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You know how it gets weird when your friend misses your birthday…

starting with the OMG I missed your birthday 😱 text…

then shame creepin’ in with I’m SO SORRY!!! I’m such a horrible friend!

You: “No no no - don’t worry! I had a great day

Cue the influx of WHYs: flat tire, sick kid, needy parent, snow day… 

It was YOUR birthday & now YOU’ve gotta make THEM feel better about missing it!

Awww, don’t feel bad. You’re fine. Sorry you had such a shitty day.”

Wouldn’t it be great to hear, “Happy belated birthday! I hope you got all the love & attention you deserve!”

But now it’s turned into a whole THING about them. GAH!!

These little things are SO annoying, right?!

Content marketing is like this because…SO MANY LITTLE THINGS

  • Ideas - either TONS swarm your brain or tumbleweeds blow through as you stare at an empty page
  • Endless platforms - instafaceblog googlinkedpin youtikreels podvidmail 
  • Tasks: lead generation, engagement, sales, offers, pricing, etc etc etc …
  • Strategies: Social media? Media relations? Relationship referrals? Affiliate marketing? 



Ack. I’m dead. And if I’m not, just kill me now.
I know. I feel it too, my friend.

But, you’re here for content creation made easier, so you need this message: ⤵️

YOU CANNOT DO IT ALL, and you don’t need to!

You can’t possibly be everywhere, doing everything. 

Please stop expecting that of yourself. 

I know it *LOOKS* like everyone else IS doing it all - but they have a multi-tentacled TEAM. 🐙

They’re also not trying to serve everybody, everywhere.

How can creating content be EASIER? 

  1. Your birthday’s about you, but your CONTENT is about THEM - your audience. Want to get more traction with an audience who LOVES you?

Use the exact words your people use to describe the problems they have & the solutions they want. 

***Are you doing that in your content? Everywhere? In suuuuuuper clear ways? 

(Or might you still be using vague terms, too-broad ideas, and jargony phrases that are meaningless to them?)

2. Take those words & grab their attention. SHOW THEM with STAND-OUT MESSAGING and put that message everywhere.

Less this ⤵️

MORE this ⤵️

CREATE messaging your audience gets - so they can hire you & share you with friends who need you.

And when I say everywhere, I mean it - not just the meat of your posts, emails, videos, and podcasts. 

I mean - 

  • Your Instagram bio should set you apart & clarify who you help - and why it matters to them!
  • Your LinkedIn profile needs to set off some lightbulbs when your audience reads it.
  • Every email should be speaking to your audience’s problems & questions - and setting them up to believe the solution is possible for them!

In THEIR language! (Are you doing this?)

No need to be perfectionistic about it - play around & experiment!

You find your way once you get going - not mulling it over forever in your head.

Would it be easier for you to create consistently if you had

  • accountability…
  • implementation time? 
  • feedback & guidance…

Yes, I thought so. This is why you want to join the Content Creator’s Studio during our January launch! 

The whole program is set up for action, implementation, and consistency - with EASE & SUSTAINABILITY.

It’s the content membership for people who are sick of “death by a thousand cuts” content creation.

You’re invited to join us & have a content coach in your back pocket!

You’re just in time for Content Planning Week: did you know that every month we plan your content for next month together .

Could you use this level of support for your content? Come on over!

Doors close January 31st & aren’t open again until Spring ’22!

Xo, Jen

PS: In case you ever forget a friend’s birthday, you’re allowed to not feel bad & simply say, “Happy belated birthday!! I hope it was amazing & you had a great day.”

One less thing to fret about!!

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