Where You Can Get Content Ideas Easily

facebook live video Jul 21, 2021
"I'm afraid I'm gonna run out of things to say" -
This is something I hear a LOT when people tell me they're afraid to show up consistently -
I promise you: you will NEVER run out of anything to say -
Consistent Content is the 2nd step inside the Audience First Framework - making content creation EASIER.
And here's one of my FAVORITE ways to get content ideas - without staring at a blank page EVER.

One of the biggest issues I hear with people who are avoiding creating content regularly is they're worried that they're not going to know what to say or that they know what to say for a few weeks, and then they're going to run out of content.

I know what happens is sometimes you open up a blank Google Doc or a Word Doc, and you just stare at it blankly, and the cursor is just blinking at you.

Blinking cursor syndrome, I call that.

Here's a really easy thing to get content ideas.

Look at your calendar.

So I looked at my calendar and I saw what I did yesterday, who I met with, and frankly, just from my calls with my clients yesterday, here are some of the content ideas that came from the questions they had or the issues that we were working through.

One of my clients is really concerned about the niche that she chose.

It's not responding the way she thought it would.

We have to switch her niche a little bit.

Fine-tune it a little bit.

And her big question is, "Am I niche ditching?"

She's kind of, like, worried that she's niche-surfing.

And so that would be a piece of content I can address in the future in my own content.

It's a great question, right?

People have that issue a lot.

Another client and I were talking about what feels good in her marketing and what feels too pushy to her and just understanding the difference between what's in alignment for her business and what would feel gross if she was receiving it.

Another whole piece of content for me to talk about.

Another client I was working with, she's like, "What I'm doing isn't working. What can we tweak?"

And so I could do a whole series on what to do.

If what you're currently doing isn't working, it's not the end of the world.

We're not guaranteed that things are going to work.

Remember, there's no one plug-and-play thing to do.

So that would be a whole bunch of content I could do.

And frankly, the last person I talked to, was facing some resistance around her branding and deciding on where to go with her branding.

And so I had to kind of pick apart for her.

What's the story deep inside that's making that resistance and show up?

So right there, I have four pieces of content that I could do a ton with.

I can have a whole month of content on:

Am I niche ditching or niche surfing?

How do you know what feels good in your marketing versus what's in alignment?

You have so much stuff that you talk about every day that you're an expert at, that you can share with your audience at a very high level.

You don't have to coach them or give it all away, but you really can address it at a high level.

And so I just want to encourage you when you feel like I don't know what to talk about in my content next month.

Go to your calendar just yesterday.

You never have to stare at a blank page again.

I promise you, there's so much goodness already inside what you're already doing what you're already talking about with your clients and even with your friends.

So give that a try.


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