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Go From a MEH Message to a YEAH Message

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Do you feel invisible - like putting content out isn't even worth it?

And...when someone asks you, "What do you do?" - do you stutter OR have a five-minute explanation?

If feel like you're so generic that you're lost in the ocean of a million other YOUs...

Then your brand message is too MEH!

How do you go from MEH to YEAH!!! Messaging?

That's what we're talkin' about today on Content Creation Made Easy:

CRYSTALLIZING your brand message so you stop blending into the wall & being ignored by your audience!

You'll even hear examples of how to go from MEH to KICK ASS, STAND OUT MESSAGES!

Use them to help YOU craft a STAND OUT, "YEAH!!!" Brand Message that makes your audience opens their eyes to finally SEE you...

No more vanilla messaging, my friend!


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Full Transcript

Hi. Welcome to Episode 153 of Content Creation Made Easy.  This podcast is all about strategies and thoughts to get you into a place where content creation feels simple and fun and easy so that you do it consistently. 

Today we are talking about how to go from so-so messaging to stand-out messaging.

And I want you to be able to easily answer the question., it's kind of a dreaded question…

What do you do? 

So you've been in these situations before where you’ve maybe been at a networking event or a meeting or a convention (back in the olden days), or you've even just met somebody in the grocery store or at the doctor's office and they're like, “What are you doing now?” And there are basically two things that happen to people in this moment. 

The first one is - I'm going to go on for five minutes and I'm going to explain to you all the things that I do, and I'm going to go very deep and I'm going to be technical and I'm going to explain lots of things that you don't understand. 

And if you're really paying attention, you've noticed the person across from you, their eyes glazed over and they stopped listening about four and a half minutes ago. So that's the first thing that happens when people say, “What do you do?” 

The second thing, the second group of people, they just go straight to the facts, ma'am.

They just say- Oh, I'm a financial analyst. I'm a life coach. I sell organic dog treats. 

And the problem with that kind of messaging, is it doesn't invite curiosity or questions or engagement of any sort. 

What we want is for your brand message to make you stand apart because there's a lot of other you out there in the ocean.

How do you stand apart from them? 

I know a lot of “yous” right? We want to see now what makes you special. So when somebody asks you “What do you do?” your brand message has to be tight.

Why does this happen? Why is this so hard? 

Well, first of all, as an expert, you're kind of mired down and doing your thing every day. It's not like you're always examining, like, “What makes me so special? How can I be different?”

But we have to do that in order for your content to land with people. 

So I know that doing this work is a pain for you, and it's a little bit maddening, but what happens is when we don't do this work, we end up with a lot of what I call “MEH Messaing” things like this–

You go to a website and it says “It's time to create the life you deserve.” 

  • What does that even mean?
  • What do you do? 
  • Who do you help? 
  • Am I in the right place?
  • Are you the person to help me? 

I don't know.

So if you have really vague brand messaging, that's a problem. 

Another problem is things that people don't know what they are. I mean, when I say to my dad, “I'm a content creation specialist,” he's like, “Yeah, I don't know what that is and what that does.” 

So, messaging makes us blend into the wall where we become invisible and our potential clients scroll right by us, right? 

They don't open the emails if it's not clear why they should.

They don't listen to our podcasts. 

And what happens when we have too much MEH messaging beyond people ignoring us, content marketing starts to feel like a huge waste of time, which it already might for you. And then we consider, like– 

Maybe I'm not cut out for this. Maybe I should go back to my job and just never have to market myself again.

And I know that the reason you left that job and that you created this business is–

    • to create your own financial freedom
    • creativity
    • the time freedom

 All of those things, right? So messaging is really keeping you from connecting with your people and growing your business. So I want you to understand that your job #1 is to stand out in the market space. You have to stand out right from the start.

Because if your audience doesn't know three things – what you do, who you help, and why they should care – then you might as well be opening up the window and yelling out the window every day.

Consider yourself invisible, if that’s the case.

Messaging is a chronic problem. Here's the other thing I want you to know. This is not just for newbies. I work with people who have been in their business for 25, 30 years, and they're still struggling with their message.

And today I want to share with you, a huge “a-ha!” a client had last week. 

So inside the Content Creator Studio membership, we are 100% focused on your messaging this month. And this client, I've worked with her before, privately. She's in my group now, and her message is–

I help women make friends with food.

That has been her message for a long time. It's some iteration of that. She is an intuitive eating coach. She helps people get rid of their dieting and stop fighting with food. All of those are great things.

But if you don't know who she is and what she does, “I help women make friends with food” is not a message that kind of lands with people. Because if you went to her profile or her website and you saw that basically, her Instagram profile said, “I help women make friends with food,” I don't know what that means. 


  • Does that mean you help me create recipes?
  • Does it mean you help me batch cook?
  • Does it mean you helped me learn how to eat keto?

 I don't know what that means. 

And so the messaging just was never it never landed for her. And she was really frustrated with her messaging.

But the big thing is when you have a message that's kind of meh, or so-so your audience doesn't stick around long enough to ask because there are a bajillion other people out there that are vying for their attention.

  • Will your audience stick around to figure out what your messaging is? 
  • Does your messaging land with your audience? 
  • And do you speak to those issues? 
  • What are you doing? 
  • Who are you helping?
  • What's the pain that you solve? 
  • What's the solution you helped get? 

And this is the big one. 

Why does it matter? 

So let's talk about that.

Our audience is always wondering whatever we put in front of them, what's in this for me? That's just how humans are. 

What's in this for me? 

They're really not interested in us. 
They're interested in how we can help them and what we can do for them.
It's just human nature. 

So your message is the first stop on them deciding whether you are that person or not. This is why you need to stand out message. 

So after last week's training inside the Content Creator Studio, my client Teddy went from “I help women make friends with food,” to this message– 

I help veteran dieters retire from their lifelong battle so they can enjoy eating and feel great in their bodies.

Right now, that is a message with some clarity. That is–

  • I know who she is speaking to. 
  • I know the results that she helps people get. 
  • I know the problem that she helps themself, 
  • I know why it matters to them. 
  • I get the “so what” factor.

The so what factor is so that you can enjoy eating again and feel great in your body right now. Those are two huge so what's for her people, right? They're really tired of dieting.

If in your messaging, you are ignoring those elements, especially the “so what” element, you probably have a murky message. And if you have a murky message, I know that this is not something you want to hear, but you need to go back and clean it up.

Because once you have the clarity of your messaging, attracting clients becomes so much easier. 

Creating consistent content so much easier.

Cutting through the distractions so people can pay attention to you, so much easier. 

So stand-out messaging is the thing that I really want you to focus on right now is your audience sitting up and taking notice.

 And that is why all month in the content creator studio, that's what we are focused on.

And I wanted to just share with you, it doesn't matter whether you are on TikTok or you have a podcast or you send emails or you like Facebook or you prefer LinkedIn. It doesn't matter what content platforms you prefer. 

If your message is not clear, you're missing out on connecting with your audience, and that's how people will buy from you.

It's relationships. It's not do you have the flashiest sales page? It's are you connecting with people? 

And inside the Content Creator Studio, every week there are three opportunities to connect with me and with the other people to help you get clear on your messaging, on your messaging, on your content, and on your marketing. 

And on Mondays, we have an implementation club where we for 60 minutes, just get some work done.

On Wednesday afternoons, we have a live training where I'm going to answer questions and give you some feedback and train you. 

And then on Fridays, I always give recorded feedback so you can really see the befores and afters. 

And speaking of befores and afters, I don't want you to think that I have not done this work. 

My messaging was very meh. I used to say “I work with women entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses.”

Now that is so vanilla. It is so generic. 

  • And what the hell does it mean? 
  • How do I help them grow their business? 
  • Am I a financial expert?
  • Do I help them with their accounting? 
  • Am I a Pinterest person? 
  • Am I doing Facebook ads? 
  • How am I helping them grow their business? 

It was very vague.

So I had my who, which was the women entrepreneurs, but I didn't really speak to the pain point. 

Grow your business? Yeah, that's kind of alluding to a pain point. I didn't really talk about a clear solution because I just said, who want to grow their business.

That's not clear enough. And I had no “so what” factor in there! 

Nobody could tell anything from that. But I thought it was awesome. I'm going to tell you I'm not lying. I thought it was pretty awesome. 

But here's my standout message now, and I'm always working on it. I'm always tweaking it. 

I show personal brands and entrepreneurs how to end their content creation chaos and market themselves simply and easily.

Why? Because that's what people want. Simple, easy marketing that works. End the chaos! 

So for you in your messaging, all I'm asking for you to do this month is really take a look at your messaging.

Is it kind of meh? Is it murky? Is it messy? 

Do you need to clean it up? Do you need a stand-out message?

If you need support with that, then the Content Creator Studio is the perfect place for you. You're going to not be invisible. You're going to be seen. And I am going to help you figure out what it is you need to say to connect with your audience. 

You can join over there. It's a monthly membership that you can quit anytime. It's and we are taking new members and you get a one on one onboarding call with me. 

And it's really a wonderful community of people who are making shit happen inside their marketing.

So I hope that I hope this message has been helpful for you about your messaging, because you deserve a message that makes your audience sit up and take note. 

I will see you next week when I have a really exciting guest who's speaking about creating regular content for our programs, like inside our courses, inside our memberships, so that you don't get kind of caught like a deer in the headlights. 

And I'm excited to share her with you next week. I will see you then, as always. 

Thank you for joining me.

And if you could leave a review, I would be so grateful because I really want to impact so many more people this year in terms of getting their content and messaging out into the world.


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