She figured out law school + parenting, so why was marketing so hard?

Nov 21, 2021

You secretly (not-so-secretly?) resent having to market yourself & wish people would just FIND your amazing product, service, book, podcast without having to shout it on Pinterest, Facebook groups, and email - everywhere, all the time!

You loathe those stupid DMs that come into your Instagram account and wonder “WHO IS THIS ACTUALLY WORKING FOR?”

You feel like, “I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s too hard & not worthwhile, & I have no time for it.”

All month I’ve been talking about how to help your content + marketing feel more HUMAN.

Life is awfully LIFEY & marketing can feel like death by a thousand cuts. 


Permission granted to: 


(People are highly resistant to this, like I’m bullshitting you when I tell you to do it, but it’s KEY, especially when learning how to develop a content marketing habit.)

Choose 1-2 platforms you can tolerate & learn them deeply. 

Talk to your people there, consistently & simply, using their words.


  • SAY LESS. 
    • Have 5 points to make about something? Instead of putting ‘em all in one email, break them into 5 emails with ONE point. 
    • Your audience will thank you for creating consumable content. 
    • You’ll thank ME because you just 5x’d your content capital.

If you’re OVER IT, flattened by it, wondering HOW you’re actually going to “fit content in”…

Yoooouuuuuu need this message more than ever: BE REALISTIC.

On this week’s podcast, client Kristin Kreuder - a lawyer and real estate agent, who was also homeschooling her kids AND trying to run an online network marketing business - 

talks about the struggle to market her businesses.

She was “all over the place” and wanted it to work but couldn’t figure out why the marketing pieces were so confusing & hard.

Kristin - like you- is smart, hardworking, busy, and a little overwhelmed.

She figured out law school, navigated the real estate market, & learned how to homeschool her 2 kids.

Why was marketing so hard for her?

Why did she keep thinking, “I just don’t want to do the DO”? 

She had clear goals, ambition, and vision, but she couldn’t get the actions in place.

In our conversation, Kristin reveals what she learned about how her mindset was in the way - and what was really underneath the content marketing problems she struggled with!

SPOILER: It wasn’t that she “couldn’t learn” Instagram or that Pinterest was sucking up all her time. 

It was actually much deeper and more foundational - a problem that could be solved by peeling back the layers of what was really going on for her!

We have a juicy, short chat that will make you feel SO NORMAL about your own struggles with content - 

Kristin will inspire you to make decisions about your content marketing that feel right for you!

It’s truly time to not just make TIME for your content marketing, but to do it in a way that feels more HUMAN for you.

Listen, read, or watch our chat - what tips or insights will help YOU get your message out there?

Xo, Jen

PS: Kristin has a little side hustle selling delicious gluten-free bread! You can get some by emailing her at  [email protected].

Tell her Jen sent you!

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