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When You're Bottlenecked & Stuck

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Last week, I took my son on vacation to visit a friend, and so he was off all day, enjoying Florida and doing things. I told myself, I'm just going to sit by the ocean and get a whole bunch of stuff done because I had writing to do, content to create, programs I'm working on, and every day I would sit there, and it would be like, toiling and toiling and toiling, and nothing was happening. 

I was really frustrated, and I would sit and try to push and push and push.

The frustration level got so high that I was constantly agitated because one of the things people really need to understand about content creation is that you can't really create content until you know why you're creating the content. 

What do you want your content to do for you? We always start with that reverse engineering in mind. Do you know what program you're launching or what audience you want to call in? 

Why are you creating content?

That's where we start, and I didn't know for the next three months what I was going to put out there and how it was going to run because everything was stuck in my brain. The program that was stuck in my brain, I couldn't get out, which means I can't create content to promote those programs. So you can see the problem - I'm sure you have also had that problem too.

I wanted to just talk about what happens when we push through and grind. Even though I was on the ocean and having fun and on vacation, I wasn't getting anywhere the more I sat there. I was not making anything happen. So I wanted to encourage you when you know there's something brewing. You might feel anxious, irritated, resentful, angry at yourself like you might get into comparisonitis and start saying, "Why can this person do it? Why can everybody else do it, but I can't?"

That was what I was doing all last week while I was on vacation. What happened was I eventually came home, and I put everything away - on the flight I put it away, I didn't try to write, I didn't try to do anything.

I just did a whole bunch of wordles, and that's all I did!

Then the next day, I sat down at my desk, and everything just came together. Now because I know what I'm promoting and I know how it's all working, I can create content for it and now it's just flowing easily. 

I wanted to tell you if you are in that place where you're feeling of knowing what you need to do but can't get there and there just might be something brewing in your brain and understand that your process might be to feel a little agitated.

I always tell John when I feel agitated it's like I'm about to give birth to something but the whole process is much slower than I want it to be. I just wanted to encourage you if you know that there's something you're creating, and it's taking a long time sitting there and grinding through is not the answer. 

I learned this lesson literally over and over again, and I'm a content creation specialist, so for me creating the content is the easy part, but that doesn't always mean the process is easy, and that doesn't mean it's always clear and sometimes I have to work in my own swirl to get there.

Now that I know and again start with that reverse engineering what I've been promoting why I want to create content in the first place, everything else can now be created. Then I can just sit and write and create and publish, so I wanted to encourage you if you are feeling like you're beating yourself up, if you're comparing yourself if you're telling yourself you won't get there - please just trust yourself. It's in that trust of yourself to trust your process, to trust that you're smart, to trust that you can make this happen. 

You just have to give yourself the space and the trust to do it for me.

The minute I let go, it all flowed right back in, it might take you a little bit longer. I think it just took me longer because I was in the struggle for so long, so I just wanted to share that with you and if you have questions about this idea of reverse engineering your content, drop them below. 

I talk about this all the time on every guest podcast that I do, so I can actually share some of those links with you. If you are looking on how to reverse engineer, we talk about this in my content creation studio program. We literally do this together every month, and I would just love to know what your questions about content creation are or when you are giving birth to something. How does it feel inside for you?

Let me know your thoughts.

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