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 Shaneice was very specific about what’s wrong in her content creation life:

In an on-air coaching call, I asked her, What's driving you bonkers with your content?

She said, Well

  1. I can’t articulate what it is that I do concisely that also makes my audience excited
  2. My ideas are all over the place - I have no idea how to chunk them down into bite sizes.
  3. I don't know where to zone in because I don't have my message clear.

BOOM - since she knows exactly what’s causing her trouble - now we can fix it! 

Which is exactly what we did on this episode of the Content Creation Made Easy podcast - 

Once a month, I invite a Content Creation Studio member in for a personalized coaching session to solve a problem driving them bananas 🍌 in their content marketing, messaging, & copy!

Up this month: Shaneice Jones, relationship & love coach!

Shaneice has been suuuuper dedicated in the Studio, working on her clearing up her messaging –

which was too broad, fuzzy, & vague to do any marketing heavy lifting for her!

I invited her to dive in so we could reveal the essence of what she does & who she wants to speak to…

Because having a crystallized messaging will make generating content far EASIER!

 We coach through this on Episode 155, “Articulate your message so your audience loves it”, a live coaching session.

She works out…

  • The right words to use for her audience: “struggle love” vs. “eff boi” vs. “low quality man”?
  • Why speaking to her laser-focused audience - specifically, Black women looking to end toxic relationships - is a lane she needs to step into strongly
  • How to paint a picture of what love without drama looks like - no more swipe right, paying for your own damn dates, or putting up with men who can’t carry on a conversation!

Click below to watch our convo ⤵️

**Do you have the exact right words to speak to your laser-focused audience…and be HEARD

^^This is a huge part of how you make content marketing work.

Hearing Shaneice get coached is an incredible opportunity to be a fly on the wall to shift YOUR message so you feel ease talking to your audience!

 You’ll hear her come out the other side of our convo with a clarity that brought RELIEF & excitement!

 “My brain’s going! I’ve been getting more clarity over the past several weeks. But yeah, NOW? I'm excited!”

Continuing to speak to everyone in a demographic (or even a psychographic) will continue your content creation battle.

Instead, crystallize your audience set. 

Listen to how it’s done.
Watch how you get there.
Read all about it here. 

(Did you know all my podcast episodes are transcribed & turned into videos - get the info how you LIKE the info!!)

Shaneice totally transforms her audience set & feels energized by the content suddenly ping-ponging around her mind…

Struggle & effort before…clarity & ease NOW!

No more getting on Instagram & saying a little bit of this over here - and doing a Reel & saying a little bit of that over there…

(while no one’s hearing a damn thing you say anywhere, anyway).

No more ignoring her email list because “I just don’t know what to say…”

This clarity lets us now move into creating a lead magnet that WORKS for her SPECIFIC AUDIENCE…so she can continue to grow her business & audience!

When you have a clear message, 

  • fb ADS work better.
  • Subject lines are better!
  • Email open rates shoot up ↗️.
  • Planning out video & audio content is bing, bam, boom - DONE because the confusion is gone!

Thiiiiiissssss is what YOU want - and if it’s been hard, then…

Listen in to harness the power of your ideas & turn ‘em into content gold that resonates with your exact right audience…

so they can become clients you can help & serve in your business!

Xo, Jen

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