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How Do You Marketing To Your Ideal Client?

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My sister has a superpower she gives away for FREE:

helping high schoolers get into their dream college!

(It’s a favor she does for neighbors & friends. Fingers crossed she’ll do it for my kiddo in 3 years!)

I constantly tell her, “Tracey! This is a BUSINESS waiting to be born!”

So, we dreamed & schemed about a business partnership, but…

The fun quickly evaporated after realizing how much I’d need to learn to know her audience of ideal clients deeply enough to do a good job

 And she’s got a double ideal client audience: teens & parents!

I thought, “Wait. I’ve spent years learning what my Content Creation audience needs. I don’t want to start over.

Could I? YES, 100%.

But I don’t wanna - it took a LOT of TIME, focus, & energy to get to the point where I can rattle off:

  • how to describe my ideal client avatar / audience - so they see themselves easily 
  • how my ICA discusses their struggles - so they can connect with my words


  • their desires & goals– so I understand why it matters to them!


How about YOU? When someone asks about your audience or ICA, can you easily rattle off deep knowledge about them?

  • Or does it take you a long explanation? 
  • Do you speak your audience’s language – not industry jargon?
  • Are you clear on why their desires matter to them? 

Not tryna be a jerk here, but I’ve gotta be honest:

Most people *THINK* they know their ICA very well, but they truly don’t know them deeply enough …

 – which creates unclear, fuzzy, murky messages keeping them in eternal marketing hell.

In fact – creating clarity in this exact area is where I begin with EVERY client who’s begging for marketing to be easier!

What you can do to create marketing ease:

Be able to respond to these prompts in a snap:


  • When you describe who’s your Exact-Right Audience member, do they go, “Oh! Holy crap. You nailed it! That’s meeeee!”  


Or even, “Oh wow. You need to talk to my sister! She’s exactly who you’re describing!”

*Instead of the slow-nod, eyes glazed over, mmmmm-hmmmmm response indicating a lukewarm reception?  

This is all about nailing down your STANDOUT Brand Message, so it resonates with your exact right ideal client - the right people -, repel the wrong ones, and make marketing work a HELLUVA lot easier.


  • When you speak about the struggles AND desires of your ideal client avatar / audience, are you using THEIR exact language


*Instead of insider language, industry jargon, or keep-scrolling phrases?

You might not know it, but the language you use in ANY of your content could be flying straight over their heads.

Yes, you audience is smart & savvy, but if your examples, stories, words, and messaging isn’t specific enough to hit ‘em between the eyes –

If they don’t see themselves in your marketing mirror –

Your marketing is going to be ineffective and make your life miserable.


  • Do you know WHY getting results or solutions matters to your ideal client avatar / audience? And do you speak to it in your marketing?


They do NOT care about your process.

 They don’t care that they get 12 videos, or 3 one-hour sessions with you, or a lifetime supply of candy!

They care about how your solution will make their life / business / work / whatever better, easier, simpler, faster, quicker, etc.

They care about impact, results, ripple effects.

Your marketing needs to speak overtly to what achieving their goal will get them!



Then THIS is where you need to focus your time & energy – because it is a totally game changer to know your ideal client avatar / audience INCREDIBLY well…

And be able to describe their problems and their potential and the outcomes they want to them…

In a way that’s almost BETTER than they’re able to do it for themselves!

THIS is what makes your marketing easier & creating content worth your time!

Buuuuutttt you’ve gotta…

Do the thing no one wants to do to get out of marketing hell!

The only way out of this is to know your ideal client avatar / audience SO well – and reflect what you know back to them –

By talking to them, directly.

Not using your own experience.

Not making assumptions based on what you’ve witnessed.

If you want marketing to be easier, you must get their words straight from their mouths. 

Here’s a guide to give you the step-by-step process that helps you understand your audience – so you can eventually convert them to customers – & know them more deeply than you ever thought possible:

A WARNING about this work!

In my first business, talking to my ideal client avatar / audience was THE biggest block that kept us from effective marketing.

 I was filled with bullshit “reasons” like:

  • I didn’t have time.
  • I USED TO BE my audience - so I knew them. I didn’t need to talk with them!
  • I didn’t wanna bother people.

^^All of those excuses kept us in marketing HELL.

So many mistakes could’ve been avoided if we’d talked to, interviewed, and known our exact-right audience member & ideal client BETTER.

Getting clarity in this area is job 1 in creating marketing ease!

You CAN GET THERE – but it takes knowing your people to a depth requiring a scuba mask & oxygen tank…

Which means you have to ask questions and LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN.

At the start of my entrepreneurial journey, “marketing” was a just vague concept.

Something I knew we’d “have to do” eventually.

 But I barely gave a thought to how we’d actually DO it – or how to do it effectively,

much less in a way that works for me –

So, I never figured it out until forced to “do marketing” until I was deep in the inner circles of marketing hell.

Having these conversations is a game changer!


Ultimately, after fantasizing about working with my sister to grow an amazing business…

I realized, NOPE. I’m not willing to abandon my current ship & go deep into the ocean of an entirely NEW audience.

(I think she sighed with relief at not going into business with her big sister! 😂 )

Knowing your ideal client avatar / audience deeply is not easy work!

But it’s so worth it because you can then:

  • know which words your Exact-Right Audience will respond to – and what’s a waste of time
  • create a clear STANDOUT brand message – so you stand out in a sea of other YOUs in your industry!
  • develop a tailor-made Content Bank - so you never have to think twice about what to say!

These are the foundations that help create content + marketing EASE, reduce confusion and overdoing it!

Grab your Guide & find out what your audience needs to hear from you –

I promise, the marketing GOLD you get from this effort is beyond worthwhile and will only cost you time & effort!




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