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Sometimes I think, “Holy crap. The month’s OVER. Blergh, I need more content again.”

Now, if I’m the person teaching, loving, & creating content, and even I feel this way, then what the HELL must my audience feel? 

Exhausted. Confused. Drained. Resentful. Frustrated. Overwhelmed.

They think: 


  • I can’t stand social media. Instagram is sucking the soul out of my life.
  • I f*!%ing hate marketing. Why do I have to do it? 
  • It feels like bullSH!T. FB doesn’t show my shit to anyone anyway.
  • I’m so tired of it. Do I really have to Pinterest my business anymore?


They SAY:


  • I don’t have time. You know I have a business to run, right?
  • I don’t know what to say. Am I just supposed to give all my brilliance away in post after post? 
  • I don’t know how to do this. I spend hours and nothing happens, so I’m obviously doing it wrong. 
  • I’m invisible anyway - why bother?


Whether you’re creating marketing or consuming it, it can annoy the hell out of you. It feels like an UNhuman, non-stop machine pushing our message to the world 24/7.

Most of my clients are introverts & highly sensitive entrepreneurs (HSE).  Marketing’s an endless outward energy churn, a heavy lift depleting them.

Maybe this is how you feel RIGHT NOW. You just want to give up and you resent the shit out of the fact that you need to show up SO MUCH.

You don’t need me to talk you out of how you feel.

Instead, I want to share a way I’ve learned to create HUMAN marketing that works WITH my energy, so I don’t have to push against my own flow.

It starts with an incredible Content Creation Made Easy podcast interview with Human Design Copywriter, Ariana Joy. 

HO. LEE. CRAP. This podcast conversation created fireworks in my brain, and I’m SO thrilled to share it with you.

Lemme back up:

1.   Do you know what Human Design is? It’s like the Myers-Briggs or DISC: a personal assessment, but it’s about how your very specific energy works!

There’s an old lyric from a BareNakedLadies song that goes, 

🎶Someday I will find the secret to your social chemistry, and I’ll print it on a t-shirt, and it’ll make you wanna be with me.”

THAT’s HOW I FELT WHEN I LEARNED ABOUT HUMAN DESIGN: Like I’d found the secret to my social, energetic chemistry!

Yes, it’s a little woo & a little new-to-me, but it’s 1000% worth learning about. 

When we know ourselves better (and those around us) our lives are so much easier!

(I’m a big fan of personal inventories, including Enneagram…we’ll talk about that another time.)

2.  Human Design lies in the idea that everyone’s born with a different energetic makeup.

Therefore, there’s NO ONE WAY to get things done & we each have OUR process to hit a goal, be in a relationship, get a job, make money…

And MARKET ourselves!  

When you know yourself better and you know the processes that will work for you, it helps you create better planning systems…

And show up on socials like Instagram & LinkedIN more efficiently…

PLUS it helps you decide the types of content that give you energy: 

Like maybe you should be doing short-form YouTube videos or perform on TikTok!

Or maybe you should be a podcast guest & get in front of other people’s audiences interview-style!

A few years ago, when I got my Human Design chart read, I felt like, “Ohhhh, this is how I see my soul! This is why my energy is the way it is! This is why I feel REALLY uncomfortable doing certain things.”

For years, I resisted intrusive marketing but felt like a failure, because, um, isn’t that marketing? 

Cold messaging, selling offers nonstop, and inviting myself into any conversation?


Turns out, I’m what’s known as a projector, & we have the quality of needing to be invited in. 


No wonder the idea of cold outreach, making offers, or doing sales calls makes me 🤢.

Human Design is a mirror without judgment - allowing me to lean in & do things MY WAY, without apology.


In our interview, Arianna breaks down the 5 Human Design types…you’re gonna see yourself when you watch or listen. I’m telling you - she’s SO GOOD.

The coolest thing Arianna does - beyond explaining Human Design - (and oy, she really knows her stuff) 

is that she helps people USE THEIR SPECIFIC ENERGY to create marketing copy that works WITH THEM & feels GOOD TO THEM!

(Srsly. Who couldn’t use THAT?) 

I’m excited for you to understand more about your energy, how it affects your copy & content, and use that to create a marketing FLOW that does NOT deplete you…

Does not make you say, “I EFFING HATE THIS.”

All month I’m sharing strategies to get you out of this marketing hell you’re in, but let’s kick it off with Ariana’s interview - 




Xo, Jen

LMK what you think! What are YOU? 

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