The ‘One Sure Way to Six Figures’ is total BS

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2021

You’ve seen it, fer sher - ads promising “multiple six figures”…

“One Sure Way” to get your funnel to work…

Testimonials of people knocking it SO far outta the park that you can’t help but think, WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?

Why can’t I run my business in 3 hours a week from a yurt on a farm or a hut in Bali? 

I’m tired of bullshit promises, overused fear tactics, copy designed to get us buying from FEAR…

There’s NOTHING wrong with you if you don’t have your business exactly where you want it YET.

I will continue ranting about this - 

There’s NO ONE RIGHT way to design your business. No guru or expert has ALL the answers for you.

I’ve bought my fair share of “guru” courses. 

In fact, I purchased one early this year after having had my eye on it FOREVER.

Guess what? I went through it & thought THIS IS IT

This is the $1997 program people have been drooling over?

I’m PISSED OFF about how much I’ve spent because I’m a SUCKER for marketing tactics & great copywriting - 

No wonder it’s so hard to feel good about making sales in my own business when I’ve felt like a SUCKER or even a victim of other people’s selling techniques!

Have you ever felt this?  

So, I committed to growing my busines ONLY in a way that feels GOOD to me. That feels ALIGNED.

No. More. Bullshit.  

I’m seeking out people who are into my No More Bullshit Marketing movement.

One of these people a top-level copywriter & launch strategist, Sage Polaris - a mentor of mine.

I like Sage because she’s CONSCIOUS about her choices - she has a system to help her DECIDE about what to do in her business. 

Which strategies will work for her? What’s in ALIGNMENT with who she wants to be?

If that sounds like you - sick of the bullshit, tired of falling prey to scarcity-based marketing techniques

and TIRED OF WINGING IT inside your own business

(or tired of looking outside yourself to experts & gurus & programs & one size fits all courses for solutions that never seem to work - so you blame yourself…)

You’re gonna like this conversation. 

We discussed why we focus on the wrong things when we want to make money online and how she helps clients steer back to the direction of what feels RIGHT - 

But not just in a “gut check” way.

She uses something she calls the Profit Sweet Spots, designed to help you understand where your profits are coming from? 

And in turn, what should you be spending your efforts in time on?” 

We talked about how to look at your business model & decide what you really WANT - 

with CONSCIOUS decisions & design.

I urge you not to miss this convo - you might learn something GAME CHANGING!

Listen or Watch the conversation - 


and leave your thoughts about Sage’s approach to designing a business that’s in ALIGNMENT with your needs & beliefs.

Xo, Jen

PS: Sage gifted my audience her fantastic guide: Triple Email Open Rates Template in 3 Steps here:

PPS: A favorite nugget from the convo is this: 

The gurus that make money fast in their business push their audience to sell high-ticket so that they can charge high-ticket. 

However, fast growth inside of a business, I've watched several of my friends get to a million or more does sometimes come at a cost. 

It might be a personal cost. It might be a business cost. 

But I can tell you, it's rare that I've seen it happen for someone, and it didn't come at a cost. 

So I just want people to be aware of what you brought up earlier, like slow growth versus fast growth - I had my choice, and I chose slow growth.

What are YOU choosing? And is it in alignment with HOW you want to be and WHO you want to be? 

Leave a comment because I’d love to know…

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