on the combination of words you use.

But it's basically the idea of Catcher in the Rye: people are still reading it today because it's good.

If you're putting good stuff out there, it will stay, it will come up and people can learn from it and get to know you and all that kind of thing.

I also think so many, whenever I start working with a new client, I say, “Oh, how did you find me?” And it's just so interesting. A lot of them will say, oh, that interview you did with that doctor about structured eating, or they'll say, the post about how do I stop being bulimic where you told your story.

So it's just really great to see people that are sort of up at night, upset about what's going on in their life. They want to make a change. They're dedicated. It's not just like entertainment.

They're actually sitting down, Googling, looking for results. I love working with those people, too, because they're really dedicated.

Also, I love learning and it's such a chance to keep researching.

Every time I write a blog post, I learn something new. It's something I can share with my clients when I'm working with them.

Yesterday, someone emailed me about iron and if calcium blocks iron and if you should stop drinking calcium.

I've been spending hours going to PubMed and reading all these different things, and I'm now educated on that piece to share a broad range from Harvard results to things in the 1940s, just looking at all of it.

It builds your know, like and trust because you're infusing your own personality in it. And yeah, I just think it's a really great chance to share your knowledge, share your authority, and also your personality.

I love blogging for that reason because really, there's no rules. This isn't a teacher saying you've got to have this, this, and this and your essay. You start building out your own look and feel and you get good at it and it's fun.

 Jen Liddy

Well, my next question was going to be, how does blogging fit in in a bite sized content world? But you literally just answered that question because you're talking about making yourself more of an expert every time you write a blog, and then you're also setting yourself up as more of an expert every time you write a blog.

It's got this kind of long tail in that It's searchable, because you've told me before that people will find blogs you've written years ago.

Kelly Clark

Yeah, like a lot of times people say, “Oh, I found you through the blog ‘Why does white bread help you lose weight?’”

I was like, “Oh! I forgot I wrote that blog post. It's working for you!”

These things are working for you in the background while you're sleeping on holiday, writing another blog post. It's still happening.

But also, it can be bite sized content to blogging. Like, I tend to get on a tangent and I'm excited.

Let's see another picture of my dog to get a point across in sort of a creative way. But at the end of the day, you actually can just have 300 words, three paragraphs, put a lot of bullet points in, just so it's really easy to read.

It can be really powerful in bite size, too. On that note, you can also use social media to amplify, so you can still use bite size content.

If you don't mind me sharing, I had an amazing VIP day with you, Jen, and you just showed me how to break down content you've spent time on and reuse it so that you could kind of put it out in 15 different ways and make it bite size.

So the blog allows you to get all your ideas out and then you can pick and choose and make it bite size on your other platform.

So I never thought of that before, and I just love that you shared that, and it's a way to draw more people in. Back to your blog, back to homebase, back to your real estate.

 Jen Liddy

Back to your real estate. I love that you get a lot of new clients from your blog. In fact, the other day you and I were talking, and I said, “Oh, maybe you go for a week or two without blogging.”

You were like, “Oh, no. If I don't publish new content, it really affects people coming to me.”

Can you talk about how it creates an incoming churn for you?

Kelly Clark

Yeah, it's so interesting because as soon as I put a blog post, I literally have someone buy my book or I'll get a one to one client discovery call will pop into my email.

Google loves fresh content, so it's just putting stuff out there. Even I've started doing some shorter posts about client stories, and that's allowed me to if I don't have the time to even do the newsletter to my group, which I should do to get that content out there, it's repurposed.

It's a great way to just give your blog a hit type thing. I always think if Justin Bieber starts touring, people are going to go see Sean Mendes on the same stage the night he could have been there. Right? So you want to keep putting that stuff out there.

Jen Liddy

Good stuff like that.

 Kelly Clark

I personally would rather see Taylor Swift, but.

Jen Liddy

I want to see some old guy like, I just saw Paul McCartney two weeks ago. He just turned 80, and it was up there completely rocking it out. And then in April, I saw Billy Joel. So you want to see Taylor Swift?

 Kelly Clark

Actually, no, I'm with you. Billy Joel is like, so you've got to see these people when you can, too, right? Yes. Okay.

 Jen Liddy

This is such great information from you. I hope people are already starting to feel excited because we're going to dive in even deeper about what are a couple of takeaways or A Has! that you learned over the years that have made you so successful.

I mean, you told me that people are coming in from across the world to come from your blog. That they come in, of course, because they're across the world. They're reading it at all times of the day. You're not focused on the algorithm. And is this a high time for me to post on Instagram? This is on your real estate. You're doing work you love to do, bringing people in.

Tell us, what have you learned? What are some takeaways we can learn?

Kelly Clark

Yeah, I think that organic reach is just so powerful because it's sort of like you're building this huge library that has the doors open twenty-four, seven, and the entire world can go in anytime. They don't have to take a plane or anything to get there.

I've had clients from — and I say this because I want other people to get excited — Dubai, Switzerland, new Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, the US. All over the US!

And you can do two, then you're not relying on other people that way, you're putting it out there and people will come to you because something you've said has struck a chord type thing.

So, yeah, some of the takeaways: a lot of times we want to just go into facts when we blog, but the first one I'd say is, with your facts, add a personal story. Like when I talked about whole milk, I didn't say whole milk is best and this is why, and so on. I said, for years I drank skim milk. I thought it was helping me lose weight, it's lower in fat. And then I go into but these are the reasons why.

And that way you're building that know, like and trust. You're sharing a personal story, something that maybe strikes a chord with them. So that's a big piece.

A second one is the whole sort of make yourself famous. And that's the idea that people want to know who's talking to them. I always say I blogged with my cat for years. Just his name was Scaramouche. And I was like, no one will find me this way. But you want people to find you. And I just thought, okay, they need to know who's talking to them. And just sort of it's like a friend having coffee with a friend. So not many people will have coffee with a cat.

 Jen Liddy

The cat's name was Scaramouche! So tell me, can you just do a little side detour? Why were you blogging as your cat? Because you were not ready to be visible?

Kelly Clark

Yeah, I think it was my start up. I thought I'd put it up and everyone would find it the first day and I was still finding my legs kind of thing.

And no, people won't find you for years. Actually, someone from high school just bought my book the other week and it was like the most lovely thing, reconnecting with him and so on.

I'm not really an expert in SEO or blogging, but I've had this tremendous success from just doing some very simple things, which is what I like to get across, because this is doable for everybody.

And yeah, don't blog as your cat! Blog as yourself. Have fun with it. Be proud of your work and start before you're ready. Put on something fun.

It’s evolved into costumes and all that rest. But it started with just like sitting down with a bag of milk or something like that and asking a stranger in the shop to take a photo so you can have fun with it.

People really want to know who they're having copy with type things.

Also, too, you can really have trouble with copyright with images. On my kids program, we just had a picture of a bake sale and you get all these letters and we thought it was an image we could use, and it turned out it wasn't.

So take a picture of your own running shoes. It's a lot easier than going to. And people can sell stock images, and it makes it feel like maybe the writing is cut and pasted, too. Interesting.

Jen Liddy

Yeah. So you're saying in your blog, another important piece is including visuals and including pictures of yourself and pictures of your life. Not only telling the stories in the content and the verbiage, but also the visuals, too.

Kelly Clark

Yes, definitely. And I think images really break it up. Like, you don't want these big blocks of text you want to have, and you can throw in something irrelevant or fun or if you just like, I'll put in a picture of earrings. I'm obsessed with earrings, and I'll put in a picture of earrings and say where I got them. But it kind of ties in.

So people love to see your pets or your trip or whatever is going on in your life because it helps to show, like, in my case, that you can walk away from an eating disorder and have a full life.

In your case, I love your pictures. I'm always like, oh, it's Jen. Just where you are, what you're doing, and the creative way that you'll bring walking by a beautiful painting and the way you pull it into content is really interesting.

Jen Liddy

Thank you. That was your second one. Was there a third one or did I miss the third one?

Kelly Clark

Yeah, so the first is fact and personal: add your take on it just the way you would with a friend. The second one is images: whether you do collage or photographs or photographs of yourself, just take your own.

And then the third one is being consistent. Again, it comes back to that whole who are you going to go see at the concert? So just putting stuff out regularly, as regularly as you can. And it could be a short one that week if you want to. When you think of all the big names, these people are always putting themselves out there.

Jen Liddy

Totally. So can we talk about, given all that you've learned and all that you've done over the years, have you seen a mistake that you don't make anymore or a mistake that people make in the blogging space that you can steer us away from?

 Kelly Clark

Yeah. Again, it's like you always teach Jen, what you think everybody knows is actually very simple things that can make a huge difference.

So for me, sometimes it's go back and cut that first paragraph. And I know my partner, Alex, he wanted to fix the zipper, and he went to watch a YouTube video and the guy talked about his fish tank for five minutes.

It took so long to get to the content, so just dive in a little sooner!

It's also better for SEO because you want to have your keywords up early in your blog post. So that's what matters. You don't want to pack it out at the end with your keywords. You want to get your keywords up at the front multiple times.

Just diving in another one would be I said earlier, but that block of text: do a bullet point. Sometimes I center things or bold things.

I think some people call them a speed bump. It just helps people slow down a bit, read and connect and not be overwhelmed. If I see a big block, I'm like onto the next thing, kind of not doing it.

And then a third one is just being conversational.

Something I said to you, but just making that if you're going to write, just adding little words.

Just something you'd say to a friend and it makes it sort of fun. And people do feel like you're speaking to them. When I have Discovery Calls, people, they have that know, like, and trust from the conversational bit, and they will ask about “How's your dog? How is Alex?” Because they know you through your storytelling and so on.

But it's also they'll say, “Oh, when I read your post, I can hear your voice in my head!”, because I don't write like a robot. I write the way I'm talking now.

 Jen Liddy

I find that inside the Content Creator’s Studio, a lot of people struggle with what you just said, which is they grew up going to school and everything had to be a certain way, and you were rewarded for complex sentences and beautiful sentences, and everything was in a paragraph form.

Then maybe you went from high school and college to university, like grad school, or maybe a PhD. And then you got maybe a job in industry, and especially as teachers. There's no messing around, there's no fooling around. It's serious, right? You are showing up as a professional, and there's like, very specific ideas about what it means to be professional.

Then you get into marketing and you're like, “OH! None of that works in marketing!”

Kelly Clark

Yeah, I love it. You almost have to write your own rule book. I have certain ways. As long as you're consistent, you can do whatever you want. That's my rule.

 Jen Liddy

That's so true.

Kelly Clark

If you always start the first letter lowercase after your bullets, just be consistent. And then it's your style, it's the way you do it. And don't overthink it and just start your own rulebook. Yeah.

Jen Liddy

And there's no one coming at you with their red pen anymore. You have to figure that out yourself with your style.

I'm really glad that you have pointed that out because we have that rulebook that we've been carrying around for so many years.

It’s kind of like what you do with eating is kind of like what I do with word: there's guidelines and we make it work for you, but there's no one strong, fast way that you have to do it 100% of the time.

 Kelly Clark

I love that. Yeah, that's so great. You find out what works with you and be consistent, then people know it's like reliable. Oh, that's so great.

 Jen Liddy

I mean your whole platform is the consistency piece. And once you teach people the Gold Standard of eating, then they get consistent and you are also showing up with that in your blogging. And I just want to say, like, you're just walking the walk, Kelly.

Kelly Clark

That's so kind of you to say because I'm usually like, publish and then I'm like, I always want to like Instagram pushing publish because it's such a finish line and it's so rewarding because it's putting out something that is personal and you really want to reach people that need to read about it.

 Jen Liddy

One of the things about blogging when you talk about it is your infectious enthusiasm for it. Can you tell us a little bit about your process? I know that there's a lot of research that you do and you enjoy the research, but beyond that, tell us what kind of joy that goes into it and what kind of joy you get out of it.

Kelly Clark

Yeah, I just find content is everywhere. I'm actually overwhelmed by I want to stay up all night and keep writing because it's so fun.

Like last week with one of my clients, I said “Okay, so what exercise are you going to do this week?” And she's a law student in New Zealand and she's like, “I'm going to do the hot girl walk.”

I was like, “Tell me more!  Qu’est-ce que c’est?” 

It was so fun to hear her say, “Well, when you go on this walk, you can't help think about any boy drama. You have to think about all the things you're grateful in your life and it was just this beautiful list.”

It's so true. Like, when you go for a walk, like, where your attention goes, your energy flows. So the idea of going out on a walk and complaining about everything in your life…I can sometimes end up doing just with the switch and think about those amazing things you have in your life. 

Then I thought, this would make a great blog post. This would be so fun. And my dream of a hot girl walk is one of my dogs is in a wheelchair and we just adopted a little girl from Texas and I just thought….

“Okay. I've got a ton of friends who have all these dogs that are blind or just adopted and that kind of thing.”

So I'm just going to do a whole blog on it. It's such a fun way to connect with people and put it out there and also people now will be inspired to go on that hot girl walk and put that time in, think of those things they're grateful for.

But just doing it in a fun way by showing a little piece of yourself!

Rocky is 16 and this is something going on in our life right now. I think the joy comes from finding the things that make you you. Again, this comes back to what you teach, Jen, with content is like putting your personal spin on it.

Everything has been taught a million times. You're going to teach it your way through your vision. So someone else's hot girl walk might be stilettos.

 Jen Liddy

It's definitely not mine, but I like the idea of a hot girl walk where you're not thinking about anything else except how confident you are!

Your joy for blogging is infectious. And when you were talking at the beginning of this piece about you want to stay up late writing and content is everywhere, I feel that way too, about content, like, I see everything in terms of content.

It's kind of like almost like a I don't want to say like a sickness, but it's definitely like I have a pair of glasses on and everything I see is like, that could be content, that could be content.

I know there are people listening who struggle with that also because they're like, “Everything is content. And I have a bajillion ideas.”

Those are like what I call the waterfall content creators. And then, of course, there are the Empty Well people who are like, “I don't know what to say, I don't know what to talk about.”

Both of them have something to learn: the Empty Well People have to learn how to kind of tease out the lesson or the story and how their audience might be, but it's totally learnable.

But for the Waterfall people, their struggle is they feel bombarded by their ideas.

When you have all these ideas swirling, can you just tell us a teensy bit about how you manage that information or those ideas or your time when you're coming to blogging?

 Kelly Clark

Yeah, that's a great question. I think it comes down to basically picking sort of a light outline before you start so you know what your goal is.

Because I know myself and I don't do that, I can just keep going and link to other things and everything's cross involved. I'm swirling my hands around for audio, but yeah, so just reining it in a bit with beginning, middle end and knowing where you're headed.

And then I think it's also with that content, the more you write, the more blog posts you have to link back to to create that spider web on your site.

If I mentioned milk now, I don't need to go into why. Whole milk is better than skim. I can just link right back to my blog post. It's already ranking well. And if someone wants to investigate more, that's the invitation. If they don't want to, they don't have to. But it's also about I'll do a really serious blog post about milk. I keep talking about milk, but a serious blog post about blaming or something like that. But then I'll mix it with a lighter one, like, the hot girl walks.

So it's not just light all the time. But you want to think about, like, if your end goal is to help people, who is that person you want to help? What are they thinking at night? What are they scratching their heads? So you can kind of get your list of blogs you want to write and then prioritize them.

For example, I'll do a blog post about this interview because I think it is such a wonderful opportunity to be able to talk with you today and be part of your community. So that's a nice way, too.

That's the kind of gives you some authority, blog posts.

Then you want to write an information blog post.

Then you want to do the fun blog posts. So it's just keeping it sort of you might want to have a list of break them up into those categories and then just pick from different ones all the time.

I mean, what about you? How do you do that with your blog.

 Jen Liddy

Well, the way that I do, I wish that I had an entire list of all the blogs I've ever written, because one of the things I'm terrible at is linking back to a previous blog I've written.

So everything's just kind of hanging out. They're like tinsel on a Christmas tree. It's not integrated.

You've got my brain going like, okay, how can I get my VA to interweave these for me together?

But the way that I operate is I work on a monthly theme usually. So, okay, this month we're talking about waterfall creators, and then like, four different pieces about being a waterfall creator, and then maybe next month I'll do something about being an empty well creator. That's how my brain works.

But that's because I used to be a teacher, and when I was an English teacher, I think thematically, but it's a way for me to chunk down.

I use an umbrella of a big idea, and then I chunk it down after that. But you really got me inspired to think about how I can start to cross pollinate my blogs, and if I had a way of, like, oh, maybe just like a spreadsheet that was searchable with titles and stuff like that, that would be really helpful for me.

So I'm hoping that the people, if you are listening and you're like, this is good stuff.

This is the kind of stuff that really can get you some traction in your business. And I want to just point out the stickiness, which I've said several times today, because I feel like people will spend a lot of time doing something like an Instagram story that literally disappears after 24 hours.

And where is the return on your investment? And if you're getting people because of your Instagram stories, that's one thing.

If you could use this amazing tool on your own real estate, how can that help? You want people to start thinking about that?

Kelly Clark

Yes, I love that and I just want to go back for 1 second. I was going to say, you know when you were thinking about spider web in your blogging cross pollination: I updated my website probably five years ago, but I started at the very beginning and my writing has completely changed and I just spent about five minutes to post. I did one or two a day and I just added a little bit and then I was like, “Oh, I have written a post about XYZ now, so I think back to it or whatever”, or that kind of thing. 

I just spent five minutes and don't underestimate I'm a list maker too, but really it's all up here in our brains, so it just refreshes it to link it across and then it also so good for SEO because you're breathing new life into those old posts, so it reminds you that kind of thing. So just going back and just doing one a day yourself and just linking to things, and you'll just be like, oh, there's now too many links, I need to step on the brakes because it would be so successful.

Trust me, I know.

 Jen Liddy

For, okay, I'm inspired. I'm feeling inspired.

 Kelly Clark

And then sorry, what was your second question or the last thing you said? It was about Instagram, spending an hour on it.

And I do that, too. Sometimes they're like, oh my gosh, this short Instagram post took an hour. And in reality, it's like sometimes they actually inspire you. Like, oh, this could be a blog post. But yeah, take that content and just slap it on your blog post. Add some H4 headlines.

You want to add the keywords every few sentences, just giving it a title, and that really helps with your SEO as well, and just repurpose that information.

You said it's a launchpad to write a blog post and yeah, because as you said, it's going to be there in five years, ten years and so on. Whereas that story is going to come and go and it takes time, right? All the editing and all the rest. So, yeah, I would definitely give it a go.

For me, something that's really helped me is saying I can feel overwhelmed when I'm finished a post. Like, how will I write one like that again? Or that kind of thing, or just like, you put so much love into it and you're like, okay, how am I going to write about a balanced dinner or whatever?

And I think the idea is just give yourself that baby step set on alarm for five minutes and say, I'm just doing five minutes today to get started, and you'll start building that blogging muscle.

So don't be like, I'm causing the whole day to blog. Just give yourself five minutes. Yes. And you'll be blown away how quick it goes and how much fun you're having, and you'll probably do more. But just remember, you're an expert.

 Jen Liddy

You're an expert in whatever you're talking about. And one of the things you and I have talked about is Kelly's expertise. When you go look at Kelly's blogs, they're very deep, they're very well done, they're very polished, and that can be like you might compare yourself, but she's done the research.

300 words is a totally viable blog post and it's a great place to get started. And then you can add to it, and you can add to it and you can add to it. So don't feel like you have to jump in with 1000 words or 3000 words or even 600 words. Just start with something small and searchable that are going to serve your people.

 Kelly Clark

Yeah, with the max on Instagram, it's quite a lot of words, isn't it?

Jen Liddy

It is, but I don't know what it is.

Kelly Clark

It must be three or 400, but you could copy that pasted and just make that blog post start small.

I think it's always important to start small and you'll start to get your own look and feel. You'll start to get know what kind of feels fun and it will just evolve everything in life. I'm trying to think of another analogy in life.

Like, Elon Musk didn't say I'm going to go to Mars, but it was an evolution of him starting with cars and different things like that and building up. So start where you are.

Jen Liddy

Stop expecting everything of yourself. Yeah.

Kelly Clark

And build slowly and have fun. And you'll be surprised where it takes you.

 Jen Liddy

Kelly, how can people get into your orbit?

Kelly Clark

Thank you so much for asking. And yeah, I think the best way is probably just coming to my website. It's the

All over the side and also at the end of every blog post, I just have a one day meal plan and it's like a surprising amount of food that you can eat at every meal and still unlock your happy weight.

I love to share that piece with people as just a way for them to get a sense of I don't have to restrict, I don't have to skip meals, I don't have to go somewhere with my own Tupperware of my own food.

So it's just like super normal stuff you can buy on the way home, even already prepped. So, yeah, that would be awesome!

Jen Liddy

I'll link to that in the Notes, and then at that website they can find your blog. Of course, yes. And then are you on Instagram?

Kelly Clark

Yep, I'm on Instagram. @thetenprinciples. So yeah, in Twitter, but I'm not on there very often. But @thetenprinciples is the best way to find me. But if you google Kelly Clark and Happy weight, it will probably come up too. And one last thing I really suggest is to get the Yoast plugin.

Jen Liddy

You use WordPress, right?

Kelly Clark

Yeah, right. So there's other plugins for other things, but sorry, I'm just like, oh, that's okay.

 Jen Liddy

But Kelly uses WordPress for her blog, so if you use WordPress, she highly recommends Yoast. But I actually did a search and there's other SEO plugins for other websites. So you have found that to be incredibly helpful with your SEO, right?

 Kelly Clark

Yeah, it helps me structure my writing and everything. Like, my background isn't writing, so you don't need to be a writer to be a blogger.

Jen Liddy

Kelly, thank you so much for everything today. Your information, your enthusiasm, your encouragement.

I really hope people go check you out not only for your blogs, but also for the information that you share, because I know that you're anti-dieting and anti-restriction on, and you really want to help women get to a happy place with their relationship with food.

And I know that you've personally helped me a lot. So I just want to say thanks on all the fronts.

Kelly Clark

Well, thanks, Jen. I've just had so much fun. I was in your membership last week and I was like, wow, this is a dynamic group of women who are architects.

Like, just such a broad range of skills, and it was just so many everyone's popping and excited, and it was such a fun community to be in. I really appreciate this chance to speak with you today. So thank you.

 Jen Liddy

Actually, I'm going to say if you want access to guest experts, because Kelly went way deeper in our group, she is a guest expert, and that training is in there. And if you're looking for that kind of really deep engagement, that deep learning, that's where we're doing it over at the studio.

I appreciate you being on the podcast and I appreciate all that you shared inside the membership site. Thanks, Kelly. It's the mutual admiration club today, but go check out Kelly at

Kelly Clark


 Jen Liddy

Bye. See you guys next week. Bye.


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