Stop Trying to Fix Your Business with “What Else?”

marketing advice Sep 12, 2021

Do you ever get antsy with what’s going on in your life, mind, or business? 

You crave something new or different - so you start thinkin’, “How can I juice this up?” 

This was me in July - should’ve been resting & healing from injuries…

But boredom brought on the mental gymnastics of WHAT ELSE I could offer my community. 

Oooooh. <rubs hands together> I can write people’s About Pages & Home Pages for them...

💡💡💡 I can do content audits to assess what’s not working on Instagram posts & offer solutions~

PLUS my content creation workshops + membership + small group coaching mastermind-- 

It got me tangled because I WANT TO DO IT ALL - so, DAMMIT. 

Why can’t I?  Well…

  1. My Capacity. There are only so many hours, & I don’t wanna trade dollars for them.
  2. My Community’s Capacity. How many offers can we throw at people before they get confused & stop listening?

Have you ever gone to a site with 7 - 10 services or products to choose from?

That’s what I call Click-Away Bait! It’s too hard to sort through it all.

“What ELSE?” is not a helpful question to ask when something isn’t working in your business!

At this point, offering tons of little extra services isn’t the right move for expansion, freedom, & more time - which is what I’m after.

Do you do this too? Think of more things you could do - rather than take what you have & make it BETTER?

Every time we create an offer - we have to MARKET IT & LAUNCH IT.

That takes a lot of Strategery (one of my favorite Will Ferrell mock-words as George W. Bush)


With every offer comes a sales page that needs to be written - 

+ Pinterest posts driving people to your website

+ Email welcome sequences to onboard new customers

+ Facebook updates and Instagram stories making people aware of it…


New offer after new offer will muddy things for our audience PDQ

A confused audience never buys. 

An overwhelmed entrepreneur never rests.

Borrow my mantra:“More is not better.”

How can you streamline your business, make marketing easier, & stop feeling so dammed up?


Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to.

(Oh, how I keep re-learning this lesson - painfully!)

Drop the rope on your end. 

Ask yourself, “What do I LOVE doing in my business?”

Consider how you can stop throwing everything at your problem - whether it’s 

  • Not attracting enough clients…or the right clients…
  • Overworking & underearning…
  • Marketing leaks…
  • Sales that don’t convert…

Instead of thinking what MORE you could offer…

Consider the offers you have inside your business that fill you up. 

How can you lean more into what you LOVE doing?

Don’t love working with people 1:1? How can you shift out of those offers?

One client decided private work is no longer an option for her - it was too draining. So she created a program delivered to her clients 100% through email & YouTube videos.

SHE LOVES IT & has more energy than ever.

Does working with a group - big or small - give you the dry heaves? 

Plenty of clients make their living only doing private client work - because they feel energized & purposeful when doing it!

How about done-for-you programs? 

Prefer to meet the needs of your audience with something you can deliver to them, rather than done WITH them?

  1. FOR. IT.

(That stresses me out, so I recently decided I won’t be doing it anymore. I’m more effective working WITH people in a “let’s do this together” live setting.) 

This month, I’m talking about how to stop trying to FIX everything in your business at once - 

Focus on one thing and figure out what’s working, and what’s not.

What is that aspect of your business?

Offers?  Pricing?
Content marketing? Marketing Strategy?

Client attraction? Audience clarity?
Standard Operating Procedures? 

There are LOTS of things sucking your energy but trying to fix them all at ONCE does NOT work!

What can you let go of?
What can you lean into - that you love doing?

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