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Right-Now Solutions to Content Creation Woes

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It’s been a miserable FIVE DEGREES for several days.

Alright. I’m lying. It vacillates between -8- and 12-degrees Fahrenheit.

Mostly we’re hovering around 5.

I’ve fallen on the ice twice so far - blammo - right on my back.

I spend all day in front of 3 floor-to ceiling windows installed in 1908. Yep - 114 years old!

(We named our house Breezy Windows in their honor. Go stand by them. Your hair will blow.)

Being cold makes me miserable. (So why do I live in Syracuse, NY? Great question. Sigh.)

Anyhoo - what’s my right-now solution?

What I’ve tried so far:

  1. 2 workcation-escapes from this frozen hellscape: 💰💰💰💰
  2. Bought 5 wool base layers for under my clothes 💰💰💰. (Check out Woolx if you’re cold. Good stuff).
  3. New warming socks that are delicious to my feet - 💰
  4. Cursing, a lot. Freeeeee!

Things that are not an option YET:

  • Moving to a new climate. (Lots of reasons - I won’t bore you.)
  • Energy-efficient windows (We’re saving for this.)

My husband’s office upstairs is muuuuch colder than mine, but he tolerates the cold, no problem.

I decided to find out his secret.


How have I NOT considered this solution?

The best part was that I didn’t even have to go to the dreaded orange store (Home Depot) to buy myself a space heater.

I sent John a text:

AND HE CAME HOME WITH A fancy-schmancy beauty of a space heater.

TBH, I’d have cheaped out on myself with a crappy, small space heater that wouldn’t do the trick.

But he bought me the good one - and within the first 10 minutes, it made a HUGE difference in my cold office.

Endless snow & ice is a problem for the long haul. But what can I do RIGHT NOW?

Here are my 3 lessons of right-now shifts that would’ve solved my “I’m too effing cold” problem WAY more easily:

  • There might be an easier solution than what you’ve already tried.
  • Get someone else involved. People will do shit for you if you ask them.
    Everything is a long game - AND there are also some right-now, good-enough solutions. How can you get some relief right now?

In your content marketing, my guess is you’re suffering with something - so let’s talk about how we can translate these lessons to your content, marketing, & business:

Lesson 1: There might be an easier solution than what you’ve already tried.

Ok - this is a BIGGIE. Our brains want to make everything MUCH more complicated than necessary. We overthink, over-analyze, & over-concern ourselves - and take on too much.

I’m going to tell you the BIG SECRET about creating content that you will NOT want to believe:


In fact - if you don’t repeat yourself, your audience is never gonna hear you -

You already know people don’t quite get anything after hearing it ONCE.

Think about all the people in your life who don’t hear you the first time - your family, kids, significant others, colleagues, bosses…

They LIKE you - LOVE you - and are personally INVESTED IN YOU.

Even THEY don’t pick up what you’re putting down most of the time, right?

So lesson 1: STOP re-inventing the wheel every time you have something to say.


Go ‘head & repeat yourself. You’re already doing it in every other part of your life, especially if you have kids.

I always tell my clients: you’ll get bored with your content waaaayyyyy before your audience does.

Lesson 2: Get someone else involved. People will help you if you just ask them.

This lesson shows up EVERY TIME I start working with a client, whether in the mastermind or the Studio membership.

Clients complain they’re not sure what to say or how to say it. They feel invisible online - because no one’s interacting with their content…

So I ask, “Have you TALKED to people who actually HAVE the problem you want to solve for? Have you chatted to find out what’s going on in their heads?”

100% of the time the answer is, “Wellllll. No.”

No one wants to bother other people to do these interviews.


You LISTEN. Ask questions & take verbatim notes on what they tell you.

Those interviews get you the exact customer & audience language that’s been eluding you - I call it CONTENT GOLD.

I’m telling you: ask people to help you & you’ll get inside their minds and learn exactly what to say- and what not to say - in your content.

PS: Grab my exact system for how to do this along with a training video at

Lesson 3: Everything is a LONG GAME. But there are right-now, good-enough solutions. How can you get some relief right now?

Relief right now is a vital step for you to get out of your immediate content marketing hell.

(Relief right now is what I was looking for when I went to Florida for an escape from the 5-degree weather and all I wound up with was a cloudy 37-degree workcation).

ANYWAY - something that’ll bring you relief right now - today - is to STOP doing ONE thing in your content marketing that isn’t working.

Stop trying to overhaul everything - because until you figure out what’s not working, you’re going to keep spinning your wheels.


  • Is there a platform you need to get off or stop using?
  • Is there someone you can hire to support you - even for 2-3 hours a week?
  • Instead of asking yourself how to fix it all, stop, be quiet, go inside and ask you brain, “WHAT DO YOU NEED? What do you want?”

What would feel good to let go of?


Then LISTEN. You might need a social media hiatus. You might need to unsub from some noise in your inbox.

Get relief right now!

What that would be for you? I’d love to hear it.

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