Is Your Marketing Strategy a Dream or Personal Nightmare?

marketing advice Sep 05, 2021

She moved from a small ranch down the street to a big ol’ rambler with acres of land…

so she can tend to bees, inoculate logs with mushrooms, & lovingly care for her “girls” - a flock of hens + one stupid rooster. 

In March, she sprouts seeds indoors & by August makes a gorgeous salad from a 7-minute backyard harvest.

Next on her list? Cuuuuute baby animals, probably sheep. 

Meet my best friend, Leslie, who’s designed her dream life. 

Tending, planting, caring, harvesting, growing are her strengths.

Uggg, that physical, dirty work of clearing, plowing, shoveling - she can do it all day. 

SHE LOVES hatching baby chicks. Building her orchard was FUN for her!

We are as opposite as 2 BFFs can be.

Her ‘dream life’ is my nightmare: I loathe physical labor, avoid dirt, & think taking care of animals is gross.  

I’m gagging. I mean, my hubs cleans our cats’ litter box. 

What if I were forced to take Leslie’s strengths & use them as my own? 

What if I had to tend to animals - no matter how cute - who need their spaces mucked & raked?

NoooooooooO! It’s absurd to think about forcing this on me, right?

So why do we do this to ourselves in our marketing!??

We hear what we “should” be doing & call it ‘best practices’.

We willingly take a marketing roadmap that worked for someone else - & shove it into OUR business!

For example, you’ve heard that Instagram feed needs to be curated & gorgeous, so you hesitate to mess up your grid with a spontaneous post that just feels good.

You know that Instagram promotes Reels heavily, so you make a video, point at the air, and spend 3 hours editing a 30-second video - crossing your fingers that it will go viral.

Facebook feels like a ghost town, but you show up there religiously on your business page, yelling into the void, resenting the shit out of all of it.

No wonder this aspect of running your business feels like torture! 

No wonder you feel uncomfortable “doing marketing”.

Instead of shoring up your weaknesses, how ‘bout we focus on your STRENGTHS - & use those in your marketing!

What comes easily, simply, naturally to you? Where does your personality shine?

Do you…

  • prefer 1:1 REAL conversations? Then why be part of 7 noisy “entrepreneur” Facebook groups?
  • hate writing? So, why create a blog every week with your teeth gritted? 
  • love a sea of nameless faces that you can impact at once? Hey! Maybe it’s time to start using TikTok as your platform!
  • hate the pressure of an immediate responses & want time to process? Maaaaaybe a LIVE webinar is not the right vehicle for you to connect!

Use your strengths to honor who you are in your marketing approach!

How can YOU play to your STRENGTHS, instead of trying to overcome your weaknesses?

It doesn’t matter what platform you use. It doesn’t even matter what strategy you use.

The only thing that really matters is that you’re consistent in a way that feels right for you - 

On a platform you love - where your clients also hang out - 

Doing the things that light you up & let your personality shine through.

My colleague & marketing expert Claudia Schalkx hammer through this topic with real talk & realistic strategies

We call our chats “No BS Marketing” - and that’s what you get!

(PS: the reason we do these chats is that she’s got an intuitive 1:1 marketing style, and I do well with deep interviews where I get to learn & teach!)

Watch the conversation here

If you don’t want to muck out stalls & plant tomatoes to live your dream life, you don’t have to!

What’s your DREAM marketing strategy?

What content creation strategies do you want to lean into?

What do you want to get rid of? 

Hate writing? No more blog.
Love video? Launch your YouTube channel.
Have a voice like buttah? LET’S GO PODCAST!

Content Marketing can work for you - rather than suck the life out of you.

Instead of Best Practices, cultivate “Best-For-You” Practices!

This month, I’m sharing ways to stop tryin’ to fix EVERYTHING in our business - and focus on one thing at a time. 

Please - focus just on Instagram if that’s where you want to be.

Or, focus on LinkedIn if that’s your content-creation jam!

Get really good at it. Create consistency. Find your voice!

This week: give yourself permission to focus on your biggest strength & infuse it into your marketing plan.

No more boiling the ocean. No more doing all the things.

What’s ONE thing you’d love to let go of in YOUR marketing? Respond & tell me - then Claudia & I can address them in our weekly chat!

Xo, Jen

TL; DR: Streamline your marketing efforts by focusing on your STRENGTHS.

What can you embrace?

What can you let go of?

Create a marketing strategy YOU LOVE - and it doesn’t have to feel yucky, hard, or elusive any longer!

Watch the conversation here

BOTTOM LINE: stop trying to do everything. Know your strengths & let go of everything else.

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