She just didn’t want to anymore - A success story about opting out with Kristin Kreuder

content creation made easy Nov 18, 2021

On this week’s podcast, client Kristin Kreuder - a lawyer and real estate agent, who was also homeschooling her kids AND trying to run an online network marketing business -

talks about the struggle to market her businesses.

She was “all over the place” and wanted it to work but couldn’t figure out why the marketing pieces were so confusing & hard.

Kristin - like you- is smart, hardworking, busy, and a little overwhelmed.

She figured out law school, navigated the real estate market, & learned how to homeschool her 2 kids.

Why was marketing so hard for her?
Why did she keep thinking, “I just don’t want to do the DO”?

She had clear goals, ambition, and vision, but she couldn’t get the actions in place.

In our conversation, Kristin reveals what she learned about how her mindset was in the way - and what was really underneath the content marketing problems she struggled with!


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Full Transcript

Jen Liddy
If you’ve ever wondered, “Why is it so hard for me to put myself out there? Why can't I get my marketing going? How do I do this stuff that feels so easy for other people, but it feels hard for me?”

I have the right person for you to listen to today,

Kristin Kreuder & and I went to high school together and found each other over the past several years, thank you social media.

She wound up joining my Mastermind coaching group to help her market several businesses, when she couldn’t figure out why the marketing piece was such a struggle.

Kristin, like many of us, doesn’t just do one thing. She has a lot going on: she’s a lawyer, a real estate agent, she homeschools her kids, and was also trying to grow an online network marketing business.

Listen to our conversation and find out how to deal with all of this - plus creating marketing content - when we also need something for ourselves!

Kristin Kreuder
I know, I know, it's such a loaded question for me, because I'm all over the place!

My primary business is being a corporate lawyer. I've segued into also doing a little bit of real estate.

I'm kind of new at that game, but I was always looking for something else on the side - the whole freedom of working from home, etc.

And I'm actually really lucky because I do get to work from home for my legal practice. But six years or seven years ago, I started another entrepreneurial business in health and wellness and did that for a bit.

During the course of our program, I then started a whole new business. And I don't know, I'm just crazy, but I've got it all going on.

Like a Jill of all trades!

Jen Liddy
So let's move into talking about because you had so much going on, when you came to work with me, you started with my content workshop, and then you moved into the Mastermind.

We did two rounds of the Mastermind. What were you struggling with in your business? What did you need help with?

Kristin Kreuder
So at that point, I really was looking to build that health and wellness business. And that was primarily the business pursuant to which I enrolled in your program. Are you a lawyer by anything? Yeah, right. I'll try to keep it layman's terms!

I was struggling finding new clients, boosting sales to old clients, really not connecting with my audience.

Not really knowing what to say, to connect with the audience, and what kind of content to put out there.

As you know, clearly, I am not a millennial, so the social media thing, other than, you know, connecting with family and friends was kind of foreign in terms of being able to sales and market so that, you know, that was why I came to you and said I need help.

Jen Liddy
Okay, that's pretty much why everybody comes to me, because they're like, I don't know what to say. I don't know how to say it.

Then there's this other thing I think you're hinting at a little bit: “I'm a little bit afraid to put myself out there. What will people think?”

That's mostly when people come to me.

So tell me about the thoughts that were going on in your head when we started talking about your audience and putting you out there? Like, what did you struggle with in terms of visibility?

Kristin Kreuder
Yeah, you know, I think mindset was a big part of it, and self-doubt, right. Whatever's in your head, whatever you tell yourself, you're right, right.

You can tell yourself you can or you tell yourself, you can't. Either way, you’re right.

I've always sort of struggled with that a little bit. And on top of that, on a personal level, sort of started to gain some weight through the years and after kids.

And being in a health and wellness business, I thought, Well, why are these people gonna listen to me? Like, look at me, I am not the epitome of health and wellness right now.

While I'm working on all those things, I thought, well, how can I put myself out there? Why would they want to join me in this program, or in this or that, you know, in the business or just as a client, if I wasn't the poster child?

So that was probably my biggest struggle and being able to know what do I say to these people, because I was already filled in my head with the self-doubt about what I could offer. That was really my biggest struggle when I came to you,

Jen Liddy
I hear that all the time. “Oh, I'm not an expert yet, or there's already somebody out there who's doing it better or more or has more experience.”

I hear that so often, and so we feel like we can't put ourselves out there. How did you deal with it? What helped?

Kristin Kreuder
Well, you know what to teach! I loved your program, because first of all, it's like a complete deconstruction, right?

Instead of looking at this big, big, monster that you have to attack, you have a really strategized approach, where it breaks everything down into these, like little mini lessons, or homework or projects.

If you can accomplish a little bit at a time you feel like you're doing something and you're not overwhelmed by the biggest picture of that.

For me, just approaching it in a different way was good.

Also, just being surrounded by so many supportive, amazing women in this program, and with your help, you're being one of them was helpful.

That help with the mindset, like, I'm not alone, everybody else is struggling with my challenges as it relates to their own business and their own problems or perceived problems was a big help.

But for me, like, what came out of this Mastermind, as you know, was just so much more than content creation!

I won’t say I was the black sheep, but I was a lone one on the side that I had a completely different experience. And yet I was still able to be a part of it and share and grow in a little bit of a different way than the other ladies in the program did.

Jen Liddy
Yeah, because you decided,” I don't really want to do this anymore.” So you pivoted to this and then tried a little of that - and underneath all of it was a whole bunch of junk that revealed itself and that you worked through!
Kristin Kreuder
It was really, really a transformative time. You're absolutely right!

I was also able to connect with another lady (in the program) and take advantage of her business like to help me in other ways.

But for me, yeah, my big realization through that whole process was when I really dug deep, and was trying to answer the questions, through the little homework and everything, I was thinking,

Well, I don't want to talk to these people. I just don't. This isn’t what I want to do. My heart just isn't really in the daily day-to-day of what I need to do for that!

But there were so many points that were helpful for me generally to allow those feelings to come to the surface and getting the support I needed to be able to address them and face them.

I was able to finally let go of, because I think there was a lot of guilt over doing it so long:

I have to do it, I have to do it, I have to do it.

And yes, I want everything that these successful people have at the top, but I don't want to do the stuff to get there.

It doesn't make me happy; it doesn't feed my soul.

And so personal growth and awareness and awareness, like I’d never experienced before, were the fruits of all the labor of that program for me!

Then, knowing I can go back because I have all that content and all those trainings and I can go back any time and do them over but from the viewpoint of the business that I’m actually motivated want to work on!

Jen Liddy
It was like you gave yourself permission to think, “Just because I spent a lot of time on that doesn't mean it's what I want to work on going forward.”

Yeah, the letting go is hard, and I'm so happy that you got there.

Kristin Kreuder
I was also able to let go of people & things that were just toxic in my life and learn to not care about other people's perceptions and what other people thought. I could just focus on my heart and what I wanted to do!

You and all of the amazing women in this program were able to help me get there and supporting me in that journey. I am forever grateful!

Jen Liddy
You’re so welcome! I’m so glad you were there with that particular group of people and then you were able to connect with the healer Patti in the group, who was able to work with you so closely.

I’m sure that even exploded your growth because she does such deep mindset work and such subconscious work.

So congratulations!

The thing I love is you dipped a toe into what you thought you needed which was content creation and wound up learning that there is so much to peel back.

There are so many layers! When we give ourselves permission to start exploring, if we're not afraid, and if we have like a community and maybe a coach to hold the space for us, it feels safer to figure those things out.

It does makes a lot of sense.

So Kristin, are you saying what was most helpful for you beyond the content was the community and the safety that you found?

Kristin Kreuder
Absolutely. It was like, religious practice, you know!

Every meeting I would look forward to and became close with everyone because you are sharing your challenges. You become vulnerable to the extent you want to - you're not forced to do that!

I chose to do that.

I think I've won the award for like the most tears on so many calls. Because when things are broken down that way for you, you just are real.

You became a safe place where I could express & that was just a godsend - it really, it really was.

And, you know, ever since I just, I've got the killer mindset! I'm grateful! The abundance is flowing in so many ways in my life. And I couldn't recommend it more. Really, Jen!

Jen Liddy
I’m SO happy to hear that. Thank you. So where are you now? What do you focus on these days?

Is it growing your law business, growing the real estate business, growing both at the same time and having them intersect?

Kristin Kreuder
I’m definitely busy with the law stuff.

But I'm really having fun growing my real estate business, which is really interesting.

I've been so busy. I haven't even had time to even properly market it. But what as soon as I'm ready, I'm gonna go back and use your program.

Oh! And you know, the business I started during the program.

During all of this, when I had a million things going on, I'm like, Oh, let me start another business!

This one's really not to make money. It's really more of a collaboration between my eldest daughter and I, who loves to cook. We started baking gluten free bread bowls - you can slice & put in the toaster and then with a little Kerrygold butter or however you wish…

I just kind of fell into that. It's just a little small side thing, but, you know, keeps life interesting.

Jen Liddy
I'm so happy for you, Kris. You're in such a different place. And you did such hard work. Bravo. Thank you. Is there anything else you want to share with us about how people can get in touch with you or get some of this delicious gluten free bread?

Kristin Kreuder
Sure! Send an email to [email protected] 

Jen Liddy
Kristin, thank you so much for being so generous & breaking down for us what it was really like to be inside of the Mastermind program and also how it benefited you, both learning and also your professional development and personal development. Thank you so much!

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