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You don’t suck at writing - and other gems about how to be a better copywriter!

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It’s wildly inappropriate, but Eddie Murphy got me through my miserable teenage years. 

I was 13 when 1983’s Delirious came out on HBO - and I was mesmerized by his stories. Even as a suburban white kid, I related to his joy because 

Like Eddie, I’d beg my mom to “THROW DOWN SOME MONEYYYYY”…

My father also liked toasted almond bars & we always got the “Bring me back my change” warning.

After Eddie, comedians became my thing. I loooove seeing them in person (even though it exposes my embarrassing cackle-meets-machine gun laugh).

While everyone else Tiger King-ed it through March ‘20, I started binging comedy specials and documentaries about comedians. 

Here’s what I learned:

  1. Comedians make it look simple: get up on stage, say funny shit. 
  2. The ones who nail it with their audience are actually brilliant wordsmiths:

They OBSERVE what’s going on around them, crafting & weaving words to connect with their audience, who gasp with laughter & say, 

“OMG! That’s SO TRUE, it's funny!”


Comedians tweak words & play with timing. They learn what works - and often have writing help, support, and partners, btw!

2 things we can learn from comedians about writing COPY:

  1. It’s often mundane, little details that connect with our audience - like the “you don’t have no ice cream” schtick.
  2. Copy is CRAFTED. Good writing & delivery comes from PRACTICE.  



You think you can’t write because of your mean inner Mrs. Fussypants who says, ‘You suck at writing, so why bother?’

And - you don’t want to take time to learn HOW to do it well - 

Or - maybe you don’t believe it’s possible?

(I promise - it IS POSSIBLE! I literally do this for a living & constantly watch clients come into their own as writers!)

Pssst - the good news is you’re not on an HBO special

(and you don’t have to wear a red-leather suit) - AND, you don’t have to be FUNNY.

But good copy in your content is non-negotiable.

 People will not tolerate crappy writing.  #sorrynotsorry

So - how can you become a better writer? I’m so glad you asked. 

Meet Jazmine West, copywriter & storytelling strategist who specializes in launches…

When I read Jazmine’s bio, “On a crusade against crappy bro-marketing…”

I knew I needed to invite her on Content Creation Made Easy!

Listen to our convo for realistic, do-able copywriting nuggets.


  • Get rid of that agitated feeling in your gut & find freedom in expressing yourself



  • Understand why formulas can work against you in the real-life marketing playground



  • Hear an unexpected strategy using YOUR hobbies as a launch pad!


Read, Listen, or Watch here to learn how to stand out in the noisy online space…

without co-opting anyone else’s style, voice, or brand.

Come on, aren’t you ready to be MORE YOU in your content, copy, & messaging - and put some FUN into your copywriting (no leather suit required). 

Listen in to get started improving your copy & end the fear that you simply suck as a writer.

‘Cuz you DON’T. (But if you do, we can fix that. Pinkie promise!)

Xo, Jen

BTW - who’s YOUR favorite comedian?

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