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Suuure - quizzes are fun and light and airy...

They are fan-freakin'-tabulous at attracting new leads, and they can even help you segment your audience to serve them better.

But here's something I bet you don't know (because I didn't until I created a quiz from the inside of my business. and HO LEE CRAP...)

Creating a quiz as part of your content strategy is like a VITAMIN for your business!

When you craft a well-designed, reverse-engineered quiz, you will FER SHER attract an audience that's much more aligned for you..

BUT ALSO...You will learn soooo much that will serve your business in deep & long-lasting ways.

Today, listen as Linda Sidhu, my favorite quiz expert, unpacks for us with GREAT generosity how to:

  1. Not only understand the different personalities of the people in your audience but also to...

  2. talk to them in a way that makes them feel at-home - so they become...

  3. muuuuuch more likely to convert to customers & students & clients!

Beyond that - Linda & I discuss how creating a quiz makes you CLARIFY your business and your offers in an incredibly useful way so you can have more impact and longevity in your work.


Linda shares the 3 mistakes she sees quiz creators make - and she breaks down WITH DETAILS how to avoid them!!

There is sooooo much goodness inside this deep dive into how to create & use quizzes...

It's SO much more than "just a great lead magnet" - which it is ;)

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Full Transcript

Jen Liddy

Hey! Welcome to this week's episode of Content Creation Made Easy. I'm your host, Jen with…

Well, I do know my name. I'm your host Jen Liddy, and I'm here with my friend Linda Sidhu, and today we're talking about how content and quizzes interact together and mash up together.

I brought Linda on because she's an expert in quizzes. But I want you to understand that if you're thinking about creating a quiz as part of your funnel to attract more leads into your world and you want to grow your list this way, it is an amazing resource for you, and it's quite a journey!

And Linda knows everything about it! So I asked Linda to come on because in our content lives, we are always growing our audiences. That's our goal.

But we also have to nurture our audiences. And the beautiful thing about a quiz is it helps people who come into your world feel very comfortable right away because the quiz helps them see themselves.

If you've been thinking about creating a quiz, I want you to hear what Linda has to say so that you have all of the scoop that you need!

Jen Liddy

I'm going to talk to you about Linda as we go along, but you just need to know she's incredible, she's very knowledgeable, and she has helped me an immense amount.

So, Linda oh, that was quite a mouthful. Thank you for sitting through that introduction. Welcome.

 Linda Sidhu

Thank you so much, Jen. I'm so excited to be here and talk about one of my favorite things, which is quizzes segmenting and eventually communicating to sell your audience with your amazing offers.

Jen Liddy

Linda, can you tell us a little bit about your history and how you came to be the quiz maven that you are?

 Linda Sidhu

Yeah, so I was in the pharmaceutical industry for about ten years.

During that time. I worked with a very small company, and they had people from DISC come out during our training.

We spent about a week really understanding different personality types because they wanted us to go into our doctor's offices with confidence.

They wanted us to understand the personalities of our doctors so we could show up in a way that was comfortable to them and communicate our products and how to use them for their clients.

At the end of the day, it was a phenomenal approach because in business, it's definitely important to build the relationship first.

So it allowed me to be myself by building relationships because I'm very relationship oriented, but also because they are the experts. I wasn't telling them, Hey, you need to use my product, because more than likely, they've probably done studies on a similar product that works just the same.

But understanding who someone is and communicating to them in a way that feels good to them really makes sales easy.

When I applied that to the pharmaceutical industry, I was top ten in sales, like pretty much every year.

 Jen Liddy


 Linda Sidhu

And I didn't try to sell, I was really just building the relationship, people-reading the doctors and trying to understand them.

But when I had my son, I hung up my heels and was no longer in pharmaceutical sales. I became a stay at home mom. But I knew that I was always an entrepreneur at heart and I wanted to launch my own business.

When I did, I launched my email marketing business with a quiz, a personality quiz. And it only made sense to rely on what I knew from pharmaceutical sales and how to attract the right leads & segment people based on personalities.

Then I knew how to communicate and understand who I was serving better and then I could sell to them.

That's kind of where the whole quiz thing got started because I think I nailed it and people started sharing it, people got excited. It was right around the time where quizzes were really hot and so one thing led to another and that's how I'm here!

Jen Liddy

What was your first quiz?

Linda Sidhu

Oh, gosh, it was a music quiz.

And the results were Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift or Adele.

I think we called it your legendary personality for email marketing. Like, what's your legendary personality?

In the quiz I actually used the theme of music a lot because I'm really into music, I've always been, and I even had a playlist in there for fun. I mean, I would do things differently now, but at the time that was the first one I launched and it was quite successful, even though looking back, I'm like, I would never do what I did, but it's all good.

Jen Liddy

Well, I think that part of this part of your story is really interesting because you leaned into your personality: you're very relational, so you leaned into that and you also kind of trusted yourself & your intuition that, Oh, there's something more here for me and I don't need to go back to putting on my heels and going into doctor's offices, but I can turn it into something else.

I think that's a really important message to keep reminding Solopreneurs of because we're just constantly iterating in our businesses, our messaging, or who we're serving, et cetera. So I love that part of your story!

 Linda Sidhu

Thank you. And honestly, there is something to that. I kept at the beginning trying to figure out, well, how do I launch something, how do I write an email, how do I write a sales sequence, how do I write a sales page?

To be honest with you, I took so many courses, I learned from so many different people. I was in different mastermind groups.

But really how I do things now was based on the success I had in pharmaceutical sales. And I apply that knowledge to what was successful in person, to what could be successful online now. And that seems to be working for me more than any of the other stuff.

 Jen Liddy

Again, going back to that thing of what works for you? What can you let go of?

I've just been writing about this a lot lately. We see what's working for somebody else and we're like, Oh, then that will work for me!

But it doesn't always work out that way. We really have to bring our particular units into this. So I know we're going to talk a lot more about this, but I want to get into the nuts and bolts of the important things when you're creating a quiz as part of the lead magnet that you're going to have or the funnel you're creating.

So tell us, where is the place that we need to start when we're thinking about creating a quiz?

Linda Sidhu

So where you need to start is your offer.

And you have been in Quiz Lab so you kind of know that from the beginning because everything stems off of your offer.

Because if you want to attract your clients, where are you going to take them?

One of my favorite quizzes really was like, “Were you born to be an influencer?”

This is a great example because not everybody wants to be an influencer, right?

But for this particular quiz example, it was about two or three years ago where influencers were really popular on Amazon and Instagram and all that was going on.

And people were asking this girl, How do you be an influencer? So she literally created a course based on the DM questions she was getting, because she was kind of doing that with her own life, her own business, without really trying so hard.

She realized, well, maybe I should create a course on how to become an influencer. So we knew that she was going to sell a course on how to influence and how to take advantage of that side of things. And so that's where the quiz title was born!

Were you born to be an influencer? And I will tell you that people who didn't want to be an influencer were not taking that quiz.

Jen Liddy

Of course. I was just thinking, I would never even take that quiz. I would opt out of that person's world. Which is exactly what you wan!

Linda Sidhu

Exactly. So you're trying to attract the right leads, quality leads.

And at the time when she launched this quiz, there were a lot of things that happened, but two things that really stand out.

One is Facebook ads were really popular at the time and probably pretty cheap, right? Oh, she just cleaned house. I think she got like 10,000 people to sign up in a month. It was ridiculous.

But two fold. Her actual Facebook account got hacked into and she lost her entire social media platform, Instagram, Facebook, her Facebook page. So she was able to build her email list in the nick of time and she sold her course via email from the quiz that she created before all that happened.

But it was like a lesson learned.

But of course, Facebook's ads are a little different now. You can still use them, but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you do a paid advertisement or if you do organic approach to lead generation.

The title of your quiz is really going to attract the quality clients. And then you can go from there to offer up your offer and sell to them what they want!

 Jen Liddy

Starting with the end in mind. That's what you're saying. It's like if you don't know where you want people to go, a quiz is probably not right for you at this moment. That's probably not your number one problem to solve for.

 Linda Sidhu

Yes, I agree. I hate to say it, and now, to be honest with you, I think I created my quiz not knowing the ins and outs.

So if you do something, you're still going to take missteps along the way, which will lead you to the right result anyway eventually. But in a perfect world, if you want to create a quiz, you should probably have a validated offer.

Jen Liddy

Yeah. So I heard you say when you were talking about that quiz that she was able to grow her email list.

What are some of the other benefits of having a quiz in your back pocket?

Linda Sidhu

Yes, so you can have a quiz as a lead generation, which we're talking about right now.

You can also have a quiz as a back end offer to help your clients even more.

You can use quizzes as research to understand your clients a little bit better.

You can use a quiz in so many different ways, honestly, but those are probably the two best ways. Like lead generation. That's usually why people hire me. They want to put it out there to get people to attract and grow their email list.

But I have thought about doing a back end quiz where for me, people want a quiz, but once they have a quiz, now they want to know, how do I promote the quiz?

So a back end offer for me would look something like this: Where we would basically say from a vision to visibility or something like that. Like what's your vision to visibility?

And I would have a back end quiz to take people further along the journey on how to promote themselves, how to promote their quiz once they actually have a quiz. So that would be a back end quiz!

But again, quizzes are research for you. They help you understand your client, who they are, what they identify with, and you can really do a lot of research in that, which is super helpful.

As a business owner, you can segment your email list based on personalities, you can see what personality is showing up most, and then you can take that knowledge and tweak it so you can communicate with them.

A great example of this was Helena, right. For the TEDx Speaking Coach quiz that I did, she's a very dominant personality, but she was attracting the complete opposite, very heart centered people who wanted to take the stage and share their message.

Because of this, she had to do things opposite of what she probably would have.

The sales page had a lot more testimonials. She had to take a slow approach to sales, instead of really trying to get that action or the fear of missing out.

She didn't capitalize on that. She really capitalized more on a slow approach to her sales, which helped her sell out her course at the time.

Jen Liddy

So when you make your quiz, you're using the DISC personality.

All of the brilliance that you have with that you're infusing that into your quiz so that when somebody comes in, you're like, Oh, this is a Dominant person, they're going to take action fast.

They might be more aligned to this offer and this kind of copy.

And if they're tagged that way on your list, you can really nurture them with that.

Or if they're tagged with the I or the S, they're going to need different things like a slower approach to sales, maybe a more gentle approach, all of that stuff.

So what I'm hearing you say is this is all very intentionally crafted, but at the core are two things.

The first is your offer on the back end and really the second is how you craft those questions and everything that comes after it based on the DISC stuff that you're an expert in.

Linda Sidhu

Correct. And if you want to talk about the DISC, if you guys are not familiar with it, you're either fast paced with taking action or you're a little bit more thoughtful with your approach.

And then you're either a people-oriented person or you're a task-oriented person.

So you kind of fall into one quadrant over the other.

Now at the end of the day, we embody all four personalities. Even though I'm more on the influencer, fast paced, people oriented side, I still am very data-driven with my business and I still do a lot of research. 

Jen Liddy

So that is the opposite of me, right?

Linda Sidhu

So you're either a D for dominant, which is fast paced, task oriented.

The I: we're going to continue with the fast paced, but people oriented people, which is an Influencer.

Then if you go down to the more thoughtful approach, which is slower with decision making, you have the Steady personality and they are people oriented, a little bit more thoughtful with their decisions.

And then the Conscientious people who are analytical. Their decisions are driven by data. So they're a little bit more task oriented, but they're also more slower paced.

And so you can really break it out into two different approaches to sales, which there's going to be the fast action takers who are going to take action. They're ready to roll.

They want options to move forward with you.

Maybe they only want a 20 minute discovery call because they already know it's pretty much a done deal. They just want to know what options are available and how much does it cost.

Whereas the opposite, the lower approach to sales personality.

They're going to want more case studies. They want to learn, how did you help somebody else achieve success. They want data to back up claims.

And they don't want a high pressure approach. They want you to back off and have a lower pressure, and then they'll be more apt to convert into a client.

 Jen Liddy

I'm really glad you explained all that because I think quizzes are thrown around in the online world like, Oh, just go make a quiz.

Or you could just make a quiz and having gone or am going through it right now personally to make my quiz, there's a lot of moving parts.

The reason I'm staying with it is because I know the efficacy on the other side is going to be so worthwhile.

I love that you talked about the upfront quiz, but also the behind the scenes quiz. I could imagine how to use that.

And so I'm just thinking about all the pieces and parts. What is a mistake that people might make when they're creating a quiz that maybe they're not thinking of?

Linda Sidhu

Yeah, so the three mistakes I think entrepreneurs make with quizzes is ONE:

The first mistake they write the quiz questions first.

You want to work backwards from the result. So you kind of need to have a theme of like, where am I going to take this quiz?

Once you have an idea, you want to write the result pages first so then you can ask the questions that are going to deliver the right result.

That's the first thing a lot of people don't know how to kick off a quiz in the right way.

The second mistake is not having a welcome series for your quiz takers.

A lot of times people will say, take my quiz, I'll take it, and then I get dumped into their newsletter.

These people are really engaged when they take a quiz. So you want to take that little extra effort and welcome them into your community. And if you do this, usually I recommend a five part email series where you validate them as they come in.

Let them know like, hey, I was there too.

I totally get where you're at, but you also want to share your expertise and credibility in another email where you can say, but this is why you need to stick with me, and this is why I'm the expert you want to learn with.

And then you also want to give them a quick win so you can repurpose maybe a podcast, interview, anything that's going to help them.

Maybe a previous lead magnet that worked in the past and kind of reuse it.

And then one of the last emails is also just asking them to take the next steps and being completely blatant.

My favorite part of this email is really using a case study, though, shining the light on somebody else's business, showing how you help somebody else have success, and then asking them to join you for the next step.

Then I also like to add in a nine word email.

Now, those are kind of fun because they increase engagement and they get people to reply back.

So before you do the last email where you're really showing this case study and laying it on thick and asking them to take the next step, maybe you send them just like a nine word email that says, Hey, are you still interested in creating a quiz?

Write back and let me know. And then people can write back and that whitelists them for your email provider.

So when people reply back to you, they get ‘whitelisted’, that means they're telling their platform, I want to hear from Linda.

Yeah, I want to hear more from Linda, which is really good.

So you can use this strategy, but what you're really doing is you're building your know, like and trust factor, which is super important, and there's a lot of magic in that welcome series.

And if you miss that part, you're really doing a disservice to yourself, especially if you spent a ton of time on your quiz and trying to put that together.

And then the final mistake really is not knowing how to promote your quiz.

I feel so bad for clients. There's times where I've been hired to do a Done For You quiz and they say, Oh my gosh, it just didn't work.

And then I look at the data, because that's the thing with quizzes, you can look at data. We can take a look at what happened here because it's always data over drama.

Oftentimes when I hear this, I see that the quiz has only been taken like 60 times.

Like, oh my gosh. And out of the 60 times, it had a 50% conversion rate. Well, the quiz is working. You're just not putting it in front of the right audience.

You're not putting it in front of any audience, in my opinion.

So, unfortunately, you do have to shout it from the rooftops. You really have to have energy behind it and you almost have to treat it like it's its own launch and get some energy.

 Jen Liddy

Yeah. And that's, I think, a big part of making the title so enticing, because people have to want to take it. It has to be relevant to them 100%. Yeah.

I want to talk a little bit about my journey to decide to do a quiz, because I feel like some people might be if you're on the fence about why to do a quiz.

Is it okay if I just tell my story a little?

Linda Sidhu

100%! Because I know you went through a journey. You and I have talked about quizzes before, and then you ended up joining the Quiz Lab. And I've always actually wanted to hear this anyway, so feel free.

Jen Liddy

So Linda and I have known each other for a couple of years, and we were also in a mastermind group together, so we knew each other professionally a little bit deeper, and then we became friends.

I have a lead magnet that works really well. My freebie offer is my customized content planner. It brings in great people to my list all the time!

And I said this to you many times, I'm like, I don't think I need a quiz. I have this great lead magnet, and it does what it needs to do

But it actually solves the problem so well for people that they often don't think they need anything else after that.

So I just keep putting it out there because it's such a great tool, but it doesn't segment people for me.

That's what I need, because on my list I need to know is your particular struggle that you don't know how to write copy, that you don't have a clear message, OR your systems are keeping you from being consistent!

If you're missing any one of those pieces, you're going to fall down. So my goal is to have my quiz be able to segment that for me.

And it was a hard decision to make because I have something that I’ve spent a lot of time on & works pretty well.

But there was still a piece missing for me, and I knew that with the high level of what is the word I'm looking for personalization that a quiz does for you, I knew that I could solve that problem.

For me, the thing is, making a quiz is not a quick solution. And I want to tell people, if you're thinking about a quiz, there are a lot of moving parts, and I would encourage you to connect with Linda, and that's why I brought her on, because she's the quiz expert.

I am not a quiz expert. I'm a nurture sequence expert. I'm a nurture content expert. But I am not going io be able to get you your quiz. Linda can!

And it's a really powerful way to connect with your audience.

So that's why I really wanted to share this part of my story, because you might not think you need a quiz, but if you feel like you're putting out there and putting out there and putting out there and you don't have enough information about your people, a quiz can give you a lot of information about your people.

Linda Sidhu

And I think you just hit the nail on the head. And it's something I've been seeing with all my Quiz Lab members, is the clarity that comes from it. And I think that's an underlying benefit that I started to expose a little bit more is a lot of people come to me and they don't necessarily have that clarity, but it gets revealed through the quiz process because you're doing a ton of research, and you're really getting to know your clients on a different level.

You're taking that time to really serve them what they need. Through that, you go through this transformation where you come out with clarity on the other side.

 Jen Liddy

In the time that you and I have been working together in Quiz Lab, which is a small group coaching program, just to clarify for everybody, I have realized more deeply who my audience exactly is and who they aren't, who I don't want to work with, who I can't help.

That's just very freeing for everybody. I've learned which kind of offers I want to put out there because it all starts with the offer, and then you reverse engineer.

I was closing down my membership when we started, and so I had to really rethink, What is that offer? I still don't have the 100% answer.

So that's why my quiz isn't quite done yet. And I just got very clear on, again, this is something that I'm already good at. But everything you do for a quiz can be repurposed everywhere across your business, so there's nothing wasted.

It's like you use every single part of the rotisserie chicken here part of it, because you not only get to go deeper and find out about your audience, and the way Linda teaches researching her audience makes it so easy, but the way she teaches everything, it's just like it's step by step by step by step.

Jen Liddy

So I wanted to have her come on and talk about and I think you've given us so much information already, but quizzes are a powerful tool in your business.

Linda Sidhu

Well, and we were talking about this earlier, but what quizzes do is they don't only attract your audience, which that's what a lot of people want.

But if you ask me what's one thing that really bothers me about people and quizzes is, people say, oh, the BuzzFeed quiz, they're so fun. People take them.

It's not really that. It's more the science behind it and the segmenting and the clarity that lights me up, because what that transitions into is actual sales.

And that's what matters, because if you can have a quiz that's attracting the right client, it will convert to sales, but it also helps you understand how to better serve your clients.

So at the end of the day, why you should want a personality quiz is because you're able to attract your quality leads, you can sell out your offers, and you can better serve your clients.

That's really the underlying factors of if you look at… what do they say when you the iceberg? You know what I mean?

Yeah, that is attracting leads. But really everything beneath the water is what I just said attracting quality leads, selling out your offers, and better serving your clients.

And once you can get to that point, you can propel your business forward.

Jen Liddy

And you didn't say this, but it's implied. You're repelling the people who aren't the right fit for you!

Get rid of those people who are freebie seekers and tire kickers.

This is what I've been thinking about, who do my offers really serve?

If my offers really serve the D and the C personality types, okay, what do I have to do to serve the people on my list who are the S and the I types?

Like the influencers and the steady people or opposite, whatever configuration for your business, but it just gets you thinking more critically, and you can go to the facts versus the feelings of, “Oh, shit, nothing's working. My life sucks, my business sucks, everything sucks. I'm going to burn it all down!”

And it helps you be more intentional across the board in your business.

 Linda Sidhu

Yeah. And I think what the thing is, what I love about quizzes and how I kind of kick off the Quiz Lab in general is we really focus on your personality first.

Jen Liddy


Linda Sidhu

And why that's important is because I think the more you can lean into your own strengths, the more successful you're going to be as a business owner anyways.

And so there are certain things for me, for example, I'm an Influencer type personality. And what that means to me is I enjoy challenges, I enjoy people. So maybe I wouldn't do a webinar because that seems to wham, bam, thank you, ma'am.

Very transactional.

For me, I really like to meet people and I like to have success. I want them to have a quick win before I want them to experience me, because at the end of the day, I know when I do my three day Nail Your Quiz Idea challenges, there might be a lot of people on that first day, and then maybe there's half the people on that third day.

But I will tell you that challenge converts at 100% for me.

The reason why is I kind of whittle out the people who aren't that interested. By the third day, I've got these quality leads, we've come up with their quiz title, and now we're ready to rock and roll. Let's take it to the next step.

So that launch mechanism actually works really well for me, and so why change it and revert to a webinar?

 Honestly, I didn't know any of this until I lost my business. I had a previous partner, and she no longer wanted to do business.

We had to shut everything down. And there was a moment where I was like, oh, my gosh, I'm just going to throw it in. And I said, I can't do this.

I need to move forward and just do it. Because I knew by then what I was getting into and how hard it was to relaunch a business beforehand.

I didn't know, but at this moment, I knew.

So I said, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it my way, and I'm going to lean into my strengths. I'm going to hire anything else out that doesn't work. I'm just going to move forward and stay in alignment.

That also meant, like, how do I attract my clients? How do I have a launch mechanism where I can lean into my own energy and just do it?

How do I serve my clients? Everything kind of aligns with intention, and that's how we set up your quiz to begin with, because I think that's the underlying success is you being you.

Jen Liddy

Yeah, I talk about this all the time, and I love that we're talking about the launch mechanism.

In case anybody doesn't know what a launch mechanism is, it's the thing that you do to get a lot of people into your world and get an insights of their engagement with you and their enthusiasm.

It usually leads to the next thing, which could be like a paid off or a paid workshop, a High Touch Group program, whatever it is.

But there's so many in business, and for a long time I was like, Why? Every time I think about running a challenge, do I go, oh, my God, I just can't. I just cannot do a challenge. I just will not.

And it makes me die a little inside.

Once I took the DISC and I realized, like, Oh! I'm a high C, and probably my lowest is I.

You and I are, like, polar opposite of each other. That's why doing a three-day thing for my energy doesn't work for me. That's why doing a training works for me, right?

Like, get it done.

Knowing all of these things about yourself, it's just so powerful because it makes you think, like, I don't know, I walk around a lot going and maybe you do too, and maybe our listeners do too, but I walk around going a lot going, like, “What’s wrong with me!?”

Why? Am I doing it wrong? Why it not working? Is there another way? And I think that's when we start to look outside of ourselves.

But this conversation, I think, shows that the bottom line is when you look into yourself, everything gets aligned. It's so much easier.

Linda Sidhu

All the answers are already within you.

Jen Liddy

I know.

Linda Sidhu

I'm sure you already knew that. And that's why it's so important to create white space. I mean, I'm sort of forced to do that. Probably you too. Because of dog walking. I have to walk my dog like two or three times a day. Sometimes I take her to go on hikes in nature.

And actually before I start a new quiz, I typically do a really nice hike in nature to just get the creativity flowing for me because I love movement.

But I also need the space and the white space. And what happens is usually after that, after I've hiked, I take a moment to just see what comes and something comes. And I think that's the thing is, instead of me seeking answers or searching for another quiz that might have a similar title and looking at and comparing, what are they doing, I don't do that.

I put the blinders up and I create white space. I do my thing, I look within, and those are where the answers come from.

Jen Liddy

That's interesting. How would you say your business has changed over the last several years?

 I know that the first time you dived into a quiz you're like, I would never do it that way again. But how else has your business changed?

Linda Sidhu

I think I have more confidence in my business. And I think part of the reason why I think I have so much confidence again is just putting myself out there. I realize a lot of people hold themselves back and I think that's the biggest problem for me.

 I think I'm very vulnerable. I make mistakes. I fail a lot. If I had a story to share, if I had a podcast to launch, it would have to do something with failing.

Because I think that's my underlying story is like, I fail often and it's because I keep putting myself out there, but because I keep putting myself out there. Yes, there's missteps along the way, but they also help redirect to the right direction.

Because of this, I realize when I put myself in rooms, whether I go to a mastermind group in person or in Zoom, I realize I have some really good things to share and I'm not trying to compare myself to others. I just realized every time you put yourself out there is like a confident boost to yourself because eventually, first of all, you're going to get used to putting yourself out there.

You're going to get used to failing, and you need that grit and resilience as an entrepreneur. And if you have that, you're going to be successful because you're never giving up, right?

 Jen Liddy

It's that never giving up piece. And knowing yourself in all the ways we talked about today in this conversation. Knowing yourself in all of those ways is one of the ways to develop that confidence muscle and develop the you know, the calluses that you need to still show up even though you might, like, stumble or trip or feel like a jerk or be wearing the wrong thing.

That's always my thing. I'm going to be wearing the wrong thing. I'm never going to be able to dress right. That's always my stupid reason why I don't want to go to something.

So thank you for always sharing that. Here's a real technical question I want to wrap up with: what's the conversion rate?

If we could talk numbers for a second. When you do all of this work to create a quiz, what are the numbers looking like? What should they?

Linda Sidhu

It depends, I think, what a good conversion rate is for any lead magnet is like right around 25%.

Am I right by saying that? I feel like that's what I've heard industry average be happy with 25%. I have seen data from Interact, the quiz platform, and they had put out recently that 40% of quizzes were getting conversion on their end. So obviously they have the data.

They have a platform where you can create your quiz. And so that is what they're saying. I know for me and the clients I work with, I've seen as high as 70%. That's not normal, but you can get there.

Anything I would say around 40% is good. I would like you to get up to 50%. Why not? But the cool thing is, too, is when you're looking at the conversion rate, there's a lot of things that could mess with it, right?

So it's what is your title?

Are you repelling or attracting people? Sometimes people look at a title. For example, I did a quiz where it's like, what's your social selling superpower? I don't know what the name was. It was something like about social selling.

And so that's really implying, again, like network marketing influencer, right?

So people were looking at this quiz and they were clicking out of it, but then people were looking at the quiz and they were clicking into it. If it was something that they were raising their hand saying, yes, this is me.

And that quiz, after people started it, it was converting at 50%. So even just looking at that data, like, okay, yes, people are clicking out of it, but you're repelling people.

That's a good thing. Now you just need to get it in front of the right audience a little bit more so you can get more people to look at it, identify with it and take it.

Another quiz I was looking at had very high drop off rates for the quiz questions. And I'm talking about like, you want to be around 5% or less, and you can look at this in your data and 5%, 6% fine.

Anything around 10/15, like, Hey, what's going on here? Because that's a high drop off rate. This was something recent that happened for a client. And really she had too many gifs on her page. It was just very distracting, I'm sure, on the eye.

So the answers were, like, four different answers, but they were all different gifs, and they were moving around.

So she removed the gifs and the pictures, and she made it more of a simple quiz, and that was all that needed.

So you never know.

Is it the title? Is it the questions? Is it the gifts? Is there too much movement? A lot of these things can happen, but at the end of the day, I would like my clients to have at least 40%, if not better.

Jen Liddy

You just mentioned something that's important in all of content creation, which is there's this rule of don't change everything across the board.

Like, if something's not working, don't go in. Change your title and change the sales page and change the welcome sequence and change all your content. Really just change one tweak tweak tweak tweak tweak. That's when you figure out what's going wrong.

Linda Sidhu

Yeah. And the same thing with your launches.

That's how I know that my 3-Day Nail Your Quiz Idea challenge works for me, because I went back and everybody that went through Quiz Lab went through the three day nail your quiz idea challenge.

So to me, it's like, I don't need to change that in my launch. What did I mess up? Where does it need to be?

This time around, it was my sales page. I don't think my sales page visually represented the words I was using. And if I look at the data on my last launch, I had twice as many people view it with the same amount of purchases. So right there, it tells me, okay, there's something going on with the sales page. So that's where the next launch, I need to focus on, not the challenge. You know what I mean?

 Jen Liddy

Don't fix what's not broken. Yeah, I know that you have a lot of different ideas about where you're heading next, and I know you're just wrapping up Quiz Lab, but that doesn't mean that you don't have a lot of value to give for people. So how can people get into your orbit?

Linda Sidhu

Yeah, well, I'm going to be launching Quiz Lab twice next year, 2023. I don't know when this is going to air, but I am launching in the spring and then I plan to launch in the fall.

 Jen Liddy


Linda Sidhu

I love Quiz Lab. I actually really do have a lot of fun collaborating with Quizzes. I wasn't sure if I was going to like the group coaching experience or if I just wanted to do it for people, but I'm realizing I really enjoy the group approach and collaborating with people.

So, yeah, I'll be launching that twice next year.

Then I am offering a new offer. It's called The Mixer Mind because, again, at the end of the day, once people have their quiz, their next issue is, how do I promote it?

So I'm really getting dipping my toe into a different I'm dipping my toe into the water of connection & collaborations.

I'll be doing some of that next year as well. And I'm really excited about it, actually, because I think it's just, again, taking people to that next level, because there's really two problems I help people solve!

Attracting the right leads with a quiz, and then also how do I promote my quiz?

 Jen Liddy

Getting visible. Totally. Yeah. I would like to just speak for a moment about my experience in Quiz Lab because I tried to hire Linda to just do my quiz for me, people I tried, and she had no spots available.

And she said, why don't you just join Quiz Lab?

It has been the juiciest experience. Linda offers so much support, and not only just information, but support.

Then all of this additional genius that she brings in from all of these exceptional people who are in her world, who, like, talks to us about how to create story ideas, how to promote, like I mean, it's just incredible what Linda is able to provide in Quiz Lab.

So if you are curious about a quiz, if you’re Quiz Curious and you know that 2023 is the year that you might be ready to dip a toe, I would get in Linda's world.

They can join your Facebook group first, right?

 Linda Sidhu

Yeah. Facebook group is where I show up most. I don't necessarily do Instagram that much, but I'm on Instagram. They can take my quiz.

 Jen Liddy

What is your quiz? How do they get there?

 Linda Sidhu

Discover Your Quiz to Cash strategy.

It's on my website, so

The quiz is on the home page, which will link it.

The best thing to do, if you're really interested, is the 3-day Nail Your Quiz Idea Challenge. Because that's the first thing people really want to know, what should my title be?

What should I do for my quiz? And we try to hash that out.

But to Jen's point, if you hire someone to create a quiz, you're going to miss out on all this opportunity of clarity for your business.

 Jen Liddy

That's so true.

Linda Sidhu

And that's when I really encourage people to do the Quiz Lab because I'm forcing people to really know your business.

Yeah. Like, to look under every rock to understand their clients. And I think that is the true value of the experience. And then you know how to create a quiz. You can create more in the future. You can create a back end quiz. You can tweak your quiz. You have control over it at that point.

Jen Liddy

Totally. But you know everything, and then it's yours to keep forever. Yeah.

So I highly recommend I'm going to put all the links below in the podcast or wherever you are watching this.

There will be links for you to get into Linda's world.

But even if you're like no, because I'm going to tell you for years I was like, No, I don't need a quiz. I don't need a quiz. I will take every quiz in the world, but I did not want to make one.

But I just really saw the benefits of it, and Linda has been a great, great person to partner with on that. So thanks, Linda, for being my guide through it.

And also, thanks for being such a generous guest today. I think people probably got a lot of information about stuff to think about if they're creating a quiz.

Linda Sidhu

I'm so appreciative to be here. I really am very passionate with helping entrepreneurs, because at the end of the day, it's that clarity. And I think once people have clarity, they can propel forward, and just really trusting themselves is a big component of it. So thank you so much for allowing that! Thank you.

 Jen Liddy

Okay, the next time you need somebody to get you thinking about your business, come back to this podcast, because we always have great guests who are super generous, and I will see you next week. Bye, everyone. Bye.

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