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What If You Could Do Less Marketing?

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You know how sometimes there's a marketing thing that you hear you should be doing, or you see other people doing.

For example, take reels on Instagram.

Instagram is really pushing reels.

Or maybe you've been on TikTok and you enjoy consuming TikTok.

And you see people using TikTok as a content for content marketing.

Or you see people using video or Facebook posts or Instagram or whatever it is.


And you're just like, I should be doing that.

But you don't really want to.

And let's talk beyond I feel overwhelmed.

I don't know what to say.

Let's go beyond that.

Let's just talk about the fact that sometimes something that you're doing doesn't feel good in your body at all.

You can't make your brain do it.

Like, what are you supposed to do about that?

Are you supposed to ignore that thing and by ignoring it, you feel bad about it and you have this invisible should on your shoulder.

That is the wrong approach.

And I want you to just really get intentional about what are your your strengths and what feels good so that we can talk about what will work in your marketing.

Because if there's something that you're muscling through, you're like, I really freaking hate being on TikTok, but that's where everybody is, and that's where people are telling me to be.

Maybe even your business coach or your marketing coach told you you had to be there.

And I want you to understand if you don't feel good about what you're doing are never going to want to show up there.

And marketing is going to feel gross and energetically.

That will be bad for you.

Fatigue wise.

That will be bad for you.

So let's talk about what are your marketing strengths.

So answer this question, which sound most like you?

Where do you feel most like yourself?

Are you somebody who likes to get on Facebook and do a Facebook live?

Or you like talking to your camera and you love Instagram stories or you're fun and you're playful and you don't mind being on TikTok or dancing around and pointing at things like, what feels good to you?

Are you more of a one-to-one connector?

Do you love an intimate conversation?

Do you love getting deep in with somebody and having a talk about something?

Because if that's your strength, why aren't you focusing on that in your marketing?

If you hate writing, it's like it's painful for you to sit down and write, then why is a blog your main piece of content?

Why not sit down and talk on a video record yourself?

And then maybe you transcribe that thing if you want to use it for an article or a blog.

But if talking is your thing, why aren't you talking?

Aren't you doing a podcast?

I just want you to think about the things that you don't enjoy doing.

For example, maybe you, as you part of your marketing strategy, you love having a discovery call that's really like an integral part.

Like, you want to get that person on the phone and you want to talk to them and find out how you can help them, and then they convert to being a customer.

But maybe you never want to do a discovery call, but you're forcing yourself to right?

I just want you to think about the stuff in your business that is part of your marketing strategy that you've plugged in into your plan for this week that you're not doing, because if you're not doing it, we either know that it's not a good fit for you or it's not happening in a way that feels good for you.

So, for example, if part of your marketing strategy is referrals, referrals are incredibly important, but if you feel like you don't have a good way to ask for referrals, then you're never going to do them.

So it's so important to think about creating ways to use marketing that works for you.

For example, I love teaching.

I don't want to give a webinar that's, like, 30,000 ft high and gives a lot of fluff and then pushes people to buy something.

My strategy get people to do a training and then show them that I can actually help them, and then by helping them, they want more from me.

That's my favorite strategy I could teach all day long.

I love intimate groups.

I love small group conversations.

I love trainings and workshops like, I love where if somebody comes out at the end and I have something that they can actually plug and play.

So I want you to start thinking about what are your strengths?

What can you let go of, like, a real weakness is, I would never do a cold call.

I would never slide into somebody's private messaging or DMs and say, hey, have you thought about how you can get more followers?

I get eleven of those a day, and I always delete delete, delete, delete delete.

But it has to feel good to you.

What feels good to you?

So just want you this week to think about your strengths.

What are your strengths?

What feels good in your body?

What's easy for you to do.

How can you do more of that?

Let's get that going in your marketing.

And I would love for you to tag me and put a note below so that

I can read what your strengths are in your marketing.

What do you want to do?



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