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Do this BEFORE your next launch - a pre-launch marketing strategy that feels good 

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 It’s 2014, and I’m the co-owner of a fitness studio, where clients are asking for branded tank tops - like NOW! 

My best friend & business partner Leslie & I take 2 different paths to serve them - 

I go online & order tank tops with our logo on them. DONE.

She goes to a local t-shirt company, feels all the fabrics in real life, examines the varied fits, gets feedback from clients, and takes weeks to make sure they’re Just Right. 

Hers?  Gorgeous. Great fit, delicious feel. SUPER CUTE> 

Mine? Meh. They were fine. 

But both versions sold out. 

(True Story - we got into a huuuuge fight over this whole thing!)

Which way was better? Which way was right? 


There’s no one right way to make decisions, (though, if pressed, I’ll argue my way is the RIGHT way! Bwaaahahahaha! ;)  

Who in your life makes decisions that cause you to pull out your hair & think, “But WHYYYYYY? Howwwww? What’s going Onnnnnnn?” 

A name came to your mind easily, right?

Same’s true for everyone in your audience - Nobody makes decisions like you!

Whether your people find you on YouTube, a podcast, email list, blog, LinkedIn, Pinterest, socials - 

they make decisions in a way you can’t fathom or predict - especially because our audiences are incredibly smart, savvy, & sophisticated.  

That’s why, when we’re launching, selling, or promoting, we can no longer do the ol’ 1.2.3:

  1. Put out some content 
  2. Open the cart
  3. 💥 Boom 💥 Shaka Laka make some moolah. 💰

Your audience is full of varied types of thinkers, each making decisions to take action in V.E.R.Y. different ways: 

You’ve got Thinkers. Impulse Buyers. Questioners. Quick Decision Makers. Mulling-it-Over-ers. Doubters. Connectors. Non-Believers. 

The Yes, Nows!
The Maybes. 
The Hard Nos.

The I’ll Do It Later-ers or I’ll Do It Next Timers. 

Don’t forget the “I Forgot-ers”.

None are wrong. Each person makes decisions based on his, her, or their personality & thinking style.

The best thing we can do is respect their way of making decisions in our content & create what’s called a Pre-Launch marketing strategy - 

This gives the humans in your audience time to process, decide, & act in a way that it feels good for them to convert to clients… 

How do you do this?

  1. Give yourself time to promote something. Opening a cart & closing it a few days later doesn’t work the way it used to.
  2. Understand your audience doesn’t quite trust you OR THEMSELVES. Your job? Relate to them. Nurture them. Help them understand the results you promise are available for them, even if they are doubtful in themselves.
  3. Use stories to connect & speak to objections rather than a 24/7 commercial for the thing you’re launching.

In this Content Creation Made Easy episode, strategic copywriter & launch expert Brenna McGowan unpacks the nuances of setting up an effective pre-launch runway so you can:


  • meet your audience where they are & move them to a place where they’re able to buy from you
  • create a realistic processing time for your audience 
  • use non-bullshitty urgency & scarcity to remind the slower-to-decide folks. 


Brenna & I wring the hell outta everything Pre-Launch in our conversation, so check it out!

In the spirit of respecting my audience, I always provide a way to READ

WATCH, or LISTEN to my content - 

Choose based on YOUR preferences!

Xo, Jen

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