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How To Sustain Your Energy For "Doing Content"

content creation made easy
Are you exhausted trying to keep up a MORE! MORE! MORE! content pace?

A lot of what we're told about marketing is unrealistic & unsustainable!

If you're suffocating under the pressure to keep up, then you can’t nurture your audience.

And frankly, your audience can’t absorb everything you have to teach at one time.

Soooo, if you’re a self-described “overthinker” with a LOT to share with your audience…

But you're losing bandwidth & energy - wondering if this is all worth it...

How can you get out of that swirl?

Listen to today's podcast as I break down the Rule of One - and you, my friend, are THE ONE...

Your audience is important, but YOU’re even MORE important! 'Cuz without you, there's NO content!

Consider the 4 simple questions I pose inside today's episode & stop getting lost inside the "doing content"!

Another way to reduce your content overload and protect The One is to join the free training Step Off the Content Dreadmill - a simple system to help you easily & realistically plan & repurpose content!

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10/6 @ 12pm EST - and yes, there will be a replay!



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Full Transcript

Hello, hello, welcome to today's episode of Content Creation Made Easy. I'm your host, Jen Liddy.

Today I want to talk about this idea of the rule of one.

What I'm asking you here is to consider yourself when it comes to creating your content, you are the one. You're the one generating the ideas coming up with the content, even if you have support. There are people who might be helping you, but the content is coming from you.

If you're listening to this podcast, that's probably true for you, you probably haven't farmed out your marketing to somebody who's writing your content and planning it for you. But this is probably coming from you. And what I know is between the overthinking, and the overdoing, it can really lay you flat. Now, there's so many things, so many moving parts when it comes to creating content, right?

Like, what do I want to talk about is a big question, what's going on in my business?

  • What hashtags do I need to use?
  • If I'm posting on Instagram?
  • Do I need.. Can I turn this into a video?
  • Should I start with video? 
  • What should the subject line be?
  • What story should I tell?

 It just, it's a lot. So I want to reflect back to you that when content creation has got you feeling kind of flattened or low or wondering, is it even worthwhile?

Go back to this rule of one that we're going to talk about today. I've got a couple of questions for you, that I really need you to consider. So that you can ask yourself what's really working and what's not.

So the first thing question number one is, what is your capacity? Are you considering that? You know, how much space do you have for content creation? How much space do you have for recording videos or podcasts, writing emails, creating reels, you know, I just was having a conversation with a friend yesterday actually was my Pilates instructor this morning. And she said to me, I went over to the store where I always go, and I'm doing an event with them. So I took a couple of videos, and then I put it together as a real and it took me an hour.

And I was like, I know, because until you get really good at it, or until you have somebody do it for you. It can take a really long time, right?

What is your capacity? And where do you want to put that capacity?

It's really something that it's important to admit to yourself now it's hard because you have high expectations of yourself and you want to achieve your goals and you know that whatever it is you're doing content wise is part of your content strategy. But is it working? Can you keep your energy up? Do you feel good doing it? This is a really vital question.

When we're considering the rule of one, you are the one. And if you don't have capacity, no matter how much help you have, the thing isn't going to work for you.

So that's the very first thing I want you to consider when it comes to your content creation. The second thing that is really important to consider in terms of the rule of one is which content platforms and styles work for you.

Now, I am a high-level extrovert. I love to talk to a room full of zoom people. I love to engage with my members. I love to engage with my audience, when there's when there's people in the room. But it's really hard to get on and just talk to my camera, which is what I'm doing right now. It's not my most like I don't feel like I shine the best year I don't feel most energized when I'm doing my podcast.

So what I do is I consider like, Oh, who am I speaking to, there's always somebody in my mind I'm speaking to, which helps me really show up and be energetic during my podcast recording. But maybe you feel like, oh, I would love to do a podcast because I love just talking I love putting my words out into the world.

Or maybe like video is really your way to go. Or maybe you're a great writer and email are blogging and going deep into research. And blogging is something that you love doing. What is your platform? And are you really leaning into it?

I know, I know, everybody is telling you, you know, it's video, video, video. And it is video is really important there. And there are still people reading emails, and there are still people reading blogs, and they're still people listening to podcasts, right? So which styles work best for you. So for example, if you did decide I want to do a podcast, I'm ready to do a podcast. That's the way I want to convey my content.

And I really think I would love an interview style will lean into that because that's how you're going to show up more energetically more authentically more you in your uniqueness. When you're putting your content together.

Can you learn how to do videos if you don't like it right now or if it's not your strength? Yes, 1,000%. But the advice I always give to my clients is let's start with the thing that feels the most right to you. So maybe you're you know, highly, highly sensitive, high level introvert, and just sharing information is your jam, well, maybe a podcast would be perfect for you, maybe a solo podcast would be perfect for you. Because then you're not being depleted by responding to other people's needs, really, you have to know yourself when it comes to creating content. The third thing that I want you to consider is how much time do you want to give your content.

You know, people can tell you, you need to show up a certain number of times a day, a certain number of times a week, a certain number of times a month. But if it's not realistic for you, and it's not really moving you toward your goals in your business, then it's not serving you that content is not serving you. So how much time do you want to give it to create it, and to publish it.

So over the summer, I scaled back to two podcasts a month just because we had a lot going on in our family. And I had to be really present for my son who needed to be driven around everywhere, because my husband wasn't as available as he normally is. And we have family in town, there was a lot happening.

And so the amount of time I had to give my content reduced just because of where I was right, then in my life and my business, it is perfectly okay for you to think about how much time do I want to give this because if you're saying, I'm going to show up on Instagram every single day, or I'm going to show up on LinkedIn, or I'm going to email my list every day or every week or twice a week, and you can't sustain it, you're going to start to feel resentful, and the content is going to take a hit but also your audiences are going to feel as connected to your content. So the time you want to give it is really important too.

And the fourth thing I want you to ask yourself, and this is a question that not a lot of people consider but it's the question I always start with, what do you want your content to do for you.  I mean, you're putting content out for posting sake for sending an emails sake to check it off the list that you did it, all of your content should be in service to achieving one of your business goals. That's the content strategy. It's there's a reason that you're doing content, you're not just posting for the sake of posting slapping something up, there is not content creation, it's not content marketing. Sure, maybe you can check the box that you did a story today.

But if it's not in service to something that's important for you to rein in and consider before you start just posting for posting sake, because you're going to be exhausted, resentful, burned out on that treadmill of content, content content, but it's not going to be doing anything for you. The whole purpose of creating content is for to do something for your business.

And that's what we're going to talk about, when I have my free training coming up in October, the step off the content dreadmill. It's a free training that I am offering to anyone who wants to learn the system, I teach this system inside my membership every month like I go through with my clients, and I co create co plan their content with them. So they know like what's happening in the next four to six weeks, content wise.

And I'm actually showing up, I'm going to do this live training for anybody who would like to I will tell you on the training, all of the steps, everything you need, I'm going to be very transparent. And I'm going to tell you if you want more support how to get into the content creator studio, but this content machine that you are on is going to burn you out unless you harness away to step off of the dreadmill feeling of it with a realistic system that doesn't burn you out.

And the number one thing is it gives you a strategy to be in service to your business goals, your business objectives, what is it that you are creating content for, you can go to Jenn, to register for that free training, it's on October 6, there will be a replay. And that'll last for three days. And you'll be invited to join the studio after that.

But even if you don't join the studio, I'm promise you showing up for this training and it's live. It's me teaching you showing up for this training will give you you'll walk away with four to six weeks of content planned out with a purpose intentionally knowing why you're doing it animals, we're going to talk about realistic repurposing at the end of that also, the cool thing about that the live training is like I told you I'm an extrovert. I love a room full of zoom people. And so I am going to be taking some q&a and doing some hot seat calls too.

So I would love for you to join me and go to to register as a next step for reducing your content load and learning how to do this in a way that really focuses in on the rule of one. This content stuff. It starts with you and if you're depleted or resentful or not doing it at all, it's going to affect your business because your audience needs you really needs you.

So I hope to see you there. Remember to go to Jen and register I hope to see you on October 6 And I'll see you next week when we have another great episode.


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