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When you burn down the perfect funnel & walk away from a well-oiled machine

marketing advice

The online marketer’s dream:

  1. Your perfect funnel works so smoothly & seamlessly that people flow into your program… 
  2. You keep them as raving fans who buy other things you offer…
  3. You learn what works, implementing industry standards set to rinse & repeat.

So when I got a message from my former business mentor telling me that she’s starting a new project from scratch - 

without using any roadmap she’s ever tried before…

I knew I had to have this messy conversation on the Content Creation Made Easy podcast!

One of my mantras is: “You will not die if you put it out there - imperfectly.” 

(Unless you’re a bridge builder. Then, make sure that shit is solid.) 

Have you been looking at the status quo, wondering, “Is this it? Is this the way it HAS to be?

It’s not the way it HAS to be.

In this week’s episode, Patty Lennon, intuitive coach, & I wander down an honest, unpaved path talking about all things Imperfect Launching.

Patty’s stepped off the “perfect” funnel path, following her intuition & divine guidance to launch a new program - 

with plan coming from her gut instead of her head, data, or known-experience. 

It’s untested & imperfect, with zero testimonials to help sell it either…

Why would someone walk away from a well-oiled machine to trust their intuition?

Because Patty realized what she was doing wasn’t working FOR HER anymore…

Listen, watch, or read & learn: 

  • What made her abandon a formula everyone in her industry “knows works”.
  • How she knew it was time to let go of (for now) something she’d “perfected” 
  • Why tuning into her gut, intuition, instincts, the divine, guidance - whatever you want to call it - helps her navigate the new & creative things she wants to bring to life

By industry standards, Patty made some BOLD decisions:

  • No, I don’t want to do a 3-day training/challenge/workshop where people drag their carcasses through 3 videos to get to the one thing they need to make a decision.
  • No, I don’t have perfectly polished videos all ready to go. “I have exactly zero assets created.”
  • No, I don’t have the energy to do one single thing beyond “my 100%”

Well, you can be Canadian-level polite about it if you want…

But I’m wondering: What do you want to launch, create, or put out there?

Are you done struggling to fit into “industry standards” & “best practices”?

Do you hold yourself back from what’s on the other side of taking imperfect action?

Listen, Watch, or Read this week’s podcast for realistic, NO BS talk about how you can mayyyybe do it a little bit differently.

Give yourself permission, create the courage, and do it imperfectly!

Xo, Jen

PS: We dive into a convo about “lazy” vs. “easeful” - (because I definitely struggle with making things easy for myself and not feeling lazy about it.)

Do you struggle with that too? 

Leave a comment & tell me if it feels hard to be lazy or easeful.

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