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How she built her business - in 5 steps

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2020

How do you generate courage to move through the hard shit going on in your world and design a life you WANT -

even though the thought is terrifying?

Welcome to Allison Mitura’s quest!

She likes to say, “Yoga SAVED me” - and her dream was to share it with everyone.

BUT - creating a brick & mortar studio was a NO GO for Allison -

She wanted to bring yoga to people in their homes, offices, & community.

Is this a THING? Can you make money doing that?

Apparently: yes. But how?

That’s the journey Allison went on! Here’s what she wants you to know about making YOUR OWN dream a reality:

1. Build relationships

TALK to people. Tell them what you’re doing (even though it can be frightening.)

That way people start to link you with the thing you’re doing.

Yoga? At home? OH! Talk to Allison! She’s your girl.

2. Say hello to fear

Being SEEN as an entrepreneur brings in FEAR.

Allison worried, Will I make enough money? Will there be enough time? Will people like this?

We all feel fear. But keep going anyway. Say hello to it, but don’t bow down to it.

3. Manage your limiting thoughts

Allison thought, I’m such an Imposter! Who am I to be teaching people yoga? There’s so many more people out there who can do it better because they’ve been doing it longer.

HOW DARE SHE? “I was a little tiny fledgling yogi - I was afraid people would look at my posts & judge me for it. Say I was doing it wrong.”

She managed her mind by focusing only on those people who needed her.

4. Do your research

Allison talked to people about what they wanted MORE of in their life, and they told her!

More time. Peace. Better health. For their life to make more sense!

Once she learned what people needed - she developed programs, pricing, & marketing to meet their need! {Here’s a tool so you can do this right now}

5. Marketing

Allison committed to the looooonng game of marketing. She refused to get frustrated & learned how to use social media as a forum to connect rather than to sell & bombard.

She kept putting more & better content out into the world consistently! Now she’s filled up her schedule & found satisfaction she’d never known before.

You can have what you want.

Take baby steps. Listened to your intuition. Push out the noise.

BUT you have to SHOW UP.

Let people see you - and if you’re consistent - and you talk about it all the time - THAT’s how you grow a business.

Building a business is like garden - you have to tend it & it doesn’t bear fruit overnight.

The best thing from Allison’s Success Story:

I learned that being me was exactly what people needed. Whatever business you’re in, DO YOU.

Make magic in YOUR way - the people in your audience WILL find you because they need your voice the way YOU say it.

It’s ok to not be ok for everybody. Don’t try to adopt someone else’s way.

Make people notice you for being YOU.

At the end of our interview, Allison breaks down exactly how she got past Imposter Syndrome, created a business she loves, uses everyday experiences to create marketing.


  Watch Her Story            Read Her Story  


As Allison states, her success was doing the foundational step - Target Market Research interviews. Find the exact process I taught Allison here.


The only trick? You have to DO them!

Too many entrepreneurs skip this step. If you do it, you’ll be rewarded with absolute marketing GOLD.

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