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Coming to Terms with How to Do Short Form Content

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“Give yourself permission to suck at something new.”

This golden nugget came from a great boss of mine in 2009, & I use it weekly.

Aaaaaand - not gonna lie: while giving myself “permission to suck” - DOING something new is really freakin’ hard

Right now, that’s learning how to do short-form content.

I’m talkin’ Reels, TikToks, & YouTube Shorts.

I love consuming these bite-sized snackables so much that I had to remove TikTok from my phone for a year because of my utter addiction to it.

The creators on these platforms are massively clever, funny, & crafty!

How do they DO it? 
How much TIME does it take!?
Sheesh -  the editing and scripts & costumes and and and…OY VEY.

Making my own? Ugh. I was SUPER intimidated. 

I’m not a performer. I’m not crafty. 

Fer sher, I’m not gonna put on costumes & dance & lip sync.

That’s not my style. 

Well, except that time in 1978 as a Macy’s elf in a local stage production of Miracle on 34th Street at the Babylon Methodist church! 😂

^^But I’m not that cute anymore. 

So, I had to figure out how to do it MY WAY - but ugggg it’s painful to watch your own first chapters of learning something new, 

especially when comparing myself to creators who are killin’ it!

In creating your OWN content, have you ever felt: 

Too far behind?
Like it’s too complicated?
You don’t know HOW?
You don’t have TIME?

‘Cuz that’s how I’ve felt learning this stuff.

So I invited an expert nailing this format onto the Content Creation Made Easy podcast to talk about the “short form” approach to creating content.

Nika Stewart’s a well-established marketing expert who’s created a new viral video strategy that’s knocking her content out of the park!

In our chat, we explore how to make this form of content work in a way that feels good for YOU.  

I WILL NOT LIE:  You might feel, “Oh, God. Not another friggin’ thing to DO”.

I FEEL YOU. So very much. 

I’ve raged against short-form content since its inception…

But if I’m gonna call myself a Content Creation Specialist, I need to learn & try new stuff…

In a way that works for ME - (No dancing. No lip synching. No productions.)

How can I ask YOU do to new, hard shit if I’m not doing it myself?

HINT: use short form video IN PLACE of other content

Instead of in ADDITION to everything else!

Check out Episode 162: REEL easy short-form content - without dancing or lip synching! 

(Did you know you can read, watch, or listen to my podcasts, depending on how you like to consume information?)


ANYHOO: If you’re feeling VULNERABLE putting yourself out there, give it a listen. Nika & I talk about how to…

  • use strategies & tactics & systems that feel work for YOU
  • make time for it
  • be gentle with yourself along the way

And MOST IMPORTANTLY: not feel performative or bullshitty. You still get to be YOU, no matter what kind of content you’re using! 

What’s your take on short form content? Are you using it & loving it? Have a hack you want to share?


Xo, Jen

PS: Follow Nika on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube. She’s entertaining & incredibly generous with value! 

Grab her Viral Video Intensive*- I’ve done this program & learned EVERYTHING I needed from Nika!  

PPS: Are we friends on Instagram? I’m experimenting with REELS every day, so if you want to see this nonsense unfurl in real time, let’s connect there

*That’s an affiliate link - I only share programs I’ve tried personally, and I recommend Nika’s Viral Video Intensive if you want to learn this stuff!

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