How to do Sustainable, Realistic Content Creation

content creation made easy Oct 07, 2021

Today, Jen talks about the strategies she employs herself and what she teaches her clients: SUSTAINABLE, realistic content creation isn’t a fantasy.

Sustainable content creation that actually works can be a reality for you!

In this episode of Content Creation Made Easy, you’ll learn some easy shifts to make right away that’ll bring you into content alignment…

So you can crush your content, instead of IT crushing YOU…




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Welcome, welcome to my newly rebranded podcast - 

We’ve gone from The Idea Space to Content Creation Made Easy!

What will be different in this “new” podcast? That’s a great question - 

  • Same no bs, straightforward content about how to grow a business without overwhelm or overdoing -
  • Wanted it to be searchable for people struggling with content creation - 
  • So many talented people sit in self-judgment because they don’t know how to do this - it doesn’t have to be that way.
  • So let’s talk more detailed about marketing, content, copy, and all the things holding us back- which a lot of times includes organization, planning, & batching! We’ll get into it all!

You might also notice that the last podcast I did was June 2021, and it’s currently October 2021.

What happened?

Life got lifey - some family health issues, personal injuries, overall exhaustion & a little burnout - a sale of a family home that needed to be cleared out - a kid at home - and definitely some post-Covid issues of my own health.

So - I took a break and it was exactly what I needed.

If you’re back as a previous listener, thank you for your patience! If you’re joining as a new listener, thank you! I’m so glad you’re here! 

So, one big content lesson I learned this summer is that nothing is more important than the permission we give ourselves - Permission to show up, to be imperfect, to experiment.

And that’s what I did by both taking a break and by rebranding my podcast to focus more on content - 

Because my zone of genius is CONTENT - words feel like PLAY to me - and it’s where I want to spend my time - and share with you the tweaks and insights you can use & adapt for your own content!

At the beginning of the summer, I was struggling in a big way with physica pain, and I started going back to fitness classes to help. I tried barre because it seems gentle enough without pounding my body but effective enough to build strength.

At class on one Saturday morning, I was struggling - my legs quivered & my brain screamed, You’re not gonna make it through! GIVE UP NOW.

The barre instructor said, “If you need something else, do what YOUR BODY needs.”

She couldn’t see because I faced the wall in a plié, but tears of relief from her permission literally sprang to my eyes.

Ugggg I’m WOEFULLY Out. Of. Shape. 

I’m the perfect example of what NOT to do as a business owner: overwork & prioritize everything except health & wellness.

At 51, my body isn’t bouncing back quickly - it SUCKETY SUCK SUCKS getting back into shape.

After 10 weeks, I’m finally feeling less pain, better mobility, & increased stamina.

In that moment, facing the wall, shaking, I 100% what needed to hear that instructor’s sentiments: 

There’s no ONE WAY to move ahead.

Make this your own.

Take it at your own pace. 

Of course, the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee inside my mind is thinking I should be doing more, should be getting faster results, 

and should’ve never gotten into this stupid, shitty situation in the first place. 

Do you do this in your content creation & marketing? Should all over YOURself?

Thinking about what’s NOT working…

Content you HAVEN’T created - strategies you SHOULD try.

No one’s gonna give you permission to do it YOUR way except for you - 

And me. ;) 

What do you like doing? What’s in alignment with your business values & goals?

Have you thought about that lately

We teach members exactly this Inside the Content Creator’s Studio. HOW to make it your OWN - without pain or frustration!

(In fact - they RAVE that everything’s an option. They love learning shit they can STOP doing. That there’s no one size fits all.) 

For example, this summer I taught them how to create content for their personal brand - without feeling vulnerable or overexposed.

Lawdy! They gave a collective sigh of relief after that session.

Content creation has become so much harder than it needs to be. 

You KNOW content is vital.

You’re tired of putting it on the back burner of business. 

You’re ready to END the difficulty.

And you want to do it YOUR WAY.

Do you give yourself permission to get off the platforms you loathe?

To send that email weekly to your list - because they really would love to know more from you?

To stop thinking you have to do videos but you really hate videos?

or to stop writing that blog because it’s the hardest thing you do in your business?

If you want realistic strategies about how to do content in a way that feels “in permission” with your needs - I invite you into the Content Creator’s Studio to carve out your path -

It’s a monthly membership with weekly support, trainings, and strategies to make content creation REALISTIC. 

PERMISSION GRANTED to simplify & make content creation work FOR you, my friend. Not against you.

Do you hate Instagram Reels but still love Stories and pOsts? OK< keep going! Permission granted! 

Do you want to make Linked In feel more fun but you’re intimidated by the stodginess on there? PERMISSION GRANTED to show up as YOU!

LOVE being on other people’s podcasts? That is content!! Use it!

What’s one thing in your content creation world that you’d love to change, give up, or do better?

What would you love to hand off to someone else?

What’s NOT working? Can you let go of it or is it time to figure it out?

What IS working? How can you lean more into that? 

This ain’t no faceless, impersonal membership program.

Shauna said it much better than I could:

3 Steps to Unlock the Content
that magnetizes your audience to you!

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